Personal Sojourn

All emotion is generated as a reaction to the things happening within your being. This means that you are fully in charge of your emotions and the energy that you create. There isn’t anyone or anything that can control or manipulate you, unless you allow it.

Reality is created by you; illusion is also created by you. What you do with each moment and in each situation, is in your control. What this means is that you are responsible for the life you have and the people within it.

The more connected you are to all facets of your being, the more intelligence and love you interject to the world. Intelligence in this respect is not how smart you are, it is a variation of light that you emanate. It flows out from you to interact with the world in a way that can raise vibration, and is used as grace when needed. When your thoughts, actions, and responses resonate with who you really are (WYRA), your light mixes with your emotions to create your reality and energize things around you. This is the grace and love that you send out to the world, and in turn, draws like energy to you.

Alignment within manifests as coincidences and synchronizations that coordinate with the intentions you have created for your life. If the light that you are does not align with your intentions, there is no flow. This is when things are not working in your life, or you feel something is missing. Setting the intention to align with WYRA creates connection and light that will bring to you opportunities that will expand your being and create flow.

The emotions that you create act as conductors to pull to you more of the same energy and frequency. This can either enliven and energize your being, or inhibit the connection with WYRA. If the two are working in concert with each other, you will experience expansion and flow. If the two don’t align, you will experience resistance. At the same time, if you look outside of yourself for answers or happiness, you may find only distraction and crisis, chaos, and conflict. You cannot find what brings you true peace and happiness without internal alignment.

You are the generator of your well being. When you align with your Creator, and the desire that was set at your creation for your continued expansion and evolution, you will find this to be the center of your true intention and connection with WYRA. It is not a difficult path unless you allow the ego to interfere, as the ego works against this intention. Surprisingly, this is the main ‘program’ that will lead to your progress as the ego will bring you many opportunities to learn to overcome adversity and strengthen your connection with WYRA. Embracing the ego for its place within your life as a ‘teacher’ will allow you to observe how it operates in your life. In time, your ego will eventually disengage from your being as you will have learned all it can teach you, and it will no longer be of use to you. This will turn you deeper within to start the work with your emotions and their connection to WYRA. This is when the truth becomes available, and you open to allowing yourself to expand without limitation. This is a personal sojourn that reveals clarity and understanding to your life’s purpose. Your willingness to discover the truth is what matters.

Be well, be love

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