Inner Self

There comes a time to remember Who You Really Are. Now is such a time.

Within the depth of your being lies your true self. This is the part of you that is beneath all the programming and layers of painful experiences you have had. This genuine, authentic, and loving ‘self’ is there always wanting to be felt and heard. It is full of beauty and grace, and has no judgments or inclinations to harm. There are many times when you have connected with this part of yourself and allowed it to flow upwards and out. These are times when you felt pure love and acceptance of self. It may also have been an experience that didn’t last long! These writings are meant to help you heal, and create balance within your being so that you may connect with your inner self without fear.

If you stay steadfast in your journey towards aligning with this ‘authentic’ self, you will become a light being assisting others in their processes. This does not mean that you will change or be someone different than who you are now. It means that you will stop feeling the need to control and judge others, change to align with your environment, feel the need to defend yourself, be resistant, and other uncomfortable states of being.

At the center of this alignment with your true self lies proper discernment and wisdom. Love is an emotion, and it is also a way of being in the world that does not threaten your presence nor anyone else’s. It is working towards the good of all concerned, and allowing without expectation, things to be what and who they are. The true self has nothing to fear, dread, or expect. This is the best you can be and feel, as you encounter life each day. It is possible and achievable. It comes with knowing what truly matters and what doesn’t. It is a conscious state of being and not ‘automatic’. It is not a sense of getting there, it is a process of staying there. Your journey in this life is not a destination. You have heard this before, and the meaning of this concept escapes you when things feel strained. When that happens, it is your ‘program’ accessing inner files for how to react and what to believe under the circumstances. If you were to take a few moments and allow yourself to consciously look at your reaction to the situation, you might find yourself to be resistant, defensive, judgmental, or controlling which takes you out of alignment with your true self. Is it a repeat of your ‘belief system’ that is kicking in and keeping you in a stymied pattern? Is it truly serving you and all concerned? Are you allowing growth and accepting the situation for what it is, or are you wanting to change it or perceive it in the same light as before? Is that for the best, and does it include evolution for yourself and others? If you were to connect with your inner self at these times, you might find a different attitude or reaction to the situation. For as you hold yourself and others in a ‘pattern of sameness’ with your reaction there is no healing, growth, or expansion. Your perceptions should they stay the same, will not allow change to happen for yourself and others. You cannot expect to expand or evolve which means that nothing will change and your life will stagnate. How can you want this for yourself or others? It is not easy to change your ‘program’. Your inner self does not operate within a ‘program’. Connecting with your true self will allow, align, heal, expand, and accept as it is all encompassing and will show you what is best for yourself and others. It is true love, and alignment with your true self that connects you to your Creator and the truth of any situation.

In a perfect world you would want this for yourself. It is not easy, nor is it a fast fix. It is something you can strive for if you so desire, and in finding this place within, more often than not, you will create a better world for yourself. Things will start to change around you and your life will have more flow! Opening to the possibility of this is a good first step. Be in touch with your heart, think with your heart, and find this balance of thriving. It IS possible!

Be Well, Be Love

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