As the year comes to a close you may find yourself looking back at a lifetime of growth and development that has brought you to this point of attainment and awareness. This may feel different from years past as we have crossed the ending of one era and are now at the beginning of the next!
Looking back at your life and the realization of changes and opportunities that have formed who you have become will shed light on where you are today. The letting go of the past will open you to the possibility of the future being more authentic and feeling more empowered, rather than needy and weak. This threshold of empowerment will lead you to the awakening of your being with the energy of the past falling away. This choice to expand upon the goodness of your authentic self will give you a clarity of feeling the new beginning of this year.
Appending areas of your life where healing has occurred will impart your strength of character and open you to a new awareness within your heart to the connection of all things. This gives you the energetic stamina to continue the healing process and creates the strength within your heart to do, think, and feel the energetic quality of the new frequency of being that connects you with the flow of your life.
As this cleansing continues and your frequency of being increases the reaction from the world around you answers the call to rise and feel the love you are emitting. This clarity of being is felt by all around you and it feels as peace within.
Letting go of anything tied to the past life you are releasing will instantly change your energetic field. This systemic release of anything or anyone that no longer serves who you are will create a new world of opportunity and increase, meant to join you with those in the new age of awareness and connection. This is a beginning of an era meant for those of pure intention and consciousness.
With the old of your being falling away, you will feel the sparks of new beginnings within. With the layers of the past rescinding, the ego will recapitulate within attempting to hold its control over your mind. This will feel less intimidating as you continue releasing your past life, as the ego is very invested in what you have become. The ego will not know where it fits in the new paradigm of your life, so it will continue to attempt to draw you back to the past life you are leaving behind. The more resilient you become to the temptation of the ego and your past, the more strength and optimism you will gain. Refining your will and using affirmations beginning with ‘I AM’ will assist you with pressing forward to the new frequency of being you have laid out before you. Reminding yourself that the past is not who you truly are, but who you had become [until now], will assist with the release and strengthen your willingness to continue forward.
Bringing your conscious awareness into the present, and knowing this is where you exist right now, will open your life to new intention and dimensional thinking that will empower you to change your life. All is well in your world and you are the one that will make it so. Be Well, Be Love


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