What is happiness? Where does it come from? Is it a state of mind or does it come from the heart?

Happiness is a state of being as true happiness is generated from the heart. Happiness is found when there is a state of peace that exists within. The expression of peace is happiness.

Peace is the natural state of the heart. When the heart is activated and healing has (or is in the process) of taking place, peace is the state of consciousness the heart reflects. The synergy between the mind and the heart must be clear and in divine repose. If the ego is active, its ‘job’ is to prevent peace from happening. The egos job is to prevent healing from taking place. Its function is to create crisis, chaos, and conflict (see previous posts ), as its purpose is to uphold and strengthen the illusion of separation.

When all parts of ones being are in harmony, happiness and peace are the by product and glorious state of being. This means that you cannot truly be pulled from your center. At this stage, it is of the utmost to stay in alignment with this vibration to connect with the highest consciousness of your being to assist others with their processes. You become a beacon of hope, and your frequency meets that of enlightenment and ascension. This state of being is important to all of humanity, as it accelerates healing and connectivity to the hearts of all ones currently on the same path.

If your heart is activated from healing and is restored to its divine state of creation, its love is brought forth and the ego mind cannot withstand the frequency. This amalgamation transforms the ego into divine mind. This state of holiness becomes your natural state of being and from this place you can create miracles!

The reality of this state of being is the ‘mustard seed’ of truth, and the vibration of truth cannot be withheld. Truth only speaks to itself and when it is present, healing and clarity can come forth. Truth is the first step of deep healing and restoration. Truth happens outside of the illusion that is separation. True love cannot exist without truth, and nothing that is not of truth can exist within the current frequency and vibration.

When you heal within, you find your truth. When you find your truth, you activate your heart. When you activate your heart, you radiate love. When you radiate love, you transform your mind. When your mind and heart work as one, you create peace within. This state of consciousness emanates within and without as happiness!

Be Well, Be Love 


What is grace?  Grace is the energy created out of pure love.  It is the energy that comes from the vibrations of the 10 Virtues (see Sacrednicity, Peace Within).  Grace is given to all that ask for it, and it is the foundation of all healing and restoration.  Grace is also a state of being i.e. ‘In the state of Grace’.

When you ask for assistance through prayer, Grace is given to the subject of the prayer and is bestowed upon the one that is asking.  Prayers are generated through intention.  The prayer [intention] that is generated calls out to the vibration of the heart virtue that will assist in answering the intention [prayer].  This then creates an emotion from the heart that adds power and strength to the intention.  This energy vibration [emotion] creates and magnifies the Grace that is sent to the subject of the prayer.  When this Grace is received it adds to the vibration and frequency of the receiver, and gives strength to the intention from which it was created.  This is why multiple persons creating the same prayer [intention] works so well.  The power of Grace sent to one specific person or place will modify the receiver and surround them with the vibration of the Grace that was originated.  For instance, if the intention was for healing, and emotion was combined with the vibration of the virtue of Compassion then sent to the receiver, the Grace would be magnified and the receiver would benefit greatly from the effect.  This is the place from whence miracles are created and manifested!

Grace is the energy of love, healing, and the eradication of fear.  Fear is the absence of Grace; as fear is generated from the ego mind and Grace is generated from the heart.  One can ask and receive Grace if they operate from the ego mind, however they will not have the full benefit of the effect that Grace offers unless they are able to receive it within their heart, as the love that it is.  The heart virtue of Humility is the receptor vibration of Grace.  Fear does not allow the heart virtues to flourish and achieve their full potential.  Fear shuts down heart consciousness and alienates Grace.

One cannot thrive while in the state of fear.  Fear wears many faces.  Sometimes fear is so obscure that one does not know they are operating within it.  If you practice the heart virtues but yet find judgement is something you ‘practice’ consistently, you are not within the State of Grace.  Judgement is fear based and more common than any other type of fear.  Doubt, worry, and stress are also fear based emotions and keep the ego mind in full force.  Consciously realizing you are in the state of fear, and going within to find the basis of that fear, will offer instant Grace from your heart for healing.  Anytime that your awareness is consciously focused upon something within (fear for example) for which you request healing, it will be answered with Grace.  This can be noticed through emotion.  The hearts response will generate an emotion for you to work with that will inspire more Grace.  And so begins the healing process within!  This process will continue as you consciously request (through prayer/intention) it, and work with belief, faith, and trusting in yourself to heal through Grace.

Conscious awareness of the differences between thoughts and emotions that arise in your experience will guide you to Graceful living and thriving within and without your life.  This will lead to a life of wonder and illumination of the Grace filled existence you long for and deserve!

Be Well, Be Love


Love.  What exactly is love?  Is it an emotion…..or is it a feeling…..where does it come from?  Is it the same for everyone?

Love is a state of being.  It is multi-faceted and contains both feeling and emotion.  The feeling part of love is consistent, for that is your natural state of being; it’s the emotional facet of love that varies.  The only time you do not have love as your state of being is when you are in fear.  You can not be in both at the same time.  Fear relates back to the ego and programming, as we have discussed before.  Love is the absence of fear and it is Who You Really Are.  When you feel the emotion of love, you are experiencing your heart amplifying your state of being.  This is a viable energy you can pass on to someone or something, and can be expressed in many ways.  It is an energy of high frequency and is not a constant presence.  Emotional love varies and wanes depending on the state you are in.

Fear is not a feeling, it is an emotion tied to the ego mind.  The reason that emotional fear is so hurtful is that it lacks the heart energy.  It does not contain any love, and therefore it is only pain for all involved, and pain is a feeling, replacing love.  Fear cannot exist within a loving environment just as darkness cannot exist within light.

Since love is your natural state of being, it is not something you need to try to do.  When your intentions come from a loving foundation they are passed on and released with love.  This makes them manifest for good and cannot be misinterpreted.  If the receiver of the intention you have put forth does not feel the goodness from your intention, it will still deliver the love that laced it originally.  This will act as grace to give the receiver an activation of the love that is within them to raise their vibration.  In other words, any love that is sent to another is not wasted.  It may not seem to be received in a way you expected, but it is none the less taken in and connects with the love that they really are.

Love carries within it the frequency of forgiveness and compassion.  These are two facets of love that are working all the time, if you are in your natural state of being.  When you are in a loving state, you release the energy of forgiveness and compassion that emanates to all in your presence.  These are the most powerful attributes of true loving intention.  Wether or not you are aware that you are relaying these energies, they are going out and affecting all those around you laying grace everywhere you go.  It is very important for you to be aware of this as it is the one thing that can make a difference to someone that you may not even know.

When you stay connected with your true state of being and maintain your balance, all will be blessed with love in your presence and those you will think about as well.  Your thoughts will flow out into the world changing things that you aren’t even aware of.  You do not have to think or be aware of the love that you are, as that is a given.  Love is an energy and frequency that acts as the carrier of your intentions and your thoughts, and it is all about intention.  Practice seeing the goodness and that will be reinforced by your loving intention.

Be Well, Be Love 

Emotions, Feelings, & Changes

Emotions can be strong with many layers and varieties of feelings. This can sometimes make a situation more confusing and disconcerting. Trying to find your way through the mire of your emotions is a challenge and one that seems to take on a life of its own. There are differences between emotions and feelings. They are not the same nor do they come from the same place.

Emotions come from the mind and feelings come from the heart. Thoughts that you have invoke emotions, which in turn create feelings. Let’s observe the feeling of joy. When you think of a situation or event that brought you the emotion of elation and upliftment (joy), you felt it as happiness and love within your heart. Thoughts create the connection with the mind/heart. Emotions are what is created by the thought, and in turn the heart turns the emotion to a feeling. This creates a vibration within your being and reverberates through all of your chakras (energy centers) and either strengthens them or weakens them. What follows creates attitudes and reactions to these instances with the information being stored for later reference and recall. This is why so many situations may feel the same to you and your reactions to them seem to start to loop. Your heart remembers the vibration as soon as the thought creates the emotion. This makes it easy to react quickly to thoughts as your mind ‘compartmentalizes’ the information making your reaction automatic. This does not allow for evolution, change, or growth as your emotions, perceptions, and feelings do not change.

How then, can you keep this from happening? Within each moment lies the opportunity to create something different. This is a conscious act in the now, and you must be fully present to respond to the thought that is creating the emotion. Being present allows you to check the emotion that is being revealed about the thought and adjust it consciously, before allowing it to become compartmentalized. This allows for change, growth, evolution, and clarity within. Nothing will change unless you change.

Each time you change your reaction to something, it creates a different vibration which changes something (or your reaction to someone) within your life. This creates alignment that reflects back to you the life that you are creating for yourself. It has been said that we are Creators. This is a part of that power!

Allowing for differences within each moment, even if you are dealing with same situations or people, can reveal to you a different facet of thought or supposition to incite a specific response within. If you are evolving no two moments are the same, which means no reactions, emotions, or feelings are the same. Allow yourself to change, and your life will change too. You can have more peace, happiness, joy, and love in your life. It is up to you!
Be Well, Be Love


January 25, 2015

With all that seems to be happening in the world right now, it is most important to take a few pauses during your day to reset yourself and restore balance. Peace of mind and balance within your being is imperative at this time. So much is going on so quickly, and there are some that are having a very hard time; it is you who must be the anchor in such times as these.

A strong connection to your heart and a willingness to see things differently than you have perceived them in the past, brings new countenance to your life. Being open to seeing things differently will open new facets of clarity in your life that weren’t apparent to you before. In addition, this will assist you with cleansing, clearing, and forgiveness which is an ongoing process.

Being able to see things from a different perspective opens the door to new and positive ways of dealing with same situations. This will bypass the ego that wants you to continue warring with yourself and others. If you can find a way to understand that one perspective is not the only viewpoint, you can see truth and innocence. When judgment is softened, your perception clears, and you can see differently. This is the path to oneness.

Allowing others to walk their path without interfering in their process will open new vistas of light to assist and support their lives. This allows others to grow and expand, and is paramount to your process as well. So many feel it is their responsibility to make others see, understand, or do something they feel is best, all in the name of helping someone through their personal wisdom and experience. When you are willing to see things differently, you will understand them and yourself much better.

In seeing things differently, you are allowing a different perspective to arise which sheds new light on the situation for all involved. Too often we carry our perspectives forward to apply to same situations and people, which locks everything into the same chain reaction and response. Sometimes a new perspective simply allows the situation to unfold as it should, even though it may not appear so at the time. This brings new clarity and insight, and allows your perspective to expand and change. How you see and perceive your world creates and energy that is embedded in everyone and everything you focus upon. When you change your perspective by seeing things differently, you change your world. May gratitude and appreciation be yours


As the year comes to a close you may find yourself looking back at a lifetime of growth and development that has brought you to this point of attainment and awareness. This may feel different from years past as we have crossed the ending of one era and are now at the beginning of the next!
Looking back at your life and the realization of changes and opportunities that have formed who you have become will shed light on where you are today. The letting go of the past will open you to the possibility of the future being more authentic and feeling more empowered, rather than needy and weak. This threshold of empowerment will lead you to the awakening of your being with the energy of the past falling away. This choice to expand upon the goodness of your authentic self will give you a clarity of feeling the new beginning of this year.
Appending areas of your life where healing has occurred will impart your strength of character and open you to a new awareness within your heart to the connection of all things. This gives you the energetic stamina to continue the healing process and creates the strength within your heart to do, think, and feel the energetic quality of the new frequency of being that connects you with the flow of your life.
As this cleansing continues and your frequency of being increases the reaction from the world around you answers the call to rise and feel the love you are emitting. This clarity of being is felt by all around you and it feels as peace within.
Letting go of anything tied to the past life you are releasing will instantly change your energetic field. This systemic release of anything or anyone that no longer serves who you are will create a new world of opportunity and increase, meant to join you with those in the new age of awareness and connection. This is a beginning of an era meant for those of pure intention and consciousness.
With the old of your being falling away, you will feel the sparks of new beginnings within. With the layers of the past rescinding, the ego will recapitulate within attempting to hold its control over your mind. This will feel less intimidating as you continue releasing your past life, as the ego is very invested in what you have become. The ego will not know where it fits in the new paradigm of your life, so it will continue to attempt to draw you back to the past life you are leaving behind. The more resilient you become to the temptation of the ego and your past, the more strength and optimism you will gain. Refining your will and using affirmations beginning with ‘I AM’ will assist you with pressing forward to the new frequency of being you have laid out before you. Reminding yourself that the past is not who you truly are, but who you had become [until now], will assist with the release and strengthen your willingness to continue forward.
Bringing your conscious awareness into the present, and knowing this is where you exist right now, will open your life to new intention and dimensional thinking that will empower you to change your life. All is well in your world and you are the one that will make it so. Be Well, Be Love

The path of forgiveness

How do I forgive………..truly forgive?

Forgiveness is a path and a process. To truly forgive, one has to open themselves to all possibility and non-judgment. One cannot forgive while in judgment of another, or one’s self. Judgment stands between you and forgiveness. You are programmed to judge. When you judge someone you cut off all possibility for forgiveness. Judgment comes from the ego. Ego attachment is a powerful thing, and one cannot decompress the programming while the ego is running things. So, forgiveness is connected to all that you believe. The ego, as we have discussed before, doesn’t like peace. The ego thrives on crisis, chaos, and conflict. This keeps you distracted and keeps you from conscious awareness and love. Becoming aware of your thoughts is a first step to questioning yourself and your beliefs. When you have a judgmental thought ask where the thought comes from. How does the thought feel? Does this thought bring up other thoughts? Allow your thoughts to unfold back to their origination. Experience the feelings these thoughts generate. What do they feel like? At this point, you might have lost the original thought of judgment, and are into the place where the thought truly comes from. This is the place where healing begins.

Most of your beliefs are about yourself, as this is what you use for perception and comparison for judgmental thinking. This is a place of fear within your being. This is the seat of the ego. This is where all thoughts, feelings, judgments, and opinions come from. Why do you feel threatened? What is the basis of your fear? What if you didn’t believe what you are thinking? What if you believed the opposite, or just decided that this thought was not true for you at all? What would change? How would a new thought feel? Where did the original thought come from and who does it serve? Would there be utter chaos if you believed something different? How would that affect your life? At this point, notice how these questions, and the different thoughts they generate, feel within your heart. Your heart is the seat of your truth.

Thoughts are frequency. When you think certain thoughts, they generate a vibration that draws experience to you. The universe is interactive. You are the creator of your life. Whatever you think draws that experience to you, as you are creating by thinking. Your life emulates your thoughts. Your thoughts are generated by your beliefs. If you want to change your thoughts you must change your beliefs. Finding the answers about your beliefs lies within your programming. If your life is not working, it is because you believe something that is not true for you. This has nothing to do with religion or politics. It has to do with your inner relationship to your life, and those within it who have programmed you to believe what they thought was true for them. Most programming stems from lack. This sets up striving. Striving is unreachable. Striving makes you ignore the truth. Truth surfaces when you allow yourself to just be without believing anything your ego is telling you. You can distinguish the ego, as it comes in as thoughts that attack, judge, and create fear. These thoughts almost sound like a different person ‘selling’ you on its ‘product’, which is nothing more than its beliefs. It poses itself as defending you from an enemy. Do you see how this elaborate scheme is hooked into your being? You deserve the truth. The truth is that you are a loving and deserving being of light, and nothing but that truly matters. It doesn’t need to be complicated. If you were to stop enforcing someone else’s agenda, you could change your life. Most of what you believe is simply not true. If you were to change your beliefs, your thoughts would align with the truth, and forgiveness would flow. All would then be as it should be. When you allow yourself to find the truth it will set you free!


October 26, 2014

The healing continues with discovering pain [misunderstanding] within and turning it to understanding and then acceptance.

Once the mind connects with the heart there is a ‘spark’ of understanding that opens you to the healing process. The question is then asked

“do you want to heal your pain (misunderstandings)”? You are always giving yourself the choice to heal or not.

With some, there is a lot of personal identity that is wrapped up in their pain. Healing [understanding] will change their identity causing new aspects of their genuine self to awaken. It is the mind/heart connection that begins the process of transformative healing.

If you so choose to heal, it is at the moment of acceptance that the mind/heart connection is kicked into gear. This action draws to you the energy, grace and situations (people, ideas, and events) to assist you with healing and transforming your pain to ‘light’ [understanding] and acceptance. During the healing process the challenge you may face is keeping the mind/heart connection, for it is the intent of healing that must be upheld. If your intent remains solid, the healing will progress. This may not be as easy as it sounds, because many personal beliefs, people, and paradigms may be connected to your pain [misunderstanding].

As each aspect of healing surfaces, you will be given the chance to see things as they truly are [clarity] and a choice to heal that faucet of your pain. This intent to heal is an ongoing process, and might possibly create major changes in your life. You will find the process to be about allowing and acceptance of all that has happened and finding the understanding that it is about evolving out of the ‘fire’ of your life into the stream of higher states of being.

We are all here to evolve at our own pace within the atmosphere of free will. This is the power of being that we all possess as we are all powerful beings having a human experience! The path you take is up to you. Do you choose to play the victim or be the evolutionary being you are? Unite yourself within which will eradicate the power of the ego and give yourself permission to be who you really are; One that makes a difference instead of creating indifference. It always has been and always will be about you and what you do with the choices you are given. Be well, be love

Forgiveness & Patience ~ part 2


October 20, 2014

Sophia, I have been working very hard on forgiveness, for without it I feel I cannot evolve. Whenever I think that I have managed true forgiveness, something comes up to show me that I may have not completely forgiven. What is the work that needs to be done once the intention to forgive is in place?

Dearest One, forgiveness is a process and as such cannot be done in one ‘sitting’. Knowing that there are several layers on the path to forgiveness and patience with your process, is key.

Forgiveness is intertwined with time, others, and yourself. When one feels a need to forgive a deep injury, the past must be brought up which is the timeline associated with the situation. This incites the chain reaction of being pulled out of the now (where you have done some work on this issue), and into the hurtful situation as it happened. If you have done any work around forgiveness of the situation, recreating it should feel different, and another facet of the situation should be apparent. This would be the next layer to work with in your process.

It is easy to get ‘stuck’ in forgiving someone for a violation you feel is unforgivable to you. This then requires that you go deeper into where the belief of the violation comes from. Is there a programming issue at work? Another words, were you programmed to believe something that felt violated? If so, is this your belief or someone else’s that you acquired and were taught to make your own? If this feels right, it would be wise to consider the belief system you have around the issue. Sometimes it is easy to tell when the belief may come from another source by looking at how resistant you are to the defense of your beliefs. When one does not want to consider change, growth and evolution is stopped.

Sophia, I can see how forgiveness can involve more effort than just ‘talking’ yourself into it. I know personally that in the past I have made the decision to forgive through analyzing, which did not work.

You are correct! Forgiveness is not of the mind (ego). It is of the heart. This is why most cannot complete the process. Deep forgiveness delves underneath the ‘chain of pain’ within the heart. Each event, person, or situation is interlinked with one variable; and that is you. In some situations forgiveness of yourself for not being ‘loveable’ or ‘good enough’ is enough to heal. This could very well be the only act of forgiveness that may truly matter!

I understand that forgiving ourselves is very important, for without that we have not stopped the chain reaction of creating situations that require forgiveness. What about a true violation such as rape or murder?

Yes, this is the highest form of forgiveness and the most difficult. This requires you to ‘see’ with a higher mind/heart connection. This is a deep injury that has many facets to it, and in some cases cannot be undone due to the level of guilt intertwined within the injury. Guilt is the highest form of punishment that the ego generates to keep you ‘in line’. Guilt is the ‘hold card’ for the ego that can undermine anything in your life. In the case of an ‘unforgiveable’ situation, the first step must be the willingness to let go, forgive, and heal the pain that is caused by the situation. Pain is addicting, for it gives some ones a reason to be weak and feel victimized. Healing and forgiving lifts you out of the process of victimization, and allows you to see the bigger picture that involves all that we have discussed. Remembering that you are responsible only for yourself and your actions can help you see the event from a ‘third party’ viewpoint. You must be willing to step outside of the pain of the situation to see the larger picture and the part each one had within it. Only then can you find a speck of understanding within the event. Knowing that you cannot change anything that has happened helps to pull you out of the fog of the pain. Loss is a part of your evolution. Being able to understand this clarifies and refines your being. It lifts you to a higher place of understanding and love, for this is what your higher instinct knows you are working towards. You cannot have higher evolution of your being with lower level unresolved pain and guilt. This is your path to peace, joy, bliss and love for yourself and others.

Thank you, Sophia!


October 12, 2014

Dearest Ones, open your heart to the energy you have been experiencing and know that this is a frequencial alignment for your evolutionary expansion. It is all about clearing yourself of old energy and ego attachments. Everywhere you turn there is a ‘mirror’ for you to see yourself as you truly are. This is a gift from spirit, and a way to perceive yourself from the outside looking in. Do you like what you see? Paradigms are changing, and this is how it has to be done…..individually…from within.

As these energetic shifts are happening, it is part and parcel of a Divine plan to create spiritual evolution which takes you away from ego thinking, feeling, and living. The trap of the ego keeps you in judgment of yourselves and others. It is a good first step, to become consciously aware of your judgments. It is so engrained in us [to judge] that you judge without knowing that is what you are doing!

Some of your judgments come from defending yourselves by judging others back. That is, judging someone that has judged you. Do you see how this can keep you so occupied? What if you allowed the other person to be what and who they are without judging them? Does your judgment of them actually change anything? Does it make you feel better? Let’s look at where judgment comes from……

First, it does not come from you……the authentic and genuine you…..it comes from your ‘program’. This is a program everyone has. It is instilled by those that nurtured you first, which are the ones that gained your trust without earning it. These are the ones you turned to for approval, love, and acceptance. You believed everything they told you, including how to judge others including yourself. How can we not think then, that judging is not ok? Everywhere we turn there is a system set up for judging and if you don’t judge, you are not ‘normal’. Judging is not from the heart, it is from the ego, and it feeds upon itself.

You are hardest on yourselves as you are taught to police yourselves and others along the way. You were not taught to allow others to be who they are and love them anyway. You may be of the belief that you know ‘best’ and can help others by changing them to something better. Can you see how this can occupy most of your existence?

A big part of non-judgment is trust. Trusting that all will be ok without your judgments. Trying to change the outside world is not going to make you feel better. It is not possible anyway. You cannot change anyone or anything because the true change that you are seeking must come from within. That is where you can effectuate the transformation to who you really are. Accepting and allowing life to evolve without your judgments is a challenge and must be done consciously. If you have someone or something in your life that is not what you want, instead of judging them, look at what it is inside of you that doesn’t like what is happening and why. You might find that the very thing that bothers you has nothing to do with the other person and is something within that needs shifting, cleansing or healing.

Allowing yourselves to trust and love is one of the most difficult things you can do. With most of you, trust was broken early in our lives and we became leery of ever trusting again. Judgments seems to keep you feeling ‘safe’ because it keeps a wall between you and the other person. A wall is easy to build because in most cases it immobilizes love. Your judgments then are the bricks that add to the wall, strengthening it along the way. If you didn’t believe your judgments it would not be such a problem. But then, why have them if you don’t or won’t believe them?

When you can drop your judgments of others, and look within to the reason you are judging and work on that, then there is hope for change. Dropping your judgments will give you power within by transforming you into who you really are which is a powerful, spiritual being of light and love. This path, should you choose it, can lead you to living a peaceful and joyful life lifting others up and helping them along the way. This is the way of life that leads to living your bliss. Be well, be love