Heart/Mind Connection

September 7, 2014

There is much to say today as time is ‘layering’…. making this a ‘rainbow’ realm!

The consciousness of your heart is becoming more prominent. Your emotional reactions to things and people is becoming stronger. This is the dimension of the heart, the 5th dimension, coming into play. The more clearing and healing that you do within your heart, the more emotions you allow to reveal themselves. Emotion is the language of the heart! All emotion comes from your heart and your emotions guide you to cleansing, healing, loving, and proper discernment. Your heart will bring up an emotion and then thought comes in to interpret the emotion for you. When you ask for guidance or information, ask it from your heart. This is where the truth of the universe lies.

The expansion of your being lies within your heart. This is the seat of your soul. This is where the spark of your creation, your God Spark, resides. When you feel joy, sadness, creativity, love, or any other uplifting emotion it is coming from the heart, not the mind. The mind interprets the expression of the heart, not the other way around. This is the heart/mind connection which is the key to our evolution and expansion. The light that is being sent to the planet is merely activating this connection, bringing it about. The light has steadily increased in frequency and intensity. The intensity of the light is meant to expand your awareness through your heart. This can bring up your ‘stuff’ for cleansing and purging making way for clarity and increasing your vibration. One challenge can be the ego interfering in the process, for the egos job is to keep you in crisis, chaos, and conflict (CCC). You can recognize this pattern of the ego by being consciously aware of how your thoughts feel. If a thought does not feel good, then it is ego based. If a thought feels right it is heart based. The emotions of anger, frustration, resistance, confusion, and fear are ego based. The emotions of sadness (i.e. purging/cleansing), joy, love, happiness, elation, and warmth are from the heart. Aligning the mind with the heart and choosing to consult with the heart when you fall into CCC will bring you back into balance. Does this sound like a lot of work? It may at first, but concerted effort will make the process easier and soon it will become second nature! Before long you will self-correct with ease and your intentions with manifest much faster. This is not to say that the ego will go away, however it will be greatly diminished.

Each one of us is a light carrier. The more that you are able to embed the heart/mind connection, the higher your frequency and vibration (clarity) become, and the more powerful your energy signature becomes. This will draw people to you as it gives them a ‘leg up’ and feels to them like clarity in their own lives! It is important to set your shield every day to protect yourself from ‘energy suckers’ as they will try to attach themselves to you. Your shield will say to them ‘you only get a taste’ and block them from being able to consciously or unconsciously take more from you. This will bring to your attention that this persons intentions do not match yours. It is up to you to be aware of these internal warnings and pay attention to them. There are a lot of individuals looking for a ‘quick fix’ and not wanting to do the work required to create this clarity for themselves. They are looking to get it from someone else and your powerfulness will draw them to you. You are not doing them any favors by giving more to them. Instead, teach them how to heal themselves and do their own work.

As you increase your ability to transcend the CCC in your life, the more peace and prosperity you will enjoy. Remember, you cannot save the whole world but you can create a space for others to save themselves. Your clarity provides grace to those that come your way; assisting them with a spark of clarity and opening a door within them to higher truth. This is a connection each one of us makes energetically, heart to heart. Your high vibration can create fear in some people resulting in envy, jealousy, and discord. This is created when the polarity is such that their ego resists any outside influence (spark of clarity) and wants to take yours from you which will result in your decimation. This way their ego diffuses the ‘enemy’ of love, peace, balance, and refinement which will destroy their egos rule. Of course, the other person is not aware of this, and their heart having seen and felt the clarity, will inevitably draw to themselves experiences that will shift the power within. The heart wants clarity and balance. It wants to find this because this represents its true and authentic self. Our purpose is to evolve, not devolve.

Misery is the heart crying out for expression and the light answers that call. Misery can signal a series of events and experiences that assists the heart with finding its way toward authenticity and truth. If the person wants to listen to the heart, it will guide them toward healing and restoration. If not, dis ease will set in and start to create discontentedness resulting in deterioration of ones being. Understanding these mechanics will assist you in the awareness you need to evolve and expand. Your expansion is not only for you, but the good of all. Resonate with your heart and your life will thrive!

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