September 20, 2015

There are six virtues that are crucial to evolution. These are the virtues that make up the foundation of the soul connection to higher self, and the expansion of ones Being largely depends on mastering these virtues: Understanding, Compassion, Forgiveness, Appreciation, Humility, and Valor. These virtues are pure and important for connection to your higher self to become more of WYRA.

The creation and immersion of the egos ‘drama’ keeps you from this connection and true integration of these virtues. It is the egos job to keep you distracted and off guard as we have discussed before, and yet you can break free of the hold the ego has on you through mastering these 6 virtues using patience and tolerance with yourself and others.

If you set the intention to integrate these virtues, your heart will remind you when the opportunity arises to instill a virtue. This is not an easy task, as evolution is as much work as the butterfly breaking through the cocoon! Mastering these virtues will enliven and activate the connection with your true self and carry you to the next steps of merging with your Higher Self in a more personal way! Living within the 6 virtues will lead you to a multidimensional existence and a deep sense of peace within.

Gratitude and appreciation are created when practicing these virtues in your everyday life. The energy created from this state of being will make immersion into the virtues much easier and with a more permanent outcome. Starting with a sense of gratitude creates the frequency needed within your being to connect with the virtues, otherwise you are not able to reach the vibration needed to resonate with their true meaning.

A new sense of interacting with others and the world at large changes when you align with these virtues, as you are no longer looking to the ego to create excitement and stimulation for life to be interesting. There is another way to enjoy life without all the stimulation and distraction, but it requires a commitment to having a more heart centered life. This way of living will bring you true happiness and joy from a higher state of being. It removes the mundane and illusory visions of what your life might contain now. It will open you to new paths of service and integration with your Creator Self. This way of living will enliven and enrich your experience with the energetic qualities of love!

Be Well, Be Love

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