Emotions, Feelings, & Changes

Emotions can be strong with many layers and varieties of feelings. This can sometimes make a situation more confusing and disconcerting. Trying to find your way through the mire of your emotions is a challenge and one that seems to take on a life of its own. There are differences between emotions and feelings. They are not the same nor do they come from the same place.

Emotions come from the mind and feelings come from the heart. Thoughts that you have invoke emotions, which in turn create feelings. Let’s observe the feeling of joy. When you think of a situation or event that brought you the emotion of elation and upliftment (joy), you felt it as happiness and love within your heart. Thoughts create the connection with the mind/heart. Emotions are what is created by the thought, and in turn the heart turns the emotion to a feeling. This creates a vibration within your being and reverberates through all of your chakras (energy centers) and either strengthens them or weakens them. What follows creates attitudes and reactions to these instances with the information being stored for later reference and recall. This is why so many situations may feel the same to you and your reactions to them seem to start to loop. Your heart remembers the vibration as soon as the thought creates the emotion. This makes it easy to react quickly to thoughts as your mind ‘compartmentalizes’ the information making your reaction automatic. This does not allow for evolution, change, or growth as your emotions, perceptions, and feelings do not change.

How then, can you keep this from happening? Within each moment lies the opportunity to create something different. This is a conscious act in the now, and you must be fully present to respond to the thought that is creating the emotion. Being present allows you to check the emotion that is being revealed about the thought and adjust it consciously, before allowing it to become compartmentalized. This allows for change, growth, evolution, and clarity within. Nothing will change unless you change.

Each time you change your reaction to something, it creates a different vibration which changes something (or your reaction to someone) within your life. This creates alignment that reflects back to you the life that you are creating for yourself. It has been said that we are Creators. This is a part of that power!

Allowing for differences within each moment, even if you are dealing with same situations or people, can reveal to you a different facet of thought or supposition to incite a specific response within. If you are evolving no two moments are the same, which means no reactions, emotions, or feelings are the same. Allow yourself to change, and your life will change too. You can have more peace, happiness, joy, and love in your life. It is up to you!
Be Well, Be Love


October 12, 2014

Dearest Ones, open your heart to the energy you have been experiencing and know that this is a frequencial alignment for your evolutionary expansion. It is all about clearing yourself of old energy and ego attachments. Everywhere you turn there is a ‘mirror’ for you to see yourself as you truly are. This is a gift from spirit, and a way to perceive yourself from the outside looking in. Do you like what you see? Paradigms are changing, and this is how it has to be done…..individually…from within.

As these energetic shifts are happening, it is part and parcel of a Divine plan to create spiritual evolution which takes you away from ego thinking, feeling, and living. The trap of the ego keeps you in judgment of yourselves and others. It is a good first step, to become consciously aware of your judgments. It is so engrained in us [to judge] that you judge without knowing that is what you are doing!

Some of your judgments come from defending yourselves by judging others back. That is, judging someone that has judged you. Do you see how this can keep you so occupied? What if you allowed the other person to be what and who they are without judging them? Does your judgment of them actually change anything? Does it make you feel better? Let’s look at where judgment comes from……

First, it does not come from you……the authentic and genuine you…..it comes from your ‘program’. This is a program everyone has. It is instilled by those that nurtured you first, which are the ones that gained your trust without earning it. These are the ones you turned to for approval, love, and acceptance. You believed everything they told you, including how to judge others including yourself. How can we not think then, that judging is not ok? Everywhere we turn there is a system set up for judging and if you don’t judge, you are not ‘normal’. Judging is not from the heart, it is from the ego, and it feeds upon itself.

You are hardest on yourselves as you are taught to police yourselves and others along the way. You were not taught to allow others to be who they are and love them anyway. You may be of the belief that you know ‘best’ and can help others by changing them to something better. Can you see how this can occupy most of your existence?

A big part of non-judgment is trust. Trusting that all will be ok without your judgments. Trying to change the outside world is not going to make you feel better. It is not possible anyway. You cannot change anyone or anything because the true change that you are seeking must come from within. That is where you can effectuate the transformation to who you really are. Accepting and allowing life to evolve without your judgments is a challenge and must be done consciously. If you have someone or something in your life that is not what you want, instead of judging them, look at what it is inside of you that doesn’t like what is happening and why. You might find that the very thing that bothers you has nothing to do with the other person and is something within that needs shifting, cleansing or healing.

Allowing yourselves to trust and love is one of the most difficult things you can do. With most of you, trust was broken early in our lives and we became leery of ever trusting again. Judgments seems to keep you feeling ‘safe’ because it keeps a wall between you and the other person. A wall is easy to build because in most cases it immobilizes love. Your judgments then are the bricks that add to the wall, strengthening it along the way. If you didn’t believe your judgments it would not be such a problem. But then, why have them if you don’t or won’t believe them?

When you can drop your judgments of others, and look within to the reason you are judging and work on that, then there is hope for change. Dropping your judgments will give you power within by transforming you into who you really are which is a powerful, spiritual being of light and love. This path, should you choose it, can lead you to living a peaceful and joyful life lifting others up and helping them along the way. This is the way of life that leads to living your bliss. Be well, be love


October 5, 2014

Finding that place within yourself that is your ‘touchpad’ for introspection is of major importance to your process. We have talked a lot about ‘processes’ as the work continues. The internal processing of your experience is your soul’s evolution. This is why finding your place of introspection and working from there is so important.

There can be no healing without aligning with your experience through introspection, and then expressing true gratitude for the experience! Only then through appreciation, can one truly meld the experience into light within. This is the alchemy of healing. You do not have to understand the process to heal. There exists a tremendous amount of grace to assist you once you have set the intention to heal things that arise during introspection.

All can be transmuted and transformed into love. Cleansing within is primary to your evolution; for that is the purpose of being here as a spiritual being having a 3d experience! Allowing truth to rise within, and recognize it as such, is stepping into true purpose; for the one purpose that everyone shares is living truth. Acknowledgement of this within is primary. Then and only then can you connect to your authentic self. Anything else is manufactured and programmed by 3d. Some of this programming is so deep one cannot tell the difference between it and truth except that your heart can discern this for you.

As the heart processes things that arise during introspection, it then communicates the truth back to you in the form of emotion. When there is a conflict between processing that is done between ego and heart, the result can be fear. This is a toxic mix of truth and non-truth. When this arises within one must ‘dissect’ the pattern of the process and discover which part of the situation is based on ego. When this is discovered and the truth of the situation is known, one can then proceed to transmuting the issue through the heart with unimpeded truth. Then the alchemy of healing can proceed to completion.

This may take time as the ego is entwined within some beliefs and programming without you being aware of it. It may not even be your ego that is involved, however by taking on the belief you have accepted the ego of the maker as your own. This is the reason to question your thoughts and feelings about everything that arises within that doesn’t resonate with you, or who you want to become. There is no easy way to heal mistruth from your being, and some issues need much work.

It takes a great deal of courage to do this work, and the result is peace within. When there exists internal peace you are living the truth of your being and love is your signature. All can feel it as the frequency of your light emanates and lifts others to a heightened state of love. This gives them the opportunity to feel love as it activates the heart within them and starts introspection, which can be the beginning of their healing process within. All are connected through the language of the heart. Truth is the language of your authentic self. Cleanse your thinking and the process will lead you to your highest expression, which is stepping outside of 3d. Then you will be able to see all that exists outside of truth for what it is. This will open you to higher realms of existence within and bring more joy, freedom, and love into your life. Open to the possibility of this and you will be guided. Be well, be love

Forgiveness & Patience

Dear Sophia~

I am communicating with you today as I have discovered some things that I need to be forgiven for.

I took a man away from his wife once when I was young and didn’t really know any better.  I’m sure it was a big scandal and I didn’t know it.  This happened and now I realize I haven’t forgiven myself for it!

Also, I need your guidance in becoming a patient person.  I want patience so much that I pray for it!  If I had more patience I would be a better Nana.  I would make better decisions.  I would be a better person and serve God better overall.  Can you help me with these things and [help me] find peace with them?

S.  Dearest One, don’t be in such a hurry!  You have a lot to do here.  First you must remember that you have done some things for very real purposes.  When that is the case, there are unthinking things that happen.  Do not be so hard on yourself.

We all want to find that thing called patience.  It is one of the great virtues.  It is a learned thing, so if that is your intention, you shall have it!

Q.  Sophia ~ I have so much sadness inside of myself!!  What is it and how do I purge it and be rid of it?

S.  Sadness is a great purifier.  It is there because of things undealt with.  Sadness shows us where we need to heal and forgive.  Sadness is the beginning of cleansing ourselves for healing.

Q.  Ok, Sophia, so I have never felt good enough or life has felt to me like I have always been punished.  Does this have anything to do with my Mom?

S.  Yes.  She was a hard one to be born to.  Everyone of her children was a situation meant for growth; except for the last child.  She could not handle the stress of the world.  This is the way of your cycle.  There are things that you were born to do, learn, experience, and discover.  In order for this to happen things must be set up to create the canvas.  Then you spend your life ‘painting’ the picture.  There is no one thing you are here to do.  It is multifaceted with all kinds of people intertwined in your predestined plan to offer and serve as you grow.

Q.  So how does a person know if they have accomplished these things?

S.  There is no right or wrong, hit or miss.  Everything you do and all you have done is perfect!  There is no planned outcome.  It is a free will universe and that includes choices.  You are always unfolding the plan with every choice you make and all that you do.

Q.  Wow, Sophia!  That seems like a lot to think about.  That feels like infinite incarnations to me.  How does one move on from this dimension/planet?  I mean, you could be here a very long time!

S.  Yes, that is correct.  When you have learned all that you can and are ready to drop the free will choice of existence, you move on to other planets and dimensions of peaceful existence.  People get addicted to the material realm.  And, that is only because they don’t know what lies ahead.

Thank you, Sophia for your assistance today.  ♥

This was a session last year when I was struggling with this intense sadness that I have had all of my life (which is now gone by the way!).   It felt like a shroud that I was wearing, and I couldn’t understand it or come to terms with it.  I wanted to be shown what I needed to do to deal with it and this was the cry for help that I sent out to Sophia.  This was the end of last year and it started a healing that took place from then to now that has been rapid but gentle.  It is a great blessing to have this assistance! ♥