January 25, 2015

With all that seems to be happening in the world right now, it is most important to take a few pauses during your day to reset yourself and restore balance. Peace of mind and balance within your being is imperative at this time. So much is going on so quickly, and there are some that are having a very hard time; it is you who must be the anchor in such times as these.

A strong connection to your heart and a willingness to see things differently than you have perceived them in the past, brings new countenance to your life. Being open to seeing things differently will open new facets of clarity in your life that weren’t apparent to you before. In addition, this will assist you with cleansing, clearing, and forgiveness which is an ongoing process.

Being able to see things from a different perspective opens the door to new and positive ways of dealing with same situations. This will bypass the ego that wants you to continue warring with yourself and others. If you can find a way to understand that one perspective is not the only viewpoint, you can see truth and innocence. When judgment is softened, your perception clears, and you can see differently. This is the path to oneness.

Allowing others to walk their path without interfering in their process will open new vistas of light to assist and support their lives. This allows others to grow and expand, and is paramount to your process as well. So many feel it is their responsibility to make others see, understand, or do something they feel is best, all in the name of helping someone through their personal wisdom and experience. When you are willing to see things differently, you will understand them and yourself much better.

In seeing things differently, you are allowing a different perspective to arise which sheds new light on the situation for all involved. Too often we carry our perspectives forward to apply to same situations and people, which locks everything into the same chain reaction and response. Sometimes a new perspective simply allows the situation to unfold as it should, even though it may not appear so at the time. This brings new clarity and insight, and allows your perspective to expand and change. How you see and perceive your world creates and energy that is embedded in everyone and everything you focus upon. When you change your perspective by seeing things differently, you change your world. May gratitude and appreciation be yours

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