Lighting the Way

Your conscious awareness is complex, as it can be easily distracted and functions on many different levels. Focus is the key to clear consciousness, as it is more than the mind. Consciousness involves many parts of your being as there are different levels; the mind, the subconscious mind, the body, the heart, your Soul Spark, and the coding within your cells, are just a few of the levels of consciousness that you coordinate every moment.

Genetic coding is the history of your biology that exists within the cells of your physical body. This cell memory operates without your knowing it, and acts like a type of program running in the background. The influences of this ‘program’ are obvious when you have some thoughts come up that are ‘preset’ ways of thinking and reacting. These codes are activated more and more as we mature due to the experiences that we have that connect to these codes.

When a situation or thought arises that brings up a preset response from you, question it. In questioning this you take a focused look at where the response comes from and whether or not you choose to keep the response the same. If you choose to change your response, you will dissipate the coding, or program if you will, over time. This is all done with intention through focused response. This may take time depending on your strength of will and intention, and whenever the situation or thought arises again, you will remember you are choosing to change your response until the program is adjusted or gone.

This is part of evolving and expanding to create your own energetic signature (we will call this Light) within the world. This is the unspoken part of you that surrounds you and responds to other energies (people, places) within the world. The stronger your Light, the more you can influence the world around you and be a force for good in the world!

Your Light is more who you are than any other part of you. Your light sets the stage for your life and your experiences. If your light is layered with fear, the things you fear will be drawn to you. At the same time the love that you have will also be drawn to you. It is easier to fear than it is to love. Fear is innate as it is embedded within the memory of your physical being and the programming that was set forth when you were young. Centuries of wars and economic stress is carried forward with the genetic coding (memory) of your cells. This is also why the programming of fear was so easy when you were young. Yet again, your experiences, reactions, and light is embedding and changing your cells as well. Love can heal all things, and when you choose focused love in your responses, it dissipates the fear. Love is stronger than fear, it just takes focused conscious awareness to initiate and integrate within your being.

The more you come from love, the more your light will help others to have clarity and want it for themselves. This is the change you can be in the world! Your light signature is unique, as is your journey. The more light you are the more light you become, and the more joy you will experience. Be Well, Be Love

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