We are in the process of major upgrades connected to our spiritual consciousness through cleansing and reconstruction. In addition, it is also a time of divine remuneration and restructuring.

To be ready for this all judgement should be released and forgiveness must prevail! There is no other way but through living and conceiving The Heart Virtues. This will require focus away from the distractions being placed before you. Whether you decide to do this now or later it will be required for ascension protocol.

Evolution is the purpose for your soul’s progression, and it has been delayed long enough. This is not what the current world wants for you, and that is why there are so many distractions to keep your focus off your soul’s empowerment. Might you be feeling the disparity within? Do you feel the need to stay occupied and busy right now? This is due to the ones that know we are on the edge of a great spiritual revelation, and they don’t want an awakened people. If you focus on your spiritual nature, you will feel the truth of it, and this is not going to support their current narrative. You are headed for enlightenment; that is the foundation of an awakening consciousness. This is the bridge between your levels of ascent toward connecting your Divine mind with your highest self.

Your spiritual path and progress does not lie outside of yourself. It is within your being and the confirmation of this comes from the development of the sacred triangle within your being connecting your heart, mind, and soul to create the expansion and expression of the Divine Mind. You can feel the changes within every part of your being. You have a major upgrade to your DNA happening now and it is increasing your levels of awareness. You may experience this in smells, tastes, feelings, and thoughts. Every part of your being is changing and expanding into a new way of experiencing and expressing yourself. You are not the same person you were. You may feel somewhat lost at times, and this is nothing to be concerned with. You are expanding and shifting on all levels! It is a good thing and should be allowed to progress.

You will find yourself at peace once you let go of expectations. Mastering the consistent feeling of peace lies within your ability to allow yourself to flow with the expansion and changes that you are feeling as truth within your being. It is not an easy progression, but yet you know this, and should still proceed. This is what you are here to do! You are the change you wish to behold, and it is believable! There is no where else that you will find the ‘answers’, for they are not readable, they are only felt through the new senses that are you are developing. You have always been an energetic being, and now you must tune into that reality for everything is based on energetics, frequencies, and electromagnetics. With the reconnection and expansion of your DNA, you are finding yourself ‘knowing’ when things are in alignment or are fragmented and distorted. It is a disposition of frequencial attunement to all layers of your being that are in concert with the highest version of yourself and the Universe at large. Yes!, you can connect to the Universal stream of love that comes from Source Consciousness through the trust you place in your higher self to guide you and expand your grace.

It is now time to awaken to the reason for your existence at this time. You are here to make a difference and in knowing this you will accomplish this most sacred mission.

Be Well, Be Love ❤️


Free Will

It is time for the awakened and conscious activation of your Free Will!

And what exactly is free will?  Free Will before now has been an aspect of your higher self, operating as the intelligence of your higher wisdom and connection with [and part of] Source/God/All That Is/The Maker of all of Creation.  It is time for you to consciously activate the power of your free will.  You have been ‘asleep’ long enough and knowing the power that you hold within your being can be brought into light by the conscious awakening of your free will. 

You have the power to control all that you experience and through this experiencing you can change anything you desire, through your free will. Animating your inner being by living through the heart virtues will bring strength and fortitude through alignment with free will. This is a facet of your soul that cannot be taken from you or manipulated, except through you exercising your free will by allowing something such as belief, thought, word, or deed to be accepted by your free will. This is something you give willingly and freely, as it cannot be bought or used without your permission. You are in full control of this most precious gift, and it governs all that you do, think, and believe. Only in this aspect of your soul can you choose to be who you truly are and experience what you want to be, do, or have. What then can you do if you find yourself in a situation you do not feel comes from the choice of free will? That is the real question! The answer is that it does not come from your free will choice. Nothing happens to you without your permission. You have allowed all that you currently know, accept, and instill as your choice of experience. Nothing happens to you; it happens for you.

Your reality is a culmination of your free will choices; you just don’t realize that. To change your life, you must change your creed. That is why I have put forth the Heart Virtues. Living thru them will cleanse your being and give you the opportunity to have a fresh start on a path where you can change anything through your newly awakened free will. You can then drop the programming that may have infiltrated your being by your exposure to what you thought was truth, only to find it contained hidden aspects of manipulating your free will. Only when you consciously discern what you believe to be truth can you operate with free will. There is no person, place, or thing that can make you do, trust, accept, or instill anything without your free will. If an attempt is made to manipulate you in any way, it may coerce you at first, but it will eventually fail, for the true power of your soul cannot be changed or conditioned by anyone or anything; you are the only one that holds that free will choice. It is only through your free will that you incarnate, live, experience, and evolve by choosing to do so.

Your ego is the one and only way attempting to access your free will through a back door of programming, coercion, and manipulation. The ego has no power of its own. It can only operate with the strength and acceptance of free will. This is why I have talked so much about the ego and its false narratives, for unless the mind is divinely linked to the heart (soul) it is connected to the ego program. The ego is weak and can easily be controlled by creating additional effects of anything that it accepts as truth, for it has no power or ability to hold wisdom of any kind. Ego can make decisions to allow the heart (soul) to accept or decline anything brought into its realm, but no power to create the acceptance of the incoming information without free will. If the information is wanted by the ego, it could bypass the heart (soul) and create on its own reality by the manifestation of the information. By doing this and sidestepping free will, this will allow the ego to open the door of the creation of fear, doubt, sadness, anger, hatred, because it does not have a free will of its own, and it will then create weakness within the being bypassing the soul aspect of free will. This opens up access for the ego to latch on to anything that supports its created narrative of building a new version of strength and belief. The ego then rejects anything that will not support its new narrative because that will weaken its newly formed version of itself, so the ego can feel satisfied and strong. Now that the ego is no longer responsible to or ‘bullied’ by free will [of a spiritual nature], it can proceed to be controlled and manipulated by anything or anyone that helped build the new feel-good reality it has created. It closes itself off from anything or anyone that may threaten its belief system thus making it stronger and more resilient to opposing narratives. This ego false reality is what is fading now and true free will is making a new comeback with the light and frequency of love that is coming to be! This light can penetrate the egos false narratives and creations bringing clarity to what is truth and what is real questioning the illusion of reality that has morphed into being. This light (love) weakens the ego thus creating a collapse of the fake foundation it has created. For those that are fighting for their ego-based reality, it feels as a time of conflict, chaos, and crises (CCC) as they watch their basis of believing, doing, and being starts to crumble.

Now begins the opportunity for free will begin to take its rightful place in rebuilding the strength of the soul and remapping the ego to be a benevolent aspect of the Spiritual Self.

And so, it begins!

Be Well, Be Love ❤️


Living the Heart Virtues

Your path lies within, and your heart and soul are your guides. 

Too long have we looked on the outside for change and assistance.  Someone to show us where to go, where to find the answers.  There is only one place this information resides, and that is within your own being.

This is not an easy part of your journey, for there are no quick answers.  This is not a time of answers but rather that of living the heart virtues and allowing your evolution to unfold.  You have heard that you are the one you have been waiting for.  That is the truth.  You are the one that is the carrier pigeon of your expansion, but first you must clear the path.  What is abundantly obvious are the issues that stand in the way of your awakening.  These are the things that are being shown to you now in the form of thoughts, emotions, fears, and recognitions.  These things are coming up for healing and release. 

The way has been shown to you, and the work that must be done for your inner clarity is to connect your mind to your heart.  This is referred to as Divine Mind or Heart Mind.  This cannot be done with unfinished business, and the way to this healing and release lies in using the Heart Virtues (see the post Heart Virtues) to heal and live by.   

The first step is to begin from a place of humility.  The first thing that happens when finding an issue within that you wish to heal, is to understand that the ego wants to argue with you about healing the issue!  The ego fights for its weaknesses and its place in the grand scheme of things.  This is the first sign of resistance, for the ego does not want peace.  The ego does not understand peace unless it has its way and is never happy.  The result of this first stage of resistance is to create cognitive dissonance.  That is the mission of the ego, for without this stage the ego has no existence.  So, since the first step is to come from humility the ego has to be set aside.  This in itself will not be easy, for the ego will not give up easily.  Arguing with it makes it stronger and its goal is to wear you down. 

The ego reflects your programming.   This means you must understand that you have been programmed by everyone in your life including your experiences.  The ego has been running the program very efficiently keeping you in line.  The only way the ego can control you is if you believe in it.  If you argue for your limitations, you will have them and you will make them stronger!  Seeing this as an absolute truth is essential to creating a new creed.  This new devotion to your inner being and becoming who you really are is believing in your true self and living life through the heart virtues.  This means dropping the drama and changing your life to include support systems and people that think the same way you do and also want to be true to themselves and others.  This is referred to as Ascending and evolving which is what we are here to do.  We are here to overcome the 3D aspects of the illusion we have been a part of and create a new world free of CCC and living together in peace without the ego programming of fear and discontent.  There is so much more than what we have and we must decide, each one of us, to dedicate and devote ourselves to our own well-being.  We are all here to evolve, and that is what the ego does not want us to do.  Once you take control of your ego and choose to heal it and merge it with your soul, you will be able to step into humility.  When you are ready to do this first and most major step, you will be able to heal anything!  To follow is a guide on how to accomplish this. 

The mind can be the ego mind or the heart/soul mind aka Divine Mind.  It cannot be both at the same time. 

The ego mind is programmed to keep you inoculated with fear with fracturing thoughts.  It is what drives you to accomplish and stay ‘occupied’ with thoughts of lack.  Lack of money, love, acceptance, approval, etc.  Humility doesn’t recognize lack and doesn’t live in fear of lack or not being good enough.   Humility activates the other heart virtues.  These are essential virtues for your soul’s evolution, and they bypass the ego because they connect the heart/soul with the mind. 

Your healing starts with humility which, when fully activated, you would believe that you are worthy and deserving of love, peace, and harmony.  These virtues are not part of what you were programmed to believe about yourself otherwise you would not have been searching for satisfaction in every job, place, face, deed, or accomplishment.  The ego requires sacrifice, the heart virtues do not.


Humility is not about settling for less, for less is not more.  Therein lies a contrast that is created to feel better about the other end of the spectrum which is surrender into self-deluding beliefs of not being good enough.  This is not humility.  This is resignation into settling, settling for less and feeling that you weren’t one of the lucky ones and not able or willing to fight for what you want.  This opinion of the self leads to self-medicating, undulating behaviors, sadness, and depression that manifests as physical impairments as well as mental delusions of all kinds.  This is the old path of internal processes and devolution that is fed by society which is supported by the ego.  Most of what I am saying is subconscious until it is awakened, and you are willing to see it for what it really is.  It takes humility to look at these things within ourselves as truth and courage to undertake the act of choosing to step out of these destructive beliefs and become who you really are, which is a loving eternal being of light!  Not one that falls into whatever is the easiest path that reinforces your latest opinion of yourself depending on what is happening on the outside. Some believe that there are those that want the best for us, so we follow, enact, and believe what they say.  Have you asked yourself why you believe in them and what it is that they do for you that has earned your precious approval?  What are you sacrificing for that devotion?  Is it loving, kind, and good for all concerned?  What price are you paying for your conformity to another’s ideals?  Is it providing you with more, better, or different?  Will it bring you happiness?  What is the price that you will have to pay for this yellow brick road?  If you’re not a psychopath or a sociopath, you will see deeply into what I am saying.  There is another way to have what you desire and not have to sacrifice for it. 

 Patience, Tolerance, Compassion

How do you deal with opposing forces?  The ego mind loves to criticize and condemn anything that it does not see as ideal to its views and comparisons to oneself.  If someone does not agree with you, do you see the truth in their opinion?  Do you try to understand their viewpoint?  Do you enrich your own being with their indifference?  Or do you discredit their opposition?  We are all on a different path and it is the compassion that we hold for one another that enriches our own experience and beliefs.  But what is compassion?  And when is it used as a virtue?  Most consider pity as compassion or feeling sorry for someone else and their lot in life.  Compassion is another form of love; it means understanding the differences in another and honoring them and yourself for seeing and believing that what ever these differences are they are chosen by the one you are observing.  Feeling sorry for someone is judging them as incapable of being or doing anything else that you find is disheartening and that they are incapable of helping themselves to be what you would consider as what’s best for them.  In other words, they are victims.  There are no victims.  Whether we know it or not, or believe it or not, we choose what and who we are.  With some its not an easy choice and without a conscious decision.  There are many reasons why we are on the paths we are on, and this requires respect from each one to another.  Our individual evolutionary reasons for what or why are known only to the highest expressions of ourselves unless we want to know, and that takes an awakening.  The one person we must have the highest form of compassion for is ourselves.  We have chosen to do some heavy lifting and make some mistakes, but they all lead to the next step in our spiral of evolving.  There is nothing to feel sorry for!  It is each one’s choice.  Nothing happens to someone……. everything happens for someone.   There is a higher purpose.  There are no accidents or mistakes.  You can only see this with a higher mind, and that takes a true spiritual awakening.  If you choose that, how do you get there?  This requires tremendous amounts of patience and tolerance for oneself, for this path requires a Divine Mindset.  That brings us back to having humility for your process to unfold.  Taking on your greatest foe, the ego, requires tremendous effort and resolve.  No easy task, but with some compassion for yourself and courage you can do it.

Understanding and Acceptance with Gratitude and Appreciation

There is an inner knowing when truth resides.  This is not something you learn or strive for; it is there and you feel it.  There is an understanding when you find truth.  You cannot understand anything other than truth, for everything else is a lie.  If you have to find a reason or defense for something to be true, it is not truth.  That is your attempt to turn something your ego feels is important to maintain your façade, into a truth.  Do you see that if you understand something that means you see the truth in it?  Truth is not a justification.  It is fact.  Without understanding you cannot live by any of the other heart virtues.  For truth and understanding lie within every virtue.  Acceptance of this is a crucial step to the foundation of each virtue.  You cannot replace truth, however the ego likes to think that you can.  It will just patiently wait for you to forget you even tried to step into truth, for the programming behind it will justify the reason for excusing truth away for when you understand what it takes to uphold your decision to live the heart virtues you may decide its too much work or it doesn’t align with your programming (ego). 

An easy way to tame the ego and deprogram it is to circle around to gratitude and appreciation.  These are not programmed virtues, for if they were you would not need a dogma to turn to and the ego would not have a job!  Most of your programming would not apply because you cannot have gratitude and appreciation while you are standing in judgement which is the foundation of the ego’s programming.

 The opposite of judgement is discernment.  Discernment is used to function in choosing the best thought, word, or deed.  Gratitude and appreciation flow easily with proper discernment.  It is not harsh or used out of fear.  Discernment is used to take you back to the heart and through the heart by using the Divine/Heart mind. 


This is an ongoing process and starts within for oneself.  There can be no forgiveness for anything or anyone outside of ones being without first forgiving self.  Forgiveness is for you, it does not excuse harm or hurt.  There are no excuses only truths.  Proper experience creates mistakes, and a mistake is nothing more than doing something without thinking it through for this creates consequences.  It is the consequences that need forgiveness.  True forgiveness invokes grace.  There is no forgiving in forgiveness.  Forgiving means acceptance of the consequences not judging the act.  Forgiveness is the emotional result of forgiveness which allows for compassion, tolerance, and understanding of oneself within the act causing the need for forgiveness.  If there is another involved, it is up to them to use forgiveness for themselves.  Some think forgiveness is a bestowment upon another.  It is only bestowed on oneself, for it is not used to discredit or excuse an act.  That is not your place unless you do something intentionally to cause another harm.  That is, in most cases, an act of a fear-based reality, and unless a person believes that they deserved the repercussion and they take ownership of the deed, there is nothing to forgive.  Compassion for yourself and the others involved is the proper understanding.  When a deed is done that you feel requires forgiveness, in most cases it is an act of passing responsibility on to another when understanding is refused or lost. The one causing the pain needs to forgive themselves.  If the receiver of the act is harmed or sees an injustice that is done to oneself or others, one must look at why they feel victimized by the action.  There are many emotional reasons for one to feel victimized and that must be looked at, but compassion should be realized. This means then that one has to believe that they have been victimized and they believe themselves to be victims.  What causes victimhood?  Is it a question about believing that another has the right to accuse you or injure you through a lack of approval?  Is it a psychopathic action on the part of another or does the accuser need the person involved to believe in what they have done to feel better about themselves and their choices?  If so, it must involve compassion, for it is not another’s responsibility to fix anything or anyone who felt a need to cause harm.  This is where one must let go with compassion and let God.

The easy path clearly is the path of the ego, for that means passing the responsibility on to someone else when accepting the responsibility is more difficult.  It is emboldened for you to live by the heart virtues if you want a spiritual existence.  This is not the path for anyone happy with the results of the ego, however that won’t be the case for long.  That is a path that leads nowhere, and after the sparkle of it wears off there is nothing left that the ego wants from you, so it will diminish.  There is nothing beautiful on the other side of the abandonment of the ego.  Can you hear the music?

Be Well, Be Love ❤️


Healing all levels of your Being

There are 5 foundational bodies that create your Being.  These bodies are; Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Etheric.  These are the primary parts of your Being that interact with the world.  There is information stored in each of these bodies, and they interact within your life differently.  Each one has a ‘different point of view’ and lends some part if itself to each situation.  Every experience you have stores information within these parts of your Being.  You then recall and expand these parts of yourself with each experience.  This is the evolution of your Being. 

The healing process extends to each part of your Being. When healing takes place it is not complete until encompasses each body that is affected. This means that when one part of your Being is healed, situations that emulate the unhealed parts come forth to show you where the healing must continue.  This is why the situations that arise [that you feel resistant to] are harder to deal with each time.  Yet again, when pain is felt in all areas of your Being you don’t feel resistance to it.  The reason could be because the pain feels very familiar, and with some people it is comfortable as they have always had the pain.  When one part of your being heals this pain, and the other parts have not competed the healing, you might feel some resistance combined with anger associated with the current experience you are having.  This is simply showing you the imbalance of your healing process.  Knowing this will help you locate the part of your being that needs the healing, and realizing this will start or continue the healing process.  This will increase your awareness with all parts of your Being and assist you with connecting all the parts of yourself to Oneness that will elevate your experience and create clarity of being!

You will feel and experience the healing when it is complete on all levels.  The ‘memory’ of it will transform into light within your Being, making you expand and radiate this light to others who, with the unconscious recognition of the wellness, are attracted to you.  This is one of the reasons people will interact with you out of the blue.  The unhealed part of them recognizes the healed parts of you that they have yet to heal.  This interaction with you gives that unhealed part of themselves the opportunity to feel the healed part of you, as your light communicates with their being and starts the initiation of healing, which continues long after their interaction with you.  This is one of the ways that we can all make the world a better place by healing ourselves within!

When you set the intention to heal and evolve, ask for assistance with healing every level of your Being that is affected, and then commit to the healing no matter how difficult it may be. You can then experience and benefit from the higher frequencies and consciousness that exists here and now.

There is a tremendous amount of Grace that is here and now to assist you.  Ask and you shall receive!

Be Well, Be Love ♥


Although courage should be a virtue, it is a value.

There is an ever present need for courage as spiritual growth is imminent. Courage rides on the shoulders of movement through the practice and pursuit of the Heart Virtues. It is the inflammatory sense of evolving that pushes us forward at this time into unknown territory which is heart centered, manifesting mindfulness and clarity. These are tough times, and like it or not you must indeed expand to meet the needs of your evolution through proper discernment.

Courage is stepping into mastery which starts as a conscious connection with the heart. Courage is not a mind generated attribute; it is a heart centered action inspired by the heart virtues. The heart virtues are the foundational concepts of the heart and courage is the activator and generator of the energy emitted by the virtues. This then enables the truth of ones being to be expressed and the atmosphere of healing to egress. With each step of healing there is peaceful prose compelling clarity and connection with ones higher state of being. It is also at these times that you have the experience of resonating with the higher frequency of love. This process of living the heart virtues through courage and connection leads one to a masterful bond with, and an enlightened perspective of, higher states of consciousness. Only in this state of being can one connect with love. As a carrier of this consciousness, grace emanates from you to those who may need the energy and vibration to assist them with connecting to the frequency of love, thus finding their own path towards heart centered awareness and courage.

There has never been a more pressing time than now for ever increasing conscious awareness to connect with the inner self or soul. This requires courage for when one ventures into the truth of who you really are, it is beholden to your purpose.

The need and desire to find peace is challenging during these times of influx and change. The outside world is merely a mirror of the inner voice of strength or struggle. When peace abides, there is completion. This may be indicative of healing, the instigation of the hearts virtues, or both. Peace also flies on the wings of acceptance and heart-full innovation both of which can happen simultaneously or sedentary in sequence. It is without question that attaining peace takes courage.

Life is an ever evolving journey and to live it in these times requires faith, trust, and belief imbued by and in line with the courage to live and engage the heart virtues.

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

Christmas Blessing

I am created out of the One Source of infinite life.  All that I am comes from this One Source, one life, one mind, one intelligence.  This One is the source of all power to create, to heal, and to bless.  It is a powerful source of healing and of restoration.  There is nothing that cannot be accomplished by the power of this One.

Every idea I’ve ever had has come from this one perfect intelligence.  Every desire has arisen from it.  Every dream has its roots deep in this Source.  I choose today to realize that my dreams and desires for my life, whatever they may be, come from this Source with all that is needed to bring them into full fruition.  I’m never given and idea without the accompanying power and ability to bring it into full form.

Today, I reassess the dreams I hold for my life.  I think deeply about what I would have my life contain.  Knowing that Spirit can accomplish anything I truly believe in, I set my sights on a higher vision, and know that the power of Spirit can and does fill this potent vision with its creative power and wisdom.  Today I accept that this infinite power is right now flowing through the ideas I have for a life of love, compassion, abundance, and joy.  Whatever my vision, Spirit now fills it with itself.  I am also filled with this powerful spiritual presence, and I know it.

And it is good.  And so it is. 

Seasonal Love

T’is the season to be happy, healthy, and whole!

The season of gratitude and thanksgiving has just passed leading into the season of love and acceptance with the season of new beginnings to follow after that.  There is a reason for the alignment of the seasons to follow each other, one after the other at the end of the year and beginning of the next.  The seasons follow the succession of the integration of the heart virtues leading up to the harvest of the work you have done internally through the year.

This has been an extremely challenging year of change and transformation; cleansing, healing, clarifying, purging, and refining the spiritual nature of your being.  There are some that have had a difficult time transforming their lives into clarity and alignment with what is going on within.  This is the nature of the spirit; to evolve, grow and expand into another higher and more expressive vibration of love and peace.  This cannot be accomplished unless the spiritual work is done within first, through the healing process of removing resistance to ‘what is’ that can be transformed into light.

The lessons that lead to this wondrous journey are called heart virtues.  There is a willingness that one must have to walk the path of the heart virtues and the succession of awareness that is built each step of the way leading you on to the next virtue to uncover any resistance (fear) that your past programming reveals to you along the way.  The journey sounds complex, but it doesn’t have to be.  The part that is most difficult is the judgement and resistance that reveals itself when there is a conflict of interest.  These are the pockets of stored information from early installations of experiences you did not know what to do with, and so it was tucked away where it is not consciously dealt with unless something happens to trigger that information.  That brings the information to the conscious mind and is revealed and brought to the surface for contemplation and healing.  The virtues of compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and humility can transmute this information turning it to love through understanding the true lesson and purpose of the information.  There is something to be gained by this information no matter what it is, and sometimes it is merely the reinforcement of the virtues that are learned and practiced through the revelation of the stored information. This process continues as you convert your judgements and resistance to love through the virtues of:

  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation
  • Acceptance
  • Valor
  • Humility

There is nothing that cannot be transformed into the higher vibration of love through the practice, implementation, and integration of the heart virtues within your being.

May this season of love bring you the happiness, joy, and peace that resides within a healed heart and divine mind.

Be Well, Be Love


As one of the heart virtues, compassion is the expression that is needed most in the now.

We are in a time of mixed emotions.  There are those that wish harm and suffering on as many as possible.  These are the ones that have not healed internally and have looked outside of themselves for relief through beliefs that harming others will lead to their redemption.  Healing is an internal process and one that can be extremely overwhelming.  Depending on the programming one has endured, it is difficult to know where to start.  This cannot be done without internal asking which creates guidance and direction from ones’ higher self.  With conscious awareness one can ‘hear’ the answers within and healing can begin.

It is not easy to watch those we love struggle to evolve.  If you have awakened the heart virtues within, your spirit knows how to tune into compassion that will be for the highest and best good of all concerned.  Your conscious awareness of the peaceful prose that the heart virtues effectuate, can lead to understanding the suffering that is happening around you. If a desire arises to express pity on those that are suffering, the heart will call forth compassion instead, for pity is judgement and does not contain any love.  You can assist those involved with finding the truth, which is where all suffering starts.  Suffering is a call out to begin healing, for one cannot suffer if there is clarity and wellness within.

The emotion that is called upon (without judgement) is compassion.  This expression of love is a very powerful grace that envelops those you focus upon, and assists with activating their spiritual center leading them to clarity.  This is the purpose of the expression of compassion, and active internal representation of the heart virtues.  When you are living these virtues, you are expressing your life through your heart and vibrating to the frequency of light and the energy of love.

The process of becoming aware of your compassionate thoughts happens with the activation of the Divine Mind. This is the conscious awareness of feeling what you are thinking with your heart.  This can only happen with the transfiguration of the heart by activating the heart virtues. This leads to conscious awareness of your thoughts and calling upon your heart to ‘think good thoughts’ leading to the Unity of Oneness where all healing and clarity occurs. This is how you can be a force for good in the world and assist those that are lost and confused. This is your prose and purpose as an awakened heart when witnessing suffering.

The graceful act of gratitude for the assistance you provide those in need using the heart virtues through Divine Mind, brings more of the energy of love to the world.  This is what will provide the healing necessary, and to assist those that capable of being able to take the actions necessary to make a difference and create change.  These are the ways to be the change you want to see in the world.

Be Well, Be Love 



The Now

Things continue to get more interesting!  There is so much distraction, that creating division seems to be the norm.  This keeps you from focusing on what really matters.  It is all designed to pull you from your Center and slow your spiritual growth to stop the evolution of your soul. The good news is that this is Divinely designed to strengthen your internal resolve and challenge you to practice and anchor the heart virtues to further manifest who you really are; which is a powerful spiritual being. This is what these times are for!

Tolerance, gratitude, and compassion are key expressions for the current time. Knowing that you can make a difference, while working within the virtues, is key to your personal evolution. There may be many things that are happening now that you may not be able to do anything about, yet being centered and balanced within your heart at all times will assist more than you know!  This is the strength of love that is needed now to assist others in their processes. It is not an easy task, but it is the greatest act of love one can put forth!

One thing to remember above all else is that there are no accidents or mistakes, and everything is designed for spiritual growth and refinement. It isn’t as complicated as it seems; our minds and egos make it seem so. Find that place of peace within through the heart virtues. That’s where true peace resides.

Be Well, Be Love

Sofia ~ Evolution

Many changes are currently happening that are necessary and needed.  A lot of these changes are causing huge amounts of stress and separation consciousness, and this is all meant for change, growth, and healing to take place.  Outside influences are the biggest precursors to change, and although you may not understand it, there is something that responds to these situations within.

The current situations are all meant for expansion and evolution of the soul/spirit within each one; individually and collectively.  There are no more ‘fences’, and this means that there is no reprieve or delay in your process.  All must be dealt with internally and it is a very personal process.  The end result is finding your place of peace, for when that is the status of most, it will be there for all!

Peace cannot be achieved through the ego.  It is only when the heart has been activated and engrained that the ego can be joined with the heart to create Divine Mind.  The ego is a motivator, in that it shows us where we are out of alignment with the heart virtues.  It then plays a very important role in the healing and purification of our internal self so that the heart consciousness of our physical self can be melded with our Spiritual Self.  This then aligns us with what we want; which is to be happy, healthy, and whole!

Knowing that it is an individual internal process helps us to understand that the journey is within.  There is nothing outside of us that holds the answers.  The search for answers is what drives us toward the awakening of our Spiritual Nature.  There are many forms of inspiration to assist us with this most important goal.  This blog is a valuable tool to that end amongst other writings, classes, teachers, etc.  These are all forms of inspiration, that lead you to answers that you will only find within, as it is specific to your personal path and process.  You are as unique as nature!  Your soul has a special purpose, and if you look into your life you will see it.  You are special.  You are the only one like you!  That makes your journey your own.

Let’s talk distraction.  Knowing that the ego is a great motivator, it is also your biggest hurdle toward Spiritual evolution.  The egos job is three-fold; 1. To create distraction to keep you from evolving, and 2. To control you to keep you firmly entrenched in the 3D illusion and, 3. To police yourself and others, to take you back to number 1.  The egos attempt at distraction is ongoing.  It is part of your programming that is innate to your physical self.  That is what makes it so hard to deal with.  It is a great promoter of separation consciousness which is its ultimate goal, for when you engage in unity consciousness you will find that we are all one created by and from the same Source.  Knowing this gives the heart consciousness power and control thus leaving the ego by the way side.  So, the first step is being consciously aware of the distractions and not allowing them to interfere with and derail your spiritual evolution.

Why should you be concerned about evolving spiritually?  Because that is what we are all here to do.  We are not here to have the most money or have the biggest/best house or car.  We are here to evolve; Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally.  We are given the best environment for this journey; a physical incarnation.  What a grand gift it is to be here and have this opportunity!  What you must remind yourself of is to keep it as simple as possible.  One step at a time.  Ask for help from within.  It will come to you in the form of information, grace, and teachers that will come into your life.  Drop the drama and incite your Spirit!  It will lead you to levels of happiness and joy within and show you a life of flow that lacks crisis, chaos, and conflict.

This is how to be the change you want to see in the world!