October 26, 2014

The healing continues with discovering pain [misunderstanding] within and turning it to understanding and then acceptance.

Once the mind connects with the heart there is a ‘spark’ of understanding that opens you to the healing process. The question is then asked

“do you want to heal your pain (misunderstandings)”? You are always giving yourself the choice to heal or not.

With some, there is a lot of personal identity that is wrapped up in their pain. Healing [understanding] will change their identity causing new aspects of their genuine self to awaken. It is the mind/heart connection that begins the process of transformative healing.

If you so choose to heal, it is at the moment of acceptance that the mind/heart connection is kicked into gear. This action draws to you the energy, grace and situations (people, ideas, and events) to assist you with healing and transforming your pain to ‘light’ [understanding] and acceptance. During the healing process the challenge you may face is keeping the mind/heart connection, for it is the intent of healing that must be upheld. If your intent remains solid, the healing will progress. This may not be as easy as it sounds, because many personal beliefs, people, and paradigms may be connected to your pain [misunderstanding].

As each aspect of healing surfaces, you will be given the chance to see things as they truly are [clarity] and a choice to heal that faucet of your pain. This intent to heal is an ongoing process, and might possibly create major changes in your life. You will find the process to be about allowing and acceptance of all that has happened and finding the understanding that it is about evolving out of the ‘fire’ of your life into the stream of higher states of being.

We are all here to evolve at our own pace within the atmosphere of free will. This is the power of being that we all possess as we are all powerful beings having a human experience! The path you take is up to you. Do you choose to play the victim or be the evolutionary being you are? Unite yourself within which will eradicate the power of the ego and give yourself permission to be who you really are; One that makes a difference instead of creating indifference. It always has been and always will be about you and what you do with the choices you are given. Be well, be love

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