August 22, 2014

Attachments signal a need for balancing and grounding. We attach ourselves to different things and people to feel comfortable and safe in our lives. The greater the need for attachments, the more unchangeable and unsettled we are. In addition, the more insecure we are the more attachments we form. Life should be free flowing with different ‘curves and waterfalls’ that are intermittent for expansion, growth, and greater awareness! If we resist letting go (detaching) if and when it is time, there would be a pause in our evolution. This could cause a lot of pressure within until the change (detachment) is done or the situation is transformed. The fear of detachment keeps us in situations or creates events that bring a lot of stress and pressure to our lives overall. When we have the courage to detach, the pain of letting go creates a frequency of love. This is the love that can readily assist in healing our pain.

Emotions come from our heart (soul) being in physicality. The emotions that we generate as humans cannot be emanated in pure consciousness states. Being in physicality creates a much different and treasured emotional awareness. Emotions create our world!

What is it within us that needs the attachments we form? It is our ego. The ego is designed to keep you unbalanced and in fear. This results in insecurity and creates the need for attachments. Attachments then become another form of fear. The frequency of fear is what we are most comfortable with because it resonates with our ego. Then and only then can the ego be satisfied, for it takes a lot of work to manage our attachments. Being aware of the attachments that we have and what part they play in our lives, is the first step to detachment or transformation. Sometimes the ‘rough waters’ in our lives shows the obvious need for detachment. Each time you detach from something or someone, your life feels clearer and cleaner! Relationships will improve and flow returns. This instills in us the freedom to love without attachment to process or outcome. For in flowing we learn to trust that all will be well no matter what may come, without the need for attachments. If we are to evolve we must be free of attachment at all times. This allows for our expansion into higher frequencies of attainment and dimensional awareness!

Without the willingness to detach we hold ourselves back, if only for a while, because the need for detachment will become stronger until it is completed or transformed. Each detachment creates an opportunity for expansion as we learn to start trusting ourselves and our insights (intuition). Sometimes it is merely resolving to release the pain of the experience (detachment) that is necessary. Within the pain of letting go we rise within the essence of love for ourselves and others. If detachment is done with the understanding of why we are in such pain, we will not have to repeat the experience and the love flows forth for all!

Processing should be done through the heart, for the intelligence of the heart is the doorway to our evolution. This is where the mind/heart connection is most important and critical to expansion. When the pureness of mind/heart connection is made, the ego is released from its charge. This is not to say that the ego is gone; it is greatly diminished. Attachments are formed in the mind and detachments are done from the intelligence of heart. Detachment is merely allowing the freedom to change and evolve; yours and others without attachment to outcome. Living with the understanding of attachments will assist you with the conscious awareness of what will be flowing in and out of your life as you progress on your path and purpose. Attach without fear and detach with love.

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