Love.  What exactly is love?  Is it an emotion…..or is it a feeling…..where does it come from?  Is it the same for everyone?

Love is a state of being.  It is multi-faceted and contains both feeling and emotion.  The feeling part of love is consistent, for that is your natural state of being; it’s the emotional facet of love that varies.  The only time you do not have love as your state of being is when you are in fear.  You can not be in both at the same time.  Fear relates back to the ego and programming, as we have discussed before.  Love is the absence of fear and it is Who You Really Are.  When you feel the emotion of love, you are experiencing your heart amplifying your state of being.  This is a viable energy you can pass on to someone or something, and can be expressed in many ways.  It is an energy of high frequency and is not a constant presence.  Emotional love varies and wanes depending on the state you are in.

Fear is not a feeling, it is an emotion tied to the ego mind.  The reason that emotional fear is so hurtful is that it lacks the heart energy.  It does not contain any love, and therefore it is only pain for all involved, and pain is a feeling, replacing love.  Fear cannot exist within a loving environment just as darkness cannot exist within light.

Since love is your natural state of being, it is not something you need to try to do.  When your intentions come from a loving foundation they are passed on and released with love.  This makes them manifest for good and cannot be misinterpreted.  If the receiver of the intention you have put forth does not feel the goodness from your intention, it will still deliver the love that laced it originally.  This will act as grace to give the receiver an activation of the love that is within them to raise their vibration.  In other words, any love that is sent to another is not wasted.  It may not seem to be received in a way you expected, but it is none the less taken in and connects with the love that they really are.

Love carries within it the frequency of forgiveness and compassion.  These are two facets of love that are working all the time, if you are in your natural state of being.  When you are in a loving state, you release the energy of forgiveness and compassion that emanates to all in your presence.  These are the most powerful attributes of true loving intention.  Wether or not you are aware that you are relaying these energies, they are going out and affecting all those around you laying grace everywhere you go.  It is very important for you to be aware of this as it is the one thing that can make a difference to someone that you may not even know.

When you stay connected with your true state of being and maintain your balance, all will be blessed with love in your presence and those you will think about as well.  Your thoughts will flow out into the world changing things that you aren’t even aware of.  You do not have to think or be aware of the love that you are, as that is a given.  Love is an energy and frequency that acts as the carrier of your intentions and your thoughts, and it is all about intention.  Practice seeing the goodness and that will be reinforced by your loving intention.

Be Well, Be Love 


September 20, 2015

There are six virtues that are crucial to evolution. These are the virtues that make up the foundation of the soul connection to higher self, and the expansion of ones Being largely depends on mastering these virtues: Understanding, Compassion, Forgiveness, Appreciation, Humility, and Valor. These virtues are pure and important for connection to your higher self to become more of WYRA.

The creation and immersion of the egos ‘drama’ keeps you from this connection and true integration of these virtues. It is the egos job to keep you distracted and off guard as we have discussed before, and yet you can break free of the hold the ego has on you through mastering these 6 virtues using patience and tolerance with yourself and others.

If you set the intention to integrate these virtues, your heart will remind you when the opportunity arises to instill a virtue. This is not an easy task, as evolution is as much work as the butterfly breaking through the cocoon! Mastering these virtues will enliven and activate the connection with your true self and carry you to the next steps of merging with your Higher Self in a more personal way! Living within the 6 virtues will lead you to a multidimensional existence and a deep sense of peace within.

Gratitude and appreciation are created when practicing these virtues in your everyday life. The energy created from this state of being will make immersion into the virtues much easier and with a more permanent outcome. Starting with a sense of gratitude creates the frequency needed within your being to connect with the virtues, otherwise you are not able to reach the vibration needed to resonate with their true meaning.

A new sense of interacting with others and the world at large changes when you align with these virtues, as you are no longer looking to the ego to create excitement and stimulation for life to be interesting. There is another way to enjoy life without all the stimulation and distraction, but it requires a commitment to having a more heart centered life. This way of living will bring you true happiness and joy from a higher state of being. It removes the mundane and illusory visions of what your life might contain now. It will open you to new paths of service and integration with your Creator Self. This way of living will enliven and enrich your experience with the energetic qualities of love!

Be Well, Be Love

Personal Sojourn

All emotion is generated as a reaction to the things happening within your being. This means that you are fully in charge of your emotions and the energy that you create. There isn’t anyone or anything that can control or manipulate you, unless you allow it.

Reality is created by you; illusion is also created by you. What you do with each moment and in each situation, is in your control. What this means is that you are responsible for the life you have and the people within it.

The more connected you are to all facets of your being, the more intelligence and love you interject to the world. Intelligence in this respect is not how smart you are, it is a variation of light that you emanate. It flows out from you to interact with the world in a way that can raise vibration, and is used as grace when needed. When your thoughts, actions, and responses resonate with who you really are (WYRA), your light mixes with your emotions to create your reality and energize things around you. This is the grace and love that you send out to the world, and in turn, draws like energy to you.

Alignment within manifests as coincidences and synchronizations that coordinate with the intentions you have created for your life. If the light that you are does not align with your intentions, there is no flow. This is when things are not working in your life, or you feel something is missing. Setting the intention to align with WYRA creates connection and light that will bring to you opportunities that will expand your being and create flow.

The emotions that you create act as conductors to pull to you more of the same energy and frequency. This can either enliven and energize your being, or inhibit the connection with WYRA. If the two are working in concert with each other, you will experience expansion and flow. If the two don’t align, you will experience resistance. At the same time, if you look outside of yourself for answers or happiness, you may find only distraction and crisis, chaos, and conflict. You cannot find what brings you true peace and happiness without internal alignment.

You are the generator of your well being. When you align with your Creator, and the desire that was set at your creation for your continued expansion and evolution, you will find this to be the center of your true intention and connection with WYRA. It is not a difficult path unless you allow the ego to interfere, as the ego works against this intention. Surprisingly, this is the main ‘program’ that will lead to your progress as the ego will bring you many opportunities to learn to overcome adversity and strengthen your connection with WYRA. Embracing the ego for its place within your life as a ‘teacher’ will allow you to observe how it operates in your life. In time, your ego will eventually disengage from your being as you will have learned all it can teach you, and it will no longer be of use to you. This will turn you deeper within to start the work with your emotions and their connection to WYRA. This is when the truth becomes available, and you open to allowing yourself to expand without limitation. This is a personal sojourn that reveals clarity and understanding to your life’s purpose. Your willingness to discover the truth is what matters.

Be well, be love

Your Being

There are 5 foundational bodies that create your Being. These bodies are; Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Etheric. These are the primary parts of your Being that interact with the world. There is information stored in each of these bodies, and they interact within your life differently. Each one has a ‘different point of view’ and lends some part if itself to each situation. Every experience you have stores information within these parts of your Being. You then recall and expand these parts of yourself with each experience. This is the evolution of your Being.

The healing process extends to each part of your Being. When healing takes place it is not complete until encompasses each body that is affected. This means that when one part of your Being is healed, situations that emulate the unhealed parts come forth to show you where the healing must continue. This is why the situations that arise [that you feel resistant to] are harder to deal with each time. Yet again, when pain is felt in all areas of your Being you don’t feel resistance to it. The reason could be because the pain feels very familiar, and with some people it is comfortable as they have always had the pain. When one part of your being heals this pain, and the other parts have not competed the healing, you might feel some resistance combined with anger associated with the current experience you are having. This is simply showing you the imbalance of your healing process. Knowing this will help you locate the part of your being that needs the healing, and realizing this will start or continue the healing process. This will increase your awareness with all parts of your Being and assist you with connecting all the parts of yourself to Oneness that will elevate your experience and create clarity of being!

You will feel and experience the healing when it is complete on all levels. The ‘memory’ of it will transform into light within your Being, making you expand and radiate this light to others, who with the unconscious recognition of the wellness, are attracted to you. This is one of the reasons people will interact with you out of the blue. The unhealed part of them recognizes the healed parts of you that they have yet to heal. This interaction with you gives that unhealed part of themselves the opportunity to feel the healed part of you, as your light communicates with their being and starts the initiation of healing, which continues long after their interaction with you. This is one of the ways that we can all make the world a better place by healing ourselves within!

When you set the intention to heal and evolve, ask for assistance with healing every level of your Being that is affected, and then commit to the healing no matter how difficult it may be. You can then experience and benefit from the higher frequencies and consciousness that exists here and now.

There is a tremendous amount of Grace that is here and now to assist you! Ask and you shall receive……..

Be Well, Be Love

Forgiveness is for You

Forgiveness is the most challenging of the six virtues. Yet, forgiveness is the key to evolution! The other six virtues cannot carry the evolution of your being without forgiveness.

Forgiveness starts with awareness. Being aware of something or someone that warrants your forgiveness is paramount to beginning the process. There are two parts to forgiveness. Forgiving the situation or person, and forgiving yourself. One cannot be forgiven without the other, for if you don’t forgive yourself, the act of forgiving is nullified as the pain is still there and nothing has truly been healed.

Forgiveness is a process of removing the need to blame someone or something for the pain you are feeling inside due to something happening that you have judged as an assault upon your being. This can be something you consciously experienced or something you have been programmed to believe. Either way, you believe you have been robbed of an opportunity to be happy. We are all responsible for our own happiness; either in understanding that we were temporarily under someone else’s jurisdiction, or the judgements we make because of feeling powerless. This belief or judgment creates resentment and becomes the pain that we feel in relation to the person or situation at the center of our being. The belief that the other person knew that they were causing you pain further exacerbates the experience causing you to feed the pain with more grief, and allowing further injury to occur. This is a never ending cycle of blame and self torture that grows making you a victim of your own misconceptions.

Forgiving is not an easy thing to do as it requires you to be responsible for the pain that you are feeling. The only way to forgive is to feel responsible for the pain and resentment you are feeling. No one can hurt you unless you allow them to do so. You were willing to allow someone to hurt you that was injured themselves. No one causes anyone pain unless they are in pain themselves. The question to ask yourself when potential injury arises is; what part inside of you is weak and subjective to injury by the other? Once this is identified, how can you strengthen that part of you to avoid further distortion or injury? Finding a way to avoid the situation from happening at all is the mark of an expanded consciousness and willingness to take responsibility for your being. This is the mark of a spiritually mature being, and requires courage to move past the need for acceptance and approval. Once you have discovered the power within yourself to provide all that you need, forgiveness can begin. You will actually want to forgive those you feel have wronged you as the imprint of their pain upon you is gone.

Forgiveness is for you. Although you feel it may be letting someone off the hook, you do not have that power. The person was ‘on the hook’ already and that is why they injured you, otherwise the situation would have never happened. Bring yourself to the point of being willing to forgive and you have come more than half way! The joy and happiness that lies on the other side of forgiveness will take you to newer heights of love and peace within. No one can do this for you, this is your expansion and personal Spiritual Awareness that only you can heal and empower. There is much grace here for you. Feel it and it will give you strength and will.  Be Well Be Love

Lighting the Way

Your conscious awareness is complex, as it can be easily distracted and functions on many different levels. Focus is the key to clear consciousness, as it is more than the mind. Consciousness involves many parts of your being as there are different levels; the mind, the subconscious mind, the body, the heart, your Soul Spark, and the coding within your cells, are just a few of the levels of consciousness that you coordinate every moment.

Genetic coding is the history of your biology that exists within the cells of your physical body. This cell memory operates without your knowing it, and acts like a type of program running in the background. The influences of this ‘program’ are obvious when you have some thoughts come up that are ‘preset’ ways of thinking and reacting. These codes are activated more and more as we mature due to the experiences that we have that connect to these codes.

When a situation or thought arises that brings up a preset response from you, question it. In questioning this you take a focused look at where the response comes from and whether or not you choose to keep the response the same. If you choose to change your response, you will dissipate the coding, or program if you will, over time. This is all done with intention through focused response. This may take time depending on your strength of will and intention, and whenever the situation or thought arises again, you will remember you are choosing to change your response until the program is adjusted or gone.

This is part of evolving and expanding to create your own energetic signature (we will call this Light) within the world. This is the unspoken part of you that surrounds you and responds to other energies (people, places) within the world. The stronger your Light, the more you can influence the world around you and be a force for good in the world!

Your Light is more who you are than any other part of you. Your light sets the stage for your life and your experiences. If your light is layered with fear, the things you fear will be drawn to you. At the same time the love that you have will also be drawn to you. It is easier to fear than it is to love. Fear is innate as it is embedded within the memory of your physical being and the programming that was set forth when you were young. Centuries of wars and economic stress is carried forward with the genetic coding (memory) of your cells. This is also why the programming of fear was so easy when you were young. Yet again, your experiences, reactions, and light is embedding and changing your cells as well. Love can heal all things, and when you choose focused love in your responses, it dissipates the fear. Love is stronger than fear, it just takes focused conscious awareness to initiate and integrate within your being.

The more you come from love, the more your light will help others to have clarity and want it for themselves. This is the change you can be in the world! Your light signature is unique, as is your journey. The more light you are the more light you become, and the more joy you will experience. Be Well, Be Love


Opening to truth at times is not an easy task, and yet that is what you must do. Despite all of the distractions in your life it is important to reach into the center of your being; the truth of your existence.

You are here to experience your life through your perceptions and personality, as no one else can be you. This makes your journey unique and special. You will never experience anything the same way twice, which means that you are expanding every moment of every day opening to new ways of being, possibilities, and ideas.

There are many distractions to keep you from discovering the truth. Distractions cannot keep you from the truth unless you want them to. This means that you may fear the truth. Knowing the truth is claiming responsibility for knowing it. And, because you know the truth, you may feel you must do something about it. What if you discovered truth and didn’t do anything about it? This will not happen, as discovering truth shifts your consciousness and elevates your awareness to match the vibration of the truth. You cannot ‘unknow’ something just as you cannot ‘unbe’ who you are! When you vibrate to the truth, you increase your frequency to meet authenticity and genuineness. This in turn adds peace, happiness, and joy to your experience.

How do you find the truth? Ask, and it shall be revealed to you. The pure intention of wanting to know the truth will create circumstances to have it revealed to you. It takes a great amount of courage and love to create the intention of finding the truth, and yet that is the key to your evolution and expansion. You are here to evolve. That is the truth. If you find yourself faced with a situation that requires you to look at the truth within, know that fear is not the answer; as that is what might come up first. Understand that there is nothing to be afraid of except fear itself. Simply observe what your reaction is to the truth, and uncover the reason for your reaction. If you are not uncovering truth, you are not evolving.

It is not easy to accept truth, and for times such as those you can call upon the grace that is here for you. For accepting and living truth brings love into your life and grace is part of love. Do not fear the truth for it is who you are!   Be Well, Be Love

Emotions, Feelings, & Changes

Emotions can be strong with many layers and varieties of feelings. This can sometimes make a situation more confusing and disconcerting. Trying to find your way through the mire of your emotions is a challenge and one that seems to take on a life of its own. There are differences between emotions and feelings. They are not the same nor do they come from the same place.

Emotions come from the mind and feelings come from the heart. Thoughts that you have invoke emotions, which in turn create feelings. Let’s observe the feeling of joy. When you think of a situation or event that brought you the emotion of elation and upliftment (joy), you felt it as happiness and love within your heart. Thoughts create the connection with the mind/heart. Emotions are what is created by the thought, and in turn the heart turns the emotion to a feeling. This creates a vibration within your being and reverberates through all of your chakras (energy centers) and either strengthens them or weakens them. What follows creates attitudes and reactions to these instances with the information being stored for later reference and recall. This is why so many situations may feel the same to you and your reactions to them seem to start to loop. Your heart remembers the vibration as soon as the thought creates the emotion. This makes it easy to react quickly to thoughts as your mind ‘compartmentalizes’ the information making your reaction automatic. This does not allow for evolution, change, or growth as your emotions, perceptions, and feelings do not change.

How then, can you keep this from happening? Within each moment lies the opportunity to create something different. This is a conscious act in the now, and you must be fully present to respond to the thought that is creating the emotion. Being present allows you to check the emotion that is being revealed about the thought and adjust it consciously, before allowing it to become compartmentalized. This allows for change, growth, evolution, and clarity within. Nothing will change unless you change.

Each time you change your reaction to something, it creates a different vibration which changes something (or your reaction to someone) within your life. This creates alignment that reflects back to you the life that you are creating for yourself. It has been said that we are Creators. This is a part of that power!

Allowing for differences within each moment, even if you are dealing with same situations or people, can reveal to you a different facet of thought or supposition to incite a specific response within. If you are evolving no two moments are the same, which means no reactions, emotions, or feelings are the same. Allow yourself to change, and your life will change too. You can have more peace, happiness, joy, and love in your life. It is up to you!
Be Well, Be Love

Inner Self

There comes a time to remember Who You Really Are. Now is such a time.

Within the depth of your being lies your true self. This is the part of you that is beneath all the programming and layers of painful experiences you have had. This genuine, authentic, and loving ‘self’ is there always wanting to be felt and heard. It is full of beauty and grace, and has no judgments or inclinations to harm. There are many times when you have connected with this part of yourself and allowed it to flow upwards and out. These are times when you felt pure love and acceptance of self. It may also have been an experience that didn’t last long! These writings are meant to help you heal, and create balance within your being so that you may connect with your inner self without fear.

If you stay steadfast in your journey towards aligning with this ‘authentic’ self, you will become a light being assisting others in their processes. This does not mean that you will change or be someone different than who you are now. It means that you will stop feeling the need to control and judge others, change to align with your environment, feel the need to defend yourself, be resistant, and other uncomfortable states of being.

At the center of this alignment with your true self lies proper discernment and wisdom. Love is an emotion, and it is also a way of being in the world that does not threaten your presence nor anyone else’s. It is working towards the good of all concerned, and allowing without expectation, things to be what and who they are. The true self has nothing to fear, dread, or expect. This is the best you can be and feel, as you encounter life each day. It is possible and achievable. It comes with knowing what truly matters and what doesn’t. It is a conscious state of being and not ‘automatic’. It is not a sense of getting there, it is a process of staying there. Your journey in this life is not a destination. You have heard this before, and the meaning of this concept escapes you when things feel strained. When that happens, it is your ‘program’ accessing inner files for how to react and what to believe under the circumstances. If you were to take a few moments and allow yourself to consciously look at your reaction to the situation, you might find yourself to be resistant, defensive, judgmental, or controlling which takes you out of alignment with your true self. Is it a repeat of your ‘belief system’ that is kicking in and keeping you in a stymied pattern? Is it truly serving you and all concerned? Are you allowing growth and accepting the situation for what it is, or are you wanting to change it or perceive it in the same light as before? Is that for the best, and does it include evolution for yourself and others? If you were to connect with your inner self at these times, you might find a different attitude or reaction to the situation. For as you hold yourself and others in a ‘pattern of sameness’ with your reaction there is no healing, growth, or expansion. Your perceptions should they stay the same, will not allow change to happen for yourself and others. You cannot expect to expand or evolve which means that nothing will change and your life will stagnate. How can you want this for yourself or others? It is not easy to change your ‘program’. Your inner self does not operate within a ‘program’. Connecting with your true self will allow, align, heal, expand, and accept as it is all encompassing and will show you what is best for yourself and others. It is true love, and alignment with your true self that connects you to your Creator and the truth of any situation.

In a perfect world you would want this for yourself. It is not easy, nor is it a fast fix. It is something you can strive for if you so desire, and in finding this place within, more often than not, you will create a better world for yourself. Things will start to change around you and your life will have more flow! Opening to the possibility of this is a good first step. Be in touch with your heart, think with your heart, and find this balance of thriving. It IS possible!

Be Well, Be Love

Virtues, Higher mind, lower mind

What are virtues? What bearing do they have in your life? What if any, role do they play? Are they important?

Virtues are prevalent with the alignment of your being with your higher mind. Virtues are the identifying factors of your inner self and the outward manifestation of the same. There are seven primary virtues of the spiritually balanced person. Those are: Tolerance, Patience, Forgiveness, Understanding, Compassion, Humility, and Valor. These are whole being virtues that are lived and practiced as part of who you are. These virtues can only be lived if the mind is in concert with the heart.

We have talked a lot about the ego in past blogs. The ego is not in alignment with these virtues. The ego expresses itself from the lower mind in the way of thoughts. Not all thoughts are ego based, but they are the loudest! There are two levels of mind; higher mind and lower mind. The ego expresses itself using the lower mind. This is the part of the mind that is mundane and automatic. It is the mind that ‘chatters’ all the time. It is also the mind where repetitive thoughts are generated. This lower mind is the generator of thoughts that keep you in crisis, chaos, and conflict to control you.

The higher mind is directly connected to the heart and your higher self. The higher mind exists behind the chatter. This is where the thoughts related to the seven virtues and the expression of your highest self are generated. The higher mind generates the ‘second thoughts’. These are the thoughts that are loving, kind, and courageous. These are thoughts that lead you to your highest good and that of everyone else. Aligning yourself with your higher mind will open you to new vistas of conscious awareness and perceptions. Once you practice recognition and focus upon identifying the higher mind from the lower mind, you will tune out the lower mind and ‘hear’ only the higher mind. This will lead to your true happiness and synchronicity with the world as it is meant to be. The more individuals that ‘sync up’ with the goodness and light of the world by working with the higher mind, the more your world will thrive and prevail. You are here to have a better world. That starts with each person finding their center and tuning into higher mind and the heart.

Our perceptions create the world we live in, and only those that match our perceptions can live in our world. If your perceptions are aligned with spiritual virtues and higher mind thinking, what would your world look like? It is there for you. Be Well, Be Love