Emotions, Feelings, & Changes

Emotions can be strong with many layers and varieties of feelings. This can sometimes make a situation more confusing and disconcerting. Trying to find your way through the mire of your emotions is a challenge and one that seems to take on a life of its own. There are differences between emotions and feelings. They are not the same nor do they come from the same place.

Emotions come from the mind and feelings come from the heart. Thoughts that you have invoke emotions, which in turn create feelings. Let’s observe the feeling of joy. When you think of a situation or event that brought you the emotion of elation and upliftment (joy), you felt it as happiness and love within your heart. Thoughts create the connection with the mind/heart. Emotions are what is created by the thought, and in turn the heart turns the emotion to a feeling. This creates a vibration within your being and reverberates through all of your chakras (energy centers) and either strengthens them or weakens them. What follows creates attitudes and reactions to these instances with the information being stored for later reference and recall. This is why so many situations may feel the same to you and your reactions to them seem to start to loop. Your heart remembers the vibration as soon as the thought creates the emotion. This makes it easy to react quickly to thoughts as your mind ‘compartmentalizes’ the information making your reaction automatic. This does not allow for evolution, change, or growth as your emotions, perceptions, and feelings do not change.

How then, can you keep this from happening? Within each moment lies the opportunity to create something different. This is a conscious act in the now, and you must be fully present to respond to the thought that is creating the emotion. Being present allows you to check the emotion that is being revealed about the thought and adjust it consciously, before allowing it to become compartmentalized. This allows for change, growth, evolution, and clarity within. Nothing will change unless you change.

Each time you change your reaction to something, it creates a different vibration which changes something (or your reaction to someone) within your life. This creates alignment that reflects back to you the life that you are creating for yourself. It has been said that we are Creators. This is a part of that power!

Allowing for differences within each moment, even if you are dealing with same situations or people, can reveal to you a different facet of thought or supposition to incite a specific response within. If you are evolving no two moments are the same, which means no reactions, emotions, or feelings are the same. Allow yourself to change, and your life will change too. You can have more peace, happiness, joy, and love in your life. It is up to you!
Be Well, Be Love

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