Forgiveness & Patience ~ part 2


October 20, 2014

Sophia, I have been working very hard on forgiveness, for without it I feel I cannot evolve. Whenever I think that I have managed true forgiveness, something comes up to show me that I may have not completely forgiven. What is the work that needs to be done once the intention to forgive is in place?

Dearest One, forgiveness is a process and as such cannot be done in one ‘sitting’. Knowing that there are several layers on the path to forgiveness and patience with your process, is key.

Forgiveness is intertwined with time, others, and yourself. When one feels a need to forgive a deep injury, the past must be brought up which is the timeline associated with the situation. This incites the chain reaction of being pulled out of the now (where you have done some work on this issue), and into the hurtful situation as it happened. If you have done any work around forgiveness of the situation, recreating it should feel different, and another facet of the situation should be apparent. This would be the next layer to work with in your process.

It is easy to get ‘stuck’ in forgiving someone for a violation you feel is unforgivable to you. This then requires that you go deeper into where the belief of the violation comes from. Is there a programming issue at work? Another words, were you programmed to believe something that felt violated? If so, is this your belief or someone else’s that you acquired and were taught to make your own? If this feels right, it would be wise to consider the belief system you have around the issue. Sometimes it is easy to tell when the belief may come from another source by looking at how resistant you are to the defense of your beliefs. When one does not want to consider change, growth and evolution is stopped.

Sophia, I can see how forgiveness can involve more effort than just ‘talking’ yourself into it. I know personally that in the past I have made the decision to forgive through analyzing, which did not work.

You are correct! Forgiveness is not of the mind (ego). It is of the heart. This is why most cannot complete the process. Deep forgiveness delves underneath the ‘chain of pain’ within the heart. Each event, person, or situation is interlinked with one variable; and that is you. In some situations forgiveness of yourself for not being ‘loveable’ or ‘good enough’ is enough to heal. This could very well be the only act of forgiveness that may truly matter!

I understand that forgiving ourselves is very important, for without that we have not stopped the chain reaction of creating situations that require forgiveness. What about a true violation such as rape or murder?

Yes, this is the highest form of forgiveness and the most difficult. This requires you to ‘see’ with a higher mind/heart connection. This is a deep injury that has many facets to it, and in some cases cannot be undone due to the level of guilt intertwined within the injury. Guilt is the highest form of punishment that the ego generates to keep you ‘in line’. Guilt is the ‘hold card’ for the ego that can undermine anything in your life. In the case of an ‘unforgiveable’ situation, the first step must be the willingness to let go, forgive, and heal the pain that is caused by the situation. Pain is addicting, for it gives some ones a reason to be weak and feel victimized. Healing and forgiving lifts you out of the process of victimization, and allows you to see the bigger picture that involves all that we have discussed. Remembering that you are responsible only for yourself and your actions can help you see the event from a ‘third party’ viewpoint. You must be willing to step outside of the pain of the situation to see the larger picture and the part each one had within it. Only then can you find a speck of understanding within the event. Knowing that you cannot change anything that has happened helps to pull you out of the fog of the pain. Loss is a part of your evolution. Being able to understand this clarifies and refines your being. It lifts you to a higher place of understanding and love, for this is what your higher instinct knows you are working towards. You cannot have higher evolution of your being with lower level unresolved pain and guilt. This is your path to peace, joy, bliss and love for yourself and others.

Thank you, Sophia!



August 3, 2014


Alignment is our topic for today. Alignment with intention is of utmost importance.  Intentions create the canvas for manifestation. Connecting thought with intention is the key to alignment.  Intentions come from your being as next steps for your expansion.  This creates an energetic response that connects each thought with your intention. When thought aligns with intention, pure manifestation occurs! This is not to say that each thought must be in alignment, however energy is created through the combination of thought, alignment, manifestation, and reaction.

When intention is set with belief and faith, this creates the ‘theme’ for thought patterns. When the majority of thoughts line up with intention, manifestation and creation is at the highest point of alignment. The energy created draws unto itself the events and people of like energy to meet the directives of intention. It is important to keep apprised of your intentions as this directs your thoughts which embodies your consciousness and awareness.

Alignment is then the centering of your being with intention that expands your consciousness and awareness in the now. This then leads to expansion and evolution which is the macro-cosmic result of the microcosm (intention >thoughts>alignment>awareness>expansion).

Focus on your intentions concerning each area of your being and align with the pattern of flow that results. The dynamic becomes an upward spiral of evolution and frequencial attainment. One can then experience true alignment within their being with purpose. Next, we will discuss Attachment.








Mom’s Cancer

Sophia ~

I just found out that my Mom has cancer.  I don’t think I was that surprised given the way she lived.

I am learning a lot about myself through her disease.  I have been doing a lot of self examination and have decided that although I have not been raised as a kind and gentle person, nor lived my life [mostly] in a kind and gentle way, I want to become a kind, loving, and gentle being.  Given that, I would like to request help from you.  I would like to get back to myself.  If you have a suggestion I would love to know!

S.  The very first step in undertaking this journey is to find your center and come from there.  The center of your being is where your heart and mind meet.  This is like the eye of the storm.  This is where you come from.  It is a very neutral place; this place is love.  There is no thought here.  It is just a conscious sense of being.  Find this, and live there.  Once you become comfortable with this new higher view anchored in love you will be able to see that most of what you believed and experienced is judgement of some kind.  This will be cleansed, healed, turned into love, and absorbed into your heart as understanding and compassion.   No longer will you feel confused or isolated.  You will find that all is perfect and necessary for growth.  This leads you back to self and the path of a kind and gentle nature.

As always, thank you Sophia!  ♥

Forgiveness & Patience

Dear Sophia~

I am communicating with you today as I have discovered some things that I need to be forgiven for.

I took a man away from his wife once when I was young and didn’t really know any better.  I’m sure it was a big scandal and I didn’t know it.  This happened and now I realize I haven’t forgiven myself for it!

Also, I need your guidance in becoming a patient person.  I want patience so much that I pray for it!  If I had more patience I would be a better Nana.  I would make better decisions.  I would be a better person and serve God better overall.  Can you help me with these things and [help me] find peace with them?

S.  Dearest One, don’t be in such a hurry!  You have a lot to do here.  First you must remember that you have done some things for very real purposes.  When that is the case, there are unthinking things that happen.  Do not be so hard on yourself.

We all want to find that thing called patience.  It is one of the great virtues.  It is a learned thing, so if that is your intention, you shall have it!

Q.  Sophia ~ I have so much sadness inside of myself!!  What is it and how do I purge it and be rid of it?

S.  Sadness is a great purifier.  It is there because of things undealt with.  Sadness shows us where we need to heal and forgive.  Sadness is the beginning of cleansing ourselves for healing.

Q.  Ok, Sophia, so I have never felt good enough or life has felt to me like I have always been punished.  Does this have anything to do with my Mom?

S.  Yes.  She was a hard one to be born to.  Everyone of her children was a situation meant for growth; except for the last child.  She could not handle the stress of the world.  This is the way of your cycle.  There are things that you were born to do, learn, experience, and discover.  In order for this to happen things must be set up to create the canvas.  Then you spend your life ‘painting’ the picture.  There is no one thing you are here to do.  It is multifaceted with all kinds of people intertwined in your predestined plan to offer and serve as you grow.

Q.  So how does a person know if they have accomplished these things?

S.  There is no right or wrong, hit or miss.  Everything you do and all you have done is perfect!  There is no planned outcome.  It is a free will universe and that includes choices.  You are always unfolding the plan with every choice you make and all that you do.

Q.  Wow, Sophia!  That seems like a lot to think about.  That feels like infinite incarnations to me.  How does one move on from this dimension/planet?  I mean, you could be here a very long time!

S.  Yes, that is correct.  When you have learned all that you can and are ready to drop the free will choice of existence, you move on to other planets and dimensions of peaceful existence.  People get addicted to the material realm.  And, that is only because they don’t know what lies ahead.

Thank you, Sophia for your assistance today.  ♥

This was a session last year when I was struggling with this intense sadness that I have had all of my life (which is now gone by the way!).   It felt like a shroud that I was wearing, and I couldn’t understand it or come to terms with it.  I wanted to be shown what I needed to do to deal with it and this was the cry for help that I sent out to Sophia.  This was the end of last year and it started a healing that took place from then to now that has been rapid but gentle.  It is a great blessing to have this assistance! ♥

New me?

Sophia ~

What’s so about who I am in my life right now.  Do I need to adjust and/or temper myself?  What should my focus be on who I am for the World/Universe/God?

S.  We hear you!  There are so many changes going on for you that it is hard to tell you exactly what you want to know.  First, we must explain.  We do not think changing anything is right or proper.  You are growing, cleansing, and reaching for the highest expression you can be in your life!  And while that is commendable, it is not in ‘order’.  You are trying to dismiss things in your evolution.  Things which are important for you to admonish/transform and at the least, acknowledge.  You cannot skip steps in your growth.

Q.  Ok, I agree.  Can you show me what I am trying to skip?

S.  You are trying to do/be too much and in doing so you are stepping out of the present which contains the steps you are trying to skip.  You are used to working ahead and anticipating actions and thoughts, so you are outside of your life and into the future.

Q.  Ok, I agree with you.  This process has served me well in the past.  I am able to accomplish more by doing things that way.

S.  Yes, we know.  And how do you feel trying to do that now?  Are things flowing smoothly for you?  Do you feel good at the end of the day?  Is there satisfaction in your accomplishments?

Q.  No!  I am not feeling anything but sadness and frustration.

S.  We know.  It is understandable.  Find a way to work and serve each day and stay in the present.  Feel the flow and the service that comes from centeredness and connection to what you are doing and who you are serving.

Thank you, Sophia! ♥

This was an interesting connection.  This is the first time that Sophia referred to herself as ‘we’.  Sophia also felt like


Sophia ~

Q:  What is going on with me?  I have so much turmoil inside…………

S:  You have reached your inner core.  There is much there to heal.

Q:  I want to heal it.  What do I do?  Do I have to look at each and every thing that is there to heal it out?

S:  No.  You can over ride the purging process by allowing it to flow through and not getting stuck on it.  Have an intention to release and allow the process to unfold.

Q:  Ok, but it makes me so sad and angry at the same time…..

S:  That is because it is coming out in ‘chunks’.  There are mixtures of repressed energy that you are releasing.

Q:  When will it be over?

S:  It depends on your allowing.  It is not comfortable because you have chosen to release it and not look at it.

Q:  I don’t feel any love inside and really don’t know how to handle this and deal with those around me.  Is there some kind of idea you can give me on how to deal with the world and the people in it AND go through this at the same time?

S:  Stay in the moment.  Know what is going on.  Interact as little as possible; pray and ask for help and have patience with your process.

Q:  I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings and involve them in my process.  Even Michael [my Husband]

S:  He is there for you in all ways ~ always.  Don’t discount his beingness.

Q:  I don’t.  He just has his perceptions of me and they are set.

S:  He will have to deal with his humanness and grow in the light as well.  You both are processing at the same time.

Q:  Ok, Sophia.  I am losing my connection.  I haven’t been able to meditate.  It’s like I am changing or something….

S:  (chuckle) you are changing.  You are completely displaced and for a reason.  There is a lot of things happening all at once.  This is the time of multidimensionality and you are learning what it is.

Me:  Ok, thank you! ♥



Hello ~

I am going to do something a little different today with this post :-).

Often I have felt ‘caged in’ or ‘trapped’ by my life and have had this question posed to Sophia in different ways more than any concern or question I have had.  It is a recurring feeling in my life over the last year and comes in intervals.  I have noticed though, that the feeling used to create more agitation and resistance in my being, and this last ’bout’ had very little of that and more of a feeling of surrender and acceptance, although I felt what would normally be called sadness.  It wasn’t a true feeling of sadness as my thoughts were of freedom and love.  I was also able to be fully present within the experience when before I was caught in the mind and the myriad of questions and whys that the mind generates to keep me ‘looping’ in my trap.

I am going to include two sessions in this post; and I will date them both.  The first will be my experience of feeling trapped in August of  last year and the subsequent session will be that of today’s inquiry about the same feeling.


Sophia ~

Q.  I feel trapped today.  I used to feel trapped all the time and it has been a while since I have felt this way.  Is this what life is supposed to be?  Whose life am I living and why am I trying to be someone I’m not?

S.  You are out of gratitude and appreciation.  This is what lies on the other side of that.  You are having a hard time understanding your feelings.  There is a reason you are feeling this way.  You are feeling victimized and no one can make you feel that way but you.  Open to the feeling and let it flow through you.  Some things are not what they seem to be.  Life is a series of choices and we do the best we know how in the moment.  We make our lives up based on our fears and desires.  There are times when you feel stuck and you must move past it to a place of peace.  When you allow yourself to be in this place [trapped] you pinch yourself off from your center.  No matter what is going on in your life’s plan, you must strive for your center; your place of peace.  You are here to learn as you grow.  Be in the moment and generate love.  We are all love generators!  That is what you strive to become.  Life is only as complex as you make it.  There is no them and us……only we.  Don’t plan your life, flow with it!

Sophia ♥

I want to interject a comment about why Sophia said some of the things she* did.  I have really struggled with expectation.  I think some of it is because I have read by different sources to visualize what I want and I shall have it!  At one point in my life I accepted that hook, line, and sinker.  I have now found that although visualization is important and does work in certain situations and conditions,  I have a life path that must be followed and some of what I have visualized in the past is in direct conflict with that ideal at the moment.  So, not everything is meant for me to be, do, have, and if it is, the timing is different from my immediate wants and desires.

On now to today’s answer from Sophia on the same subject of feeling trapped!


Q.  Sophia ~ my feelings yesterday were heavy and agitating leading to the trapped feelings I have had in the past.  What’s happening?

S.  Dear One, there is nothing to fear.  You are finding your way through the disposition of your life and trying to find comfort in your circumstances.  The Shift of the Ages is occurring and everyone is experiencing it differently.  Things are not the same as even a month ago.  You have within you a strong field of love that is pouring from your which is directed by your higher self.  The planet is being permeated with love more than ever before.  This is the light you have been speaking of and others have been speaking of.  Your being has to adjust to this frequency of light and love and it feels overwhelming at times.  As much as you can you need to allow the feelings of this bountiful light/love to flow through you without interference.  There is major purging of any past ‘residue’ that is in your being and it is brought to the surface to be healed and released.  Anything that is not of love can reside in your being.  That is why you have done so much work on yourself.  So that you can hold more light/love!

Thank you, Sophia ♥

What I understand from this last communication is that whatever issues and programming I have left to purge is coming to the surface in intervals as I heal and release anything that doesn’t resonate with who I am becoming which is more authentic and genuine.  This happens in intervals of time as I heal/release those things in layers.  It feels like I’m trapped because that is what my beliefs and prior programming have done to me………trapped me in responses and reactions to events in my life leading to a feeling of being trapped.

With all my love,

Michell ♥

* she ~ Sophia feels like feminine energy so I use ‘she’ when I refer to ‘her’.