New me?

Sophia ~

What’s so about who I am in my life right now.  Do I need to adjust and/or temper myself?  What should my focus be on who I am for the World/Universe/God?

S.  We hear you!  There are so many changes going on for you that it is hard to tell you exactly what you want to know.  First, we must explain.  We do not think changing anything is right or proper.  You are growing, cleansing, and reaching for the highest expression you can be in your life!  And while that is commendable, it is not in ‘order’.  You are trying to dismiss things in your evolution.  Things which are important for you to admonish/transform and at the least, acknowledge.  You cannot skip steps in your growth.

Q.  Ok, I agree.  Can you show me what I am trying to skip?

S.  You are trying to do/be too much and in doing so you are stepping out of the present which contains the steps you are trying to skip.  You are used to working ahead and anticipating actions and thoughts, so you are outside of your life and into the future.

Q.  Ok, I agree with you.  This process has served me well in the past.  I am able to accomplish more by doing things that way.

S.  Yes, we know.  And how do you feel trying to do that now?  Are things flowing smoothly for you?  Do you feel good at the end of the day?  Is there satisfaction in your accomplishments?

Q.  No!  I am not feeling anything but sadness and frustration.

S.  We know.  It is understandable.  Find a way to work and serve each day and stay in the present.  Feel the flow and the service that comes from centeredness and connection to what you are doing and who you are serving.

Thank you, Sophia! ♥

This was an interesting connection.  This is the first time that Sophia referred to herself as ‘we’.  Sophia also felt like

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