Mom’s Cancer

Sophia ~

I just found out that my Mom has cancer.  I don’t think I was that surprised given the way she lived.

I am learning a lot about myself through her disease.  I have been doing a lot of self examination and have decided that although I have not been raised as a kind and gentle person, nor lived my life [mostly] in a kind and gentle way, I want to become a kind, loving, and gentle being.  Given that, I would like to request help from you.  I would like to get back to myself.  If you have a suggestion I would love to know!

S.  The very first step in undertaking this journey is to find your center and come from there.  The center of your being is where your heart and mind meet.  This is like the eye of the storm.  This is where you come from.  It is a very neutral place; this place is love.  There is no thought here.  It is just a conscious sense of being.  Find this, and live there.  Once you become comfortable with this new higher view anchored in love you will be able to see that most of what you believed and experienced is judgement of some kind.  This will be cleansed, healed, turned into love, and absorbed into your heart as understanding and compassion.   No longer will you feel confused or isolated.  You will find that all is perfect and necessary for growth.  This leads you back to self and the path of a kind and gentle nature.

As always, thank you Sophia!  ♥

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