Spiritual Evolution

February 22, 2015

Spiritual connection within is expanding to open you to new universal vistas of knowledge, experience, and alignment.

When clarity is achieved through healing and cleansing, there is more that can be accessed to enhance your evolution.  This is not something that you think, but rather something that you feel.  The evolution of your spiritual self does not permeate your consciousness alone, it affects all levels through your chakra system (which are your energy centers) and your etheric being.  Spiritual Evolution is something that you ask for, as it does not happen automatically.  This is a process beyond all others that requires conscious connection to all aspects of your being. Spiritual Evolution is achieved through your ability to absorb and maintain light and is guided by your higher self.

The conscious part of your evolution is achieved by your ability to maintain balance and focus through intention. This is primary to your process as all the dimensions of your being need to be in alignment with your intention. Evolution, primarily spiritual evolution, is guided by your intention and desire. Nothing happens without your permission, as this is a free will universe. Seeking to understand the different dimensions of your being and how they correlate with each other, is where the next stage begins after clearing and healing have taken place.  There will be an expansion of your being when you have asked with clear intention for further enlightenment.

You’re inner, outer, and Higher Self (supra consciousness) are the three dimensions of your physical being. There cannot be congruence without intention and conscious connection.  Finding your center, and setting your intention [to evolve] by maintaining clarity, focus, and balance will further enhance your evolution and connection with all the dimensions of your being. This energy signature (your intention) will attract light to assist you with your request. Once this happens, your frequency and vibration will align with the light, and on a conscious level new information and understanding will flow to you.  In addition, you will be drawn to people, circumstances, and experiences that will emulate your evolutionary process.  At the same time you will attract opportunity, experiences, and knowledge that will enhance your process exponentially. Nothing happens by accident. You are the creator of your expansion, intentionally or not. This is a place of miracles and higher understanding.  If you truly want this for yourself, you shall have it!   Be well, Be love


September 28, 2014

Clarity is a state of being. There are several things that play a part in clarity. All of the healing and purging that has been done over the last two years has created a desire for clarity of being. This is a result of the ‘Grand Alignment’ and activation of a higher frequency of light upon your solar system.

Clarity is the state of being as a Master or ‘Master in training’ which some of you are! That is why we are having this communication today. Resistance to the light is the goal of the ego. Accepting clarity (Light) in your life is surrendering to change. Change is the key word for transformation (from one state to another), and accepting this change is that which brings clarity. With clarity one finds gratitude and appreciation which invokes the feeling of love! As we have discussed in previous communications, the ego resists love. That is why it is so hard to stay within that state of being. When clarity is achieved, it doesn’t last as something always comes up to jeopardize or challenge love. Can clarity become a lasting state of being? Yes, and it is within your reach. The work that is required lies within your intention to allow transformation to occur and become your state of being. This takes questioning your thoughts and actions. This requires looking behind your reasons for thinking, saying, and the doing each thought and action. All action starts with thought. This may sound impossible but it is not, if that is your intention. You cannot believe it to be impossible or you will make it so, correct?

A first step is to question your need for approval from others. Everyone is taught (programmed) to need approval from others; especially those you love. This is a powerful part of the ego to overcome, and it will lead you to discover who you really are. Please understand that this journey will change your life! All healing, transformation, and finally clarity will change your life and that of everyone around you. Are you willing to take this step? For what lies beyond your current state of being is one of joy, love, peace, contentment, and clarity.

The purging thus far that has taken place within your being has created a sense of clarity and raised your vibration to an altered state of dimensional awareness. Within this altered state you are able to perceive things that you couldn’t before. This has awakened things within you that didn’t exist previously! New abilities and awareness of things that you didn’t ‘see’ before have become obvious. The good news is that there is more to come! You are continuing at your own pace to align with each frequency band within your realm. All light bands (dimensions) exist here and now and are within your reach. As you align with each band, you will evolve to the next band of frequencial awareness. This doesn’t happen in a day, and the awareness of this exists within your perceptions. As you evolve things come together, and the result is clarity. The key to your evolution is gratitude and appreciation, which is the foundation of love. When one achieves this state of being with clarity of purpose, they have become a Master. At this level one does not vibrate outside of gratitude and appreciation and fear, ego, etc. does not exist. This then, is your true state of being that dissolves the ego and dissipates all fear. It can be done and is the path to spiritual awareness and achievement. It is there for you should you desire it. Now is the time for your evolution!


September 21, 2014

There is a new understanding that is resonating within your being. It is the newly formed connection that has been established within the last few months. You have created connections within yourself enabling contact with your higher self as well as other light beings (Angels, guardians)! This is the result of the work you are doing within yourself and your intention to establish this connection. This connection will bring you information and enhance your intuition, your higher sense of ‘knowing’ in readiness for the higher frequencial administration of light. With this dimensional attribute you will have connection with things seen and unseen. You will have access to higher states of awareness and life flows effortlessly. This is the physical state of 5th dimensional thinking and being. At this junction, your energy increases and transfiguration starts to take place. It feels as though a new sense of being is forming and answers come easily! Everything will feel differently and things that mattered no longer will. New and more important feelings arise as thoughts change to ‘acceptance’ rather than ‘resistance’. The new connections you make with all levels of your being will draw changes to your world. Struggle will decrease and some may wonder what is wrong with you! As your acknowledgement of this new state of being increases you will expand even more toward the 5th dimensional state of truth and acceptance. This will enlighten you even more to allow more change and light frequency to penetrate and elevate your being. This is the rise up the evolutionary spiral of expansion. It is time to make leaps and bounds in your expansion as the love within you increases. This opens you to work within the intelligence of the heart where the whole universe resides!
Within this new dimensional state of being lies the beginning of a new era of light frequency and vibration. More information and truth is being released that gives you a new sense of sovereignty and well-being. This is happening now, and the connection with this light will bring a new sense of inner peace that cannot be shaken. The energy that is created from your new dimensional state of being will assist the process and support others in making a difference that is felt by all. Awareness and intention is the inspiration in making this connection. Feel the truth of this within and allow it to unfold. Be well, be love


Sophia ~

Q:  What is going on with me?  I have so much turmoil inside…………

S:  You have reached your inner core.  There is much there to heal.

Q:  I want to heal it.  What do I do?  Do I have to look at each and every thing that is there to heal it out?

S:  No.  You can over ride the purging process by allowing it to flow through and not getting stuck on it.  Have an intention to release and allow the process to unfold.

Q:  Ok, but it makes me so sad and angry at the same time…..

S:  That is because it is coming out in ‘chunks’.  There are mixtures of repressed energy that you are releasing.

Q:  When will it be over?

S:  It depends on your allowing.  It is not comfortable because you have chosen to release it and not look at it.

Q:  I don’t feel any love inside and really don’t know how to handle this and deal with those around me.  Is there some kind of idea you can give me on how to deal with the world and the people in it AND go through this at the same time?

S:  Stay in the moment.  Know what is going on.  Interact as little as possible; pray and ask for help and have patience with your process.

Q:  I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings and involve them in my process.  Even Michael [my Husband]

S:  He is there for you in all ways ~ always.  Don’t discount his beingness.

Q:  I don’t.  He just has his perceptions of me and they are set.

S:  He will have to deal with his humanness and grow in the light as well.  You both are processing at the same time.

Q:  Ok, Sophia.  I am losing my connection.  I haven’t been able to meditate.  It’s like I am changing or something….

S:  (chuckle) you are changing.  You are completely displaced and for a reason.  There is a lot of things happening all at once.  This is the time of multidimensionality and you are learning what it is.

Me:  Ok, thank you! ♥