Re Create

June 2, 2014


So much is happening and on the horizon that using this time for focusing on your expansion and evolution is of primary importance.

The out-breath has begun which means that activity is bolstered with the Breath of God! This is a time where the ‘dust’ of the past and the ashes of the ‘fallen’ will be cleared away for clearer vision and unification. What was started during the moments between breaths will now grow and expand exponentially, or wither into ash and blow away.  Fear, anger, resistance, frustration, greed, and arrogance cannot sustain in the current frequency and will move even lower in frequencial vibration to lower level dimensional realms. This multidimensional effect is here, now. Just as there are multicultural beings on the planet, so there are multidimensional realms all occupying the same space and time. The low frequency people on your planet will vibrate even lower as they ‘sink’ into their creations and will fade away into their own mire. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into their webs as they are using everything they have to hold on to their current reality much like a drowning swimmer would do. It is so powerful that you can find yourself drawn into it before realizing you are there. The elements of ‘shock and awe’ are their cover.

A supreme act of balancing and awareness is required of you to maintain your inner peace. Balancing your intake of information and the awareness of all that is going on around you is of utmost importance. Your inner guidance of emotions and feelings will be your point of reference. Use this tool, your Heart, as your center of guidance for all of your functions of living.

The heart and the mind are conjoined as one unit in your being. This was a major intention coded within the light that has been radiated out to your sector this year. This started in earnest after the grid surrounding the planet was dismantled that trapped fear and negativity around Gaia. The major healing that has been done was centered on the mind/heart connection. The mind trapped the heart and held it ‘hostage’ to keep the EGO engaged. As you know there is no virtue in the mind alone. The mind must be inexorably linked to the heart before evolution and frequencial alignment can take place. One cannot expand, evolve, or obtain multidimensional awareness without this engagement. All fence sitting has come to an end.

The out-breath I spoke of earlier expands everything and thins the veil between dimensions so that it creates multidimensional capacities for those that are able. If you are centered in the ‘now of all time’ you are able to access this ability and thrive in a state of pure peace! In this place everything aligns and sensory expansion is the norm. Enjoy this time. The beginning of an out-breath is a special time of expansion and a sacred place of existence. Be well, be love

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