Proper Discernment

A few years ago I had a situation within my family that left me disturbed and confused.  I struggled with this situation, and could not understand what seemed to me to be and absence of compassion and proper discernment concerning this event.  I went through a lot of emotions not wanting to deal with the reality of the whole thing.  That would mean that I would have to look at them for who they truly are and not who I thought they should be. 

At the time, my Husband thought I was ‘airy fairy’ because I don’t acknowledge the ‘negative’ or ‘dark’ sides of people.  And, because of that he states that I am not respected.  Well, that may be true.  I have never looked at anyone with judgement.  I prefer to let people be who they are and keep my inner peace by letting all things be.  This did however deeply disturb me, so I asked Sophia to help me gain clarity about this situation.  Below is the session I had with her at the time regarding this disturbance within my family:

Sophia ~

Q:  As you know a lot has happened this last week [my realization]. I feel better about it, but would still like your input as to why I put myself in these situations.  I am a loving being.  What does all of that hurt and anguish have to do with me?

A:  You are learning to look at things for what they are, not what you want them to be. There is nothing about this [situation] that is punishing.

Q:  So I am not being real and genuine unless I look at and accept the true intent of others?  How does that help me be genuine?

A:  You must acknowledge the dark side of life along with the beauty. These are part of you and in denying them in others you are denying them in yourself.  This is part of merging the two parts of you to create more light.  There has to be balance for this to be done and you have to have awareness to do this.  This is the path toward wholeness that you are on.

Q:  So, what I need to do is just acknowledge that it is there? That it [darkness] exists?

A:  Yes. This is true honesty and then acceptance if you can truly understand and integrate it into your being.

Q:  What about intentions? How does the intentions of others play a part in my life?  Do I need to examine them as well?

A:  Yes, although there can be a lot of misunderstandings with trying to guess what someone’s intentions might be. Look closely at what is not being said compared to the questions you have and you can uncover intentions.  You must, however be in a neutral state to do this.  That is why it is so hard to do.

Thank you, Sophia!  ♥

And this ended my Q&A.  I had enough to think about and ponder, so I just thanked Sophia and will explore more on this topic later.

Michell ♥

After the [above] Q&A I had with Sophia, I asked a dear friend of mine what she thought of the interaction.  She responded that although she felt it hit on some good subject matter, it didn’t quite feel ‘finished’.  So, during a chat (IM) we finished it.  This is the session below:


Did you read my last Sophia post yet?


I did…thank you so much for posting…it felt like there might be more there for you/us. Sophia’s words sounded a bit like XXX’s  and I’m not sure what to do with that. What do you think? 

I’m not meaning to offend in any way, I was just kind of struck with the similarities.


Yes, I do.  The reason the words sounded like XXX’s was because of the issue he brought up which was what the issue really was.  I was asking Sophia about the things he brought up.  I really felt clarity about it….  It answered the feelings he brought up in me about not seeing people for who they really are and only looking at the good things and not everything.  It is necessary for me to look people for who they really are and not who I want them to be.  I am still going to be me but not hide behind sweetness and light all the time.

I will still, however just be me and see the good in people first.  Acknowledging this is helping me a lot right now deal with things at work.  Our Boss is projecting this sweet ‘I’m a great guy’ image when he has an agenda.  I have always avoided the agenda and not wanted to see it.  Now, I am looking at it and it gives me the whole picture so that I am not looking at things with those rose colored glasses anymore.  I feel more in control and calmer because of it.  At peace……………


I am pretty sure I share this issue with you, and that’s why it is harder to see in myself. I really appreciate all that you’ve shared. I am feeling like I’m starting to see people more for how they are and how to let go of how I’d like them to be. It can be difficult to see myself in their reflection.


Actually, that’s the thing.  What I have found through all of this is that we are all aspects of each other because we are all one.  And, if I don’t possess an aspect that someone else has, I don’t ‘see’ it.  I am learning how to expand my awareness to acknowledge these aspects without taking them on to understand them.


That is a very useful way to look at it!


So, the reason you and I can’t see them in ourselves is because we don’t recognize or have any experience with them and let’s face it, most people have an agenda or want something from us.  We just need to allow ourselves to acknowledge what it/that is without thinking we are judging or going into a negative place to see it.


I was going to say that I’ve been trying to take “The Four Agreements” into consideration a little more often…especially the part about not taking things personally. Although it gets confusing sometimes when you think in terms of “we are one” and the reflection of what someone is projecting.

I like that way of thinking (what you just said) Thanks!


Yes, and if you look at them as an aspect of Source as a whole, not of yourself, you are just acknowledging that aspect and not taking it on.


So…become the compassionate and unattached observer?


Good way to put it!  Because we are so sensitive and used to being overly responsible by taking everything on and ‘fixing’ it, that we need to use the wisdom of just acknowledging it is there and doesn’t belong to us.  Our job is not to fix anymore…..just to be the light for situations, events, and people.  We can acknowledge it and shine our light on it and those that have those aspects.


Very good point, and exactly what I’m looking at right now…feeling like I was responsible for fixing outcomes that were not ever in my control…or ever could be.

How does it translate when it DOES feel personal?


Some people have the aspects of a situation that I don’t possess.  But by me acknowledging even the negative parts of the situation, I am able to recognize that’s what it is [negative aspects] and heal it within myself (the emotions it creates).  I don’t have to possess the aspects that create the negativity….but I have to acknowledge them for myself to heal.  So, I am not going to take on (because I can’t, I didn’t create their experience) their issues.  If I did, I would have to lower my frequency/vibration in order to ‘deal’ with their actions.  I am choosing to keep my vibration where it is and extend it to them if ever I am given the opportunity, but not to allow it to inhibit me in my growth.  Because of that my frequency becomes clearer and higher and I’m staying in gratitude and appreciation.  If I allow myself to get involved in these things, which is what this is (drama) I go outside of who I really am and into their CCC (crisis, chaos, conflict), which is not who I am…………

And, if I were to do that, I would become confused and ill at ease because I don’t resonate with that level of vibration, so I would feel sick and upset.


SUCH a great response!  That explains a lot for me, thank you! I think this particular response should be in your blog somewhere…really, really good translation of what you actually can chose to focus on!


I felt a release when this conversation was over.  It is wonderful to be given such clarity over a sensitive issue such as family can create.  I love my family and will never judge them for who they are.

Michell  ♥

Opening to Trust and Faith

What exactly is trust and faith?  If there is any unrest internally, can one really trust?  Is trust innate to our being?  Are trusting and being trusted connected?

The idea of trust is different from the act of trusting; which is at times, assumed.  What is trust?  Trust is crucial for clarity and peace within.  Trust is directly connected to the virtues of forgiveness and patience. One cannot trust if one cannot trust oneself.  If your life is not in concert with the true intention of trust, you are in fear and unforgiveness is the basis of that fear.  Whether the unforgiveness is with self, or from/with others matters not, it still indicates a lack of trust.

Trust must be earned, and it has to be experienced.  If something arises in your experience where trust is excercised, did the situation bring up any fear?  If fear is present, then trust is not fully engaged.  Trust brings peace; ego brings fear.  Do you feel that the fear had to do with a situation, or was it an inner reaction due to unresolved issues?  In the case of trust with a person, knowing that someone is who they profess to be is different, then assuming they are that standard.

The process of self-inquiry is an ongoing step for spiritual attainment and evolutionary gain.  There are always next steps in your internal journey toward the enlightenment of your being!  This is where faith comes into play.  Having faith in ones journey, connects trust to ones process, and belief in ones self.  Knowing that all is right within, and trusting your connection to the trinity of your being, creates a cohesion of unity with All That Is; the Source of your being.  Realizing that everything that happens in your life has a higher purpose, and knowing that Divine Will is underlying all, is the basis of your trust and faith.  There are no accidents or mistakes, and if you understand this then there should be no fear.

Following your inner guidance will never lead you astray.  If you feel within that something does not make sense, feel it with your heart instead of looking at it with your mind.  The heart is most closely connected to your soul which is the part of you that is connected directly to, and part of Source.  This is the part of you where faith and trust comes from in its truest form.  Anything other than this connection and place of least resistance, is from the ego self.  Nothing that is complicated and easily misunderstood comes from your soul.  These writings have shown you the way to unwind the ego self from the true self and reveal the trinity of your being.  The time is at hand to do this work!  Nothing going forward can be understood unless you have connected the different parts of yourself to unite and activate the trinity of your being.

If you can open to trueness and have trust and faith in yourself and your process, you can connect with the true meaning of life and why you are here.

Be Well, Be Love


October 5, 2014

Finding that place within yourself that is your ‘touchpad’ for introspection is of major importance to your process. We have talked a lot about ‘processes’ as the work continues. The internal processing of your experience is your soul’s evolution. This is why finding your place of introspection and working from there is so important.

There can be no healing without aligning with your experience through introspection, and then expressing true gratitude for the experience! Only then through appreciation, can one truly meld the experience into light within. This is the alchemy of healing. You do not have to understand the process to heal. There exists a tremendous amount of grace to assist you once you have set the intention to heal things that arise during introspection.

All can be transmuted and transformed into love. Cleansing within is primary to your evolution; for that is the purpose of being here as a spiritual being having a 3d experience! Allowing truth to rise within, and recognize it as such, is stepping into true purpose; for the one purpose that everyone shares is living truth. Acknowledgement of this within is primary. Then and only then can you connect to your authentic self. Anything else is manufactured and programmed by 3d. Some of this programming is so deep one cannot tell the difference between it and truth except that your heart can discern this for you.

As the heart processes things that arise during introspection, it then communicates the truth back to you in the form of emotion. When there is a conflict between processing that is done between ego and heart, the result can be fear. This is a toxic mix of truth and non-truth. When this arises within one must ‘dissect’ the pattern of the process and discover which part of the situation is based on ego. When this is discovered and the truth of the situation is known, one can then proceed to transmuting the issue through the heart with unimpeded truth. Then the alchemy of healing can proceed to completion.

This may take time as the ego is entwined within some beliefs and programming without you being aware of it. It may not even be your ego that is involved, however by taking on the belief you have accepted the ego of the maker as your own. This is the reason to question your thoughts and feelings about everything that arises within that doesn’t resonate with you, or who you want to become. There is no easy way to heal mistruth from your being, and some issues need much work.

It takes a great deal of courage to do this work, and the result is peace within. When there exists internal peace you are living the truth of your being and love is your signature. All can feel it as the frequency of your light emanates and lifts others to a heightened state of love. This gives them the opportunity to feel love as it activates the heart within them and starts introspection, which can be the beginning of their healing process within. All are connected through the language of the heart. Truth is the language of your authentic self. Cleanse your thinking and the process will lead you to your highest expression, which is stepping outside of 3d. Then you will be able to see all that exists outside of truth for what it is. This will open you to higher realms of existence within and bring more joy, freedom, and love into your life. Open to the possibility of this and you will be guided. Be well, be love


August 22, 2014

Attachments signal a need for balancing and grounding. We attach ourselves to different things and people to feel comfortable and safe in our lives. The greater the need for attachments, the more unchangeable and unsettled we are. In addition, the more insecure we are the more attachments we form. Life should be free flowing with different ‘curves and waterfalls’ that are intermittent for expansion, growth, and greater awareness! If we resist letting go (detaching) if and when it is time, there would be a pause in our evolution. This could cause a lot of pressure within until the change (detachment) is done or the situation is transformed. The fear of detachment keeps us in situations or creates events that bring a lot of stress and pressure to our lives overall. When we have the courage to detach, the pain of letting go creates a frequency of love. This is the love that can readily assist in healing our pain.

Emotions come from our heart (soul) being in physicality. The emotions that we generate as humans cannot be emanated in pure consciousness states. Being in physicality creates a much different and treasured emotional awareness. Emotions create our world!

What is it within us that needs the attachments we form? It is our ego. The ego is designed to keep you unbalanced and in fear. This results in insecurity and creates the need for attachments. Attachments then become another form of fear. The frequency of fear is what we are most comfortable with because it resonates with our ego. Then and only then can the ego be satisfied, for it takes a lot of work to manage our attachments. Being aware of the attachments that we have and what part they play in our lives, is the first step to detachment or transformation. Sometimes the ‘rough waters’ in our lives shows the obvious need for detachment. Each time you detach from something or someone, your life feels clearer and cleaner! Relationships will improve and flow returns. This instills in us the freedom to love without attachment to process or outcome. For in flowing we learn to trust that all will be well no matter what may come, without the need for attachments. If we are to evolve we must be free of attachment at all times. This allows for our expansion into higher frequencies of attainment and dimensional awareness!

Without the willingness to detach we hold ourselves back, if only for a while, because the need for detachment will become stronger until it is completed or transformed. Each detachment creates an opportunity for expansion as we learn to start trusting ourselves and our insights (intuition). Sometimes it is merely resolving to release the pain of the experience (detachment) that is necessary. Within the pain of letting go we rise within the essence of love for ourselves and others. If detachment is done with the understanding of why we are in such pain, we will not have to repeat the experience and the love flows forth for all!

Processing should be done through the heart, for the intelligence of the heart is the doorway to our evolution. This is where the mind/heart connection is most important and critical to expansion. When the pureness of mind/heart connection is made, the ego is released from its charge. This is not to say that the ego is gone; it is greatly diminished. Attachments are formed in the mind and detachments are done from the intelligence of heart. Detachment is merely allowing the freedom to change and evolve; yours and others without attachment to outcome. Living with the understanding of attachments will assist you with the conscious awareness of what will be flowing in and out of your life as you progress on your path and purpose. Attach without fear and detach with love.

Re Create

June 2, 2014


So much is happening and on the horizon that using this time for focusing on your expansion and evolution is of primary importance.

The out-breath has begun which means that activity is bolstered with the Breath of God! This is a time where the ‘dust’ of the past and the ashes of the ‘fallen’ will be cleared away for clearer vision and unification. What was started during the moments between breaths will now grow and expand exponentially, or wither into ash and blow away.  Fear, anger, resistance, frustration, greed, and arrogance cannot sustain in the current frequency and will move even lower in frequencial vibration to lower level dimensional realms. This multidimensional effect is here, now. Just as there are multicultural beings on the planet, so there are multidimensional realms all occupying the same space and time. The low frequency people on your planet will vibrate even lower as they ‘sink’ into their creations and will fade away into their own mire. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into their webs as they are using everything they have to hold on to their current reality much like a drowning swimmer would do. It is so powerful that you can find yourself drawn into it before realizing you are there. The elements of ‘shock and awe’ are their cover.

A supreme act of balancing and awareness is required of you to maintain your inner peace. Balancing your intake of information and the awareness of all that is going on around you is of utmost importance. Your inner guidance of emotions and feelings will be your point of reference. Use this tool, your Heart, as your center of guidance for all of your functions of living.

The heart and the mind are conjoined as one unit in your being. This was a major intention coded within the light that has been radiated out to your sector this year. This started in earnest after the grid surrounding the planet was dismantled that trapped fear and negativity around Gaia. The major healing that has been done was centered on the mind/heart connection. The mind trapped the heart and held it ‘hostage’ to keep the EGO engaged. As you know there is no virtue in the mind alone. The mind must be inexorably linked to the heart before evolution and frequencial alignment can take place. One cannot expand, evolve, or obtain multidimensional awareness without this engagement. All fence sitting has come to an end.

The out-breath I spoke of earlier expands everything and thins the veil between dimensions so that it creates multidimensional capacities for those that are able. If you are centered in the ‘now of all time’ you are able to access this ability and thrive in a state of pure peace! In this place everything aligns and sensory expansion is the norm. Enjoy this time. The beginning of an out-breath is a special time of expansion and a sacred place of existence. Be well, be love