October 5, 2014

Finding that place within yourself that is your ‘touchpad’ for introspection is of major importance to your process. We have talked a lot about ‘processes’ as the work continues. The internal processing of your experience is your soul’s evolution. This is why finding your place of introspection and working from there is so important.

There can be no healing without aligning with your experience through introspection, and then expressing true gratitude for the experience! Only then through appreciation, can one truly meld the experience into light within. This is the alchemy of healing. You do not have to understand the process to heal. There exists a tremendous amount of grace to assist you once you have set the intention to heal things that arise during introspection.

All can be transmuted and transformed into love. Cleansing within is primary to your evolution; for that is the purpose of being here as a spiritual being having a 3d experience! Allowing truth to rise within, and recognize it as such, is stepping into true purpose; for the one purpose that everyone shares is living truth. Acknowledgement of this within is primary. Then and only then can you connect to your authentic self. Anything else is manufactured and programmed by 3d. Some of this programming is so deep one cannot tell the difference between it and truth except that your heart can discern this for you.

As the heart processes things that arise during introspection, it then communicates the truth back to you in the form of emotion. When there is a conflict between processing that is done between ego and heart, the result can be fear. This is a toxic mix of truth and non-truth. When this arises within one must ‘dissect’ the pattern of the process and discover which part of the situation is based on ego. When this is discovered and the truth of the situation is known, one can then proceed to transmuting the issue through the heart with unimpeded truth. Then the alchemy of healing can proceed to completion.

This may take time as the ego is entwined within some beliefs and programming without you being aware of it. It may not even be your ego that is involved, however by taking on the belief you have accepted the ego of the maker as your own. This is the reason to question your thoughts and feelings about everything that arises within that doesn’t resonate with you, or who you want to become. There is no easy way to heal mistruth from your being, and some issues need much work.

It takes a great deal of courage to do this work, and the result is peace within. When there exists internal peace you are living the truth of your being and love is your signature. All can feel it as the frequency of your light emanates and lifts others to a heightened state of love. This gives them the opportunity to feel love as it activates the heart within them and starts introspection, which can be the beginning of their healing process within. All are connected through the language of the heart. Truth is the language of your authentic self. Cleanse your thinking and the process will lead you to your highest expression, which is stepping outside of 3d. Then you will be able to see all that exists outside of truth for what it is. This will open you to higher realms of existence within and bring more joy, freedom, and love into your life. Open to the possibility of this and you will be guided. Be well, be love


September 28, 2014

Clarity is a state of being. There are several things that play a part in clarity. All of the healing and purging that has been done over the last two years has created a desire for clarity of being. This is a result of the ‘Grand Alignment’ and activation of a higher frequency of light upon your solar system.

Clarity is the state of being as a Master or ‘Master in training’ which some of you are! That is why we are having this communication today. Resistance to the light is the goal of the ego. Accepting clarity (Light) in your life is surrendering to change. Change is the key word for transformation (from one state to another), and accepting this change is that which brings clarity. With clarity one finds gratitude and appreciation which invokes the feeling of love! As we have discussed in previous communications, the ego resists love. That is why it is so hard to stay within that state of being. When clarity is achieved, it doesn’t last as something always comes up to jeopardize or challenge love. Can clarity become a lasting state of being? Yes, and it is within your reach. The work that is required lies within your intention to allow transformation to occur and become your state of being. This takes questioning your thoughts and actions. This requires looking behind your reasons for thinking, saying, and the doing each thought and action. All action starts with thought. This may sound impossible but it is not, if that is your intention. You cannot believe it to be impossible or you will make it so, correct?

A first step is to question your need for approval from others. Everyone is taught (programmed) to need approval from others; especially those you love. This is a powerful part of the ego to overcome, and it will lead you to discover who you really are. Please understand that this journey will change your life! All healing, transformation, and finally clarity will change your life and that of everyone around you. Are you willing to take this step? For what lies beyond your current state of being is one of joy, love, peace, contentment, and clarity.

The purging thus far that has taken place within your being has created a sense of clarity and raised your vibration to an altered state of dimensional awareness. Within this altered state you are able to perceive things that you couldn’t before. This has awakened things within you that didn’t exist previously! New abilities and awareness of things that you didn’t ‘see’ before have become obvious. The good news is that there is more to come! You are continuing at your own pace to align with each frequency band within your realm. All light bands (dimensions) exist here and now and are within your reach. As you align with each band, you will evolve to the next band of frequencial awareness. This doesn’t happen in a day, and the awareness of this exists within your perceptions. As you evolve things come together, and the result is clarity. The key to your evolution is gratitude and appreciation, which is the foundation of love. When one achieves this state of being with clarity of purpose, they have become a Master. At this level one does not vibrate outside of gratitude and appreciation and fear, ego, etc. does not exist. This then, is your true state of being that dissolves the ego and dissipates all fear. It can be done and is the path to spiritual awareness and achievement. It is there for you should you desire it. Now is the time for your evolution!

Heart/Mind Connection

September 7, 2014

There is much to say today as time is ‘layering’…. making this a ‘rainbow’ realm!

The consciousness of your heart is becoming more prominent. Your emotional reactions to things and people is becoming stronger. This is the dimension of the heart, the 5th dimension, coming into play. The more clearing and healing that you do within your heart, the more emotions you allow to reveal themselves. Emotion is the language of the heart! All emotion comes from your heart and your emotions guide you to cleansing, healing, loving, and proper discernment. Your heart will bring up an emotion and then thought comes in to interpret the emotion for you. When you ask for guidance or information, ask it from your heart. This is where the truth of the universe lies.

The expansion of your being lies within your heart. This is the seat of your soul. This is where the spark of your creation, your God Spark, resides. When you feel joy, sadness, creativity, love, or any other uplifting emotion it is coming from the heart, not the mind. The mind interprets the expression of the heart, not the other way around. This is the heart/mind connection which is the key to our evolution and expansion. The light that is being sent to the planet is merely activating this connection, bringing it about. The light has steadily increased in frequency and intensity. The intensity of the light is meant to expand your awareness through your heart. This can bring up your ‘stuff’ for cleansing and purging making way for clarity and increasing your vibration. One challenge can be the ego interfering in the process, for the egos job is to keep you in crisis, chaos, and conflict (CCC). You can recognize this pattern of the ego by being consciously aware of how your thoughts feel. If a thought does not feel good, then it is ego based. If a thought feels right it is heart based. The emotions of anger, frustration, resistance, confusion, and fear are ego based. The emotions of sadness (i.e. purging/cleansing), joy, love, happiness, elation, and warmth are from the heart. Aligning the mind with the heart and choosing to consult with the heart when you fall into CCC will bring you back into balance. Does this sound like a lot of work? It may at first, but concerted effort will make the process easier and soon it will become second nature! Before long you will self-correct with ease and your intentions with manifest much faster. This is not to say that the ego will go away, however it will be greatly diminished.

Each one of us is a light carrier. The more that you are able to embed the heart/mind connection, the higher your frequency and vibration (clarity) become, and the more powerful your energy signature becomes. This will draw people to you as it gives them a ‘leg up’ and feels to them like clarity in their own lives! It is important to set your shield every day to protect yourself from ‘energy suckers’ as they will try to attach themselves to you. Your shield will say to them ‘you only get a taste’ and block them from being able to consciously or unconsciously take more from you. This will bring to your attention that this persons intentions do not match yours. It is up to you to be aware of these internal warnings and pay attention to them. There are a lot of individuals looking for a ‘quick fix’ and not wanting to do the work required to create this clarity for themselves. They are looking to get it from someone else and your powerfulness will draw them to you. You are not doing them any favors by giving more to them. Instead, teach them how to heal themselves and do their own work.

As you increase your ability to transcend the CCC in your life, the more peace and prosperity you will enjoy. Remember, you cannot save the whole world but you can create a space for others to save themselves. Your clarity provides grace to those that come your way; assisting them with a spark of clarity and opening a door within them to higher truth. This is a connection each one of us makes energetically, heart to heart. Your high vibration can create fear in some people resulting in envy, jealousy, and discord. This is created when the polarity is such that their ego resists any outside influence (spark of clarity) and wants to take yours from you which will result in your decimation. This way their ego diffuses the ‘enemy’ of love, peace, balance, and refinement which will destroy their egos rule. Of course, the other person is not aware of this, and their heart having seen and felt the clarity, will inevitably draw to themselves experiences that will shift the power within. The heart wants clarity and balance. It wants to find this because this represents its true and authentic self. Our purpose is to evolve, not devolve.

Misery is the heart crying out for expression and the light answers that call. Misery can signal a series of events and experiences that assists the heart with finding its way toward authenticity and truth. If the person wants to listen to the heart, it will guide them toward healing and restoration. If not, dis ease will set in and start to create discontentedness resulting in deterioration of ones being. Understanding these mechanics will assist you in the awareness you need to evolve and expand. Your expansion is not only for you, but the good of all. Resonate with your heart and your life will thrive!


August 22, 2014

Attachments signal a need for balancing and grounding. We attach ourselves to different things and people to feel comfortable and safe in our lives. The greater the need for attachments, the more unchangeable and unsettled we are. In addition, the more insecure we are the more attachments we form. Life should be free flowing with different ‘curves and waterfalls’ that are intermittent for expansion, growth, and greater awareness! If we resist letting go (detaching) if and when it is time, there would be a pause in our evolution. This could cause a lot of pressure within until the change (detachment) is done or the situation is transformed. The fear of detachment keeps us in situations or creates events that bring a lot of stress and pressure to our lives overall. When we have the courage to detach, the pain of letting go creates a frequency of love. This is the love that can readily assist in healing our pain.

Emotions come from our heart (soul) being in physicality. The emotions that we generate as humans cannot be emanated in pure consciousness states. Being in physicality creates a much different and treasured emotional awareness. Emotions create our world!

What is it within us that needs the attachments we form? It is our ego. The ego is designed to keep you unbalanced and in fear. This results in insecurity and creates the need for attachments. Attachments then become another form of fear. The frequency of fear is what we are most comfortable with because it resonates with our ego. Then and only then can the ego be satisfied, for it takes a lot of work to manage our attachments. Being aware of the attachments that we have and what part they play in our lives, is the first step to detachment or transformation. Sometimes the ‘rough waters’ in our lives shows the obvious need for detachment. Each time you detach from something or someone, your life feels clearer and cleaner! Relationships will improve and flow returns. This instills in us the freedom to love without attachment to process or outcome. For in flowing we learn to trust that all will be well no matter what may come, without the need for attachments. If we are to evolve we must be free of attachment at all times. This allows for our expansion into higher frequencies of attainment and dimensional awareness!

Without the willingness to detach we hold ourselves back, if only for a while, because the need for detachment will become stronger until it is completed or transformed. Each detachment creates an opportunity for expansion as we learn to start trusting ourselves and our insights (intuition). Sometimes it is merely resolving to release the pain of the experience (detachment) that is necessary. Within the pain of letting go we rise within the essence of love for ourselves and others. If detachment is done with the understanding of why we are in such pain, we will not have to repeat the experience and the love flows forth for all!

Processing should be done through the heart, for the intelligence of the heart is the doorway to our evolution. This is where the mind/heart connection is most important and critical to expansion. When the pureness of mind/heart connection is made, the ego is released from its charge. This is not to say that the ego is gone; it is greatly diminished. Attachments are formed in the mind and detachments are done from the intelligence of heart. Detachment is merely allowing the freedom to change and evolve; yours and others without attachment to outcome. Living with the understanding of attachments will assist you with the conscious awareness of what will be flowing in and out of your life as you progress on your path and purpose. Attach without fear and detach with love.



August 3, 2014


Alignment is our topic for today. Alignment with intention is of utmost importance.  Intentions create the canvas for manifestation. Connecting thought with intention is the key to alignment.  Intentions come from your being as next steps for your expansion.  This creates an energetic response that connects each thought with your intention. When thought aligns with intention, pure manifestation occurs! This is not to say that each thought must be in alignment, however energy is created through the combination of thought, alignment, manifestation, and reaction.

When intention is set with belief and faith, this creates the ‘theme’ for thought patterns. When the majority of thoughts line up with intention, manifestation and creation is at the highest point of alignment. The energy created draws unto itself the events and people of like energy to meet the directives of intention. It is important to keep apprised of your intentions as this directs your thoughts which embodies your consciousness and awareness.

Alignment is then the centering of your being with intention that expands your consciousness and awareness in the now. This then leads to expansion and evolution which is the macro-cosmic result of the microcosm (intention >thoughts>alignment>awareness>expansion).

Focus on your intentions concerning each area of your being and align with the pattern of flow that results. The dynamic becomes an upward spiral of evolution and frequencial attainment. One can then experience true alignment within their being with purpose. Next, we will discuss Attachment.








Re Create

June 2, 2014


So much is happening and on the horizon that using this time for focusing on your expansion and evolution is of primary importance.

The out-breath has begun which means that activity is bolstered with the Breath of God! This is a time where the ‘dust’ of the past and the ashes of the ‘fallen’ will be cleared away for clearer vision and unification. What was started during the moments between breaths will now grow and expand exponentially, or wither into ash and blow away.  Fear, anger, resistance, frustration, greed, and arrogance cannot sustain in the current frequency and will move even lower in frequencial vibration to lower level dimensional realms. This multidimensional effect is here, now. Just as there are multicultural beings on the planet, so there are multidimensional realms all occupying the same space and time. The low frequency people on your planet will vibrate even lower as they ‘sink’ into their creations and will fade away into their own mire. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into their webs as they are using everything they have to hold on to their current reality much like a drowning swimmer would do. It is so powerful that you can find yourself drawn into it before realizing you are there. The elements of ‘shock and awe’ are their cover.

A supreme act of balancing and awareness is required of you to maintain your inner peace. Balancing your intake of information and the awareness of all that is going on around you is of utmost importance. Your inner guidance of emotions and feelings will be your point of reference. Use this tool, your Heart, as your center of guidance for all of your functions of living.

The heart and the mind are conjoined as one unit in your being. This was a major intention coded within the light that has been radiated out to your sector this year. This started in earnest after the grid surrounding the planet was dismantled that trapped fear and negativity around Gaia. The major healing that has been done was centered on the mind/heart connection. The mind trapped the heart and held it ‘hostage’ to keep the EGO engaged. As you know there is no virtue in the mind alone. The mind must be inexorably linked to the heart before evolution and frequencial alignment can take place. One cannot expand, evolve, or obtain multidimensional awareness without this engagement. All fence sitting has come to an end.

The out-breath I spoke of earlier expands everything and thins the veil between dimensions so that it creates multidimensional capacities for those that are able. If you are centered in the ‘now of all time’ you are able to access this ability and thrive in a state of pure peace! In this place everything aligns and sensory expansion is the norm. Enjoy this time. The beginning of an out-breath is a special time of expansion and a sacred place of existence. Be well, be love



Hello ~

I am going to do something a little different today with this post :-).

Often I have felt ‘caged in’ or ‘trapped’ by my life and have had this question posed to Sophia in different ways more than any concern or question I have had.  It is a recurring feeling in my life over the last year and comes in intervals.  I have noticed though, that the feeling used to create more agitation and resistance in my being, and this last ’bout’ had very little of that and more of a feeling of surrender and acceptance, although I felt what would normally be called sadness.  It wasn’t a true feeling of sadness as my thoughts were of freedom and love.  I was also able to be fully present within the experience when before I was caught in the mind and the myriad of questions and whys that the mind generates to keep me ‘looping’ in my trap.

I am going to include two sessions in this post; and I will date them both.  The first will be my experience of feeling trapped in August of  last year and the subsequent session will be that of today’s inquiry about the same feeling.


Sophia ~

Q.  I feel trapped today.  I used to feel trapped all the time and it has been a while since I have felt this way.  Is this what life is supposed to be?  Whose life am I living and why am I trying to be someone I’m not?

S.  You are out of gratitude and appreciation.  This is what lies on the other side of that.  You are having a hard time understanding your feelings.  There is a reason you are feeling this way.  You are feeling victimized and no one can make you feel that way but you.  Open to the feeling and let it flow through you.  Some things are not what they seem to be.  Life is a series of choices and we do the best we know how in the moment.  We make our lives up based on our fears and desires.  There are times when you feel stuck and you must move past it to a place of peace.  When you allow yourself to be in this place [trapped] you pinch yourself off from your center.  No matter what is going on in your life’s plan, you must strive for your center; your place of peace.  You are here to learn as you grow.  Be in the moment and generate love.  We are all love generators!  That is what you strive to become.  Life is only as complex as you make it.  There is no them and us……only we.  Don’t plan your life, flow with it!

Sophia ♥

I want to interject a comment about why Sophia said some of the things she* did.  I have really struggled with expectation.  I think some of it is because I have read by different sources to visualize what I want and I shall have it!  At one point in my life I accepted that hook, line, and sinker.  I have now found that although visualization is important and does work in certain situations and conditions,  I have a life path that must be followed and some of what I have visualized in the past is in direct conflict with that ideal at the moment.  So, not everything is meant for me to be, do, have, and if it is, the timing is different from my immediate wants and desires.

On now to today’s answer from Sophia on the same subject of feeling trapped!


Q.  Sophia ~ my feelings yesterday were heavy and agitating leading to the trapped feelings I have had in the past.  What’s happening?

S.  Dear One, there is nothing to fear.  You are finding your way through the disposition of your life and trying to find comfort in your circumstances.  The Shift of the Ages is occurring and everyone is experiencing it differently.  Things are not the same as even a month ago.  You have within you a strong field of love that is pouring from your which is directed by your higher self.  The planet is being permeated with love more than ever before.  This is the light you have been speaking of and others have been speaking of.  Your being has to adjust to this frequency of light and love and it feels overwhelming at times.  As much as you can you need to allow the feelings of this bountiful light/love to flow through you without interference.  There is major purging of any past ‘residue’ that is in your being and it is brought to the surface to be healed and released.  Anything that is not of love can reside in your being.  That is why you have done so much work on yourself.  So that you can hold more light/love!

Thank you, Sophia ♥

What I understand from this last communication is that whatever issues and programming I have left to purge is coming to the surface in intervals as I heal and release anything that doesn’t resonate with who I am becoming which is more authentic and genuine.  This happens in intervals of time as I heal/release those things in layers.  It feels like I’m trapped because that is what my beliefs and prior programming have done to me………trapped me in responses and reactions to events in my life leading to a feeling of being trapped.

With all my love,

Michell ♥

* she ~ Sophia feels like feminine energy so I use ‘she’ when I refer to ‘her’.



Sophia ~

Q.  Can you speak to me about the changes we are all experiencing?  Is is great healing, or are we to expect more noticeable changes?  If so, what are they?

S.  Change is a multifaceted concept.  All change is related to something in motion.  We are recognizing your need to know what to expect.  There is nothing to fear, nothing to know, and we do want you to be aware of the shifts you experience.   Shifts are the noticeable projection of change.  Nowhere is it written that change always has to be  profound when it happens.  Be that as it may, each person that experiences change will know that it is a direct result of asking.  There need not be some crisis for change to happen, although with some it is what they need for themselves to make the change.

Q.  Sophia, what is this change you are referring to?

S.  The process of personal enfoldment.  The opening of ones self to change of spirit.  The metamorphosis of growth.  So much is happening and it is all subtle and personal.  None of you is going through this the same way.  Things come up from the inside for healing.  Healing must take place first then the consciousness can expand.  Right action must then be in place for healing to occur.  Otherwise there is no genuine healing taking place.  We cannot explain it more than that.

Q.  Sophia ~ I question my process.  I had a thought this morning that maybe I am fooling myself by thinking or feeling like I am becoming a different person; i.e. more loving, nice, etc.  I am afraid of that [I’m not changing].  Why am I having these thoughts?

S.  Sweet one, you are making these changes you are so afraid are not genuine or authentic.  Do not be afraid of being different and of change.  You are one of the few that needs to change now to assist others.  We see in your heart how much you desire these changes and have for a very long time.  We will help if you just ask.

Q.  Sophia ~ What is my path?

S.  Clearing, cleansing, healing, and growing.  When you have completed the healing part of your process you will be initiated into a new level of awareness.  You will teach this to people.

Thank you Sophia ♥