I have been on a spiritual  path to find God since I was very young.  I have wanted to know who God is, and to experience God on a very personal level.  I also wanted to know how to best be of service in my life.

My chosen ‘occupation of service’ started in 1998 with my own personal clearing, which needed to happen.  It took me to the depths of my being where all of my life’s ‘scum’ had gathered.  Some call this the ‘dark night of the soul‘.  I wanted to know the quickest way out of this seeming lengthy and painful process.  There is no quick way out!  So, I rolled up my sleeves and dug in.

I have found that my God given purpose for the time being is due to the ‘quickening’ taking place in the current energy.  My service is to assist others in their healing and progression, in any way I can.  I have life coached people for many years and have found that I needed to reach more people, so I was guided to start this blog.  Lets see……I lost count on how many times I have quit this project.  Needless to say, I’ve kept at it.

My hope is that you find some assistance in these pages and aren’t afraid to do the work required to grow, heal, evolve, and transform.

Big Hugs!



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