Virtues, Higher mind, lower mind

What are virtues? What bearing do they have in your life? What if any, role do they play? Are they important?

Virtues are prevalent with the alignment of your being with your higher mind. Virtues are the identifying factors of your inner self and the outward manifestation of the same. There are seven primary virtues of the spiritually balanced person. Those are: Tolerance, Patience, Forgiveness, Understanding, Compassion, Humility, and Valor. These are whole being virtues that are lived and practiced as part of who you are. These virtues can only be lived if the mind is in concert with the heart.

We have talked a lot about the ego in past blogs. The ego is not in alignment with these virtues. The ego expresses itself from the lower mind in the way of thoughts. Not all thoughts are ego based, but they are the loudest! There are two levels of mind; higher mind and lower mind. The ego expresses itself using the lower mind. This is the part of the mind that is mundane and automatic. It is the mind that ‘chatters’ all the time. It is also the mind where repetitive thoughts are generated. This lower mind is the generator of thoughts that keep you in crisis, chaos, and conflict to control you.

The higher mind is directly connected to the heart and your higher self. The higher mind exists behind the chatter. This is where the thoughts related to the seven virtues and the expression of your highest self are generated. The higher mind generates the ‘second thoughts’. These are the thoughts that are loving, kind, and courageous. These are thoughts that lead you to your highest good and that of everyone else. Aligning yourself with your higher mind will open you to new vistas of conscious awareness and perceptions. Once you practice recognition and focus upon identifying the higher mind from the lower mind, you will tune out the lower mind and ‘hear’ only the higher mind. This will lead to your true happiness and synchronicity with the world as it is meant to be. The more individuals that ‘sync up’ with the goodness and light of the world by working with the higher mind, the more your world will thrive and prevail. You are here to have a better world. That starts with each person finding their center and tuning into higher mind and the heart.

Our perceptions create the world we live in, and only those that match our perceptions can live in our world. If your perceptions are aligned with spiritual virtues and higher mind thinking, what would your world look like? It is there for you. Be Well, Be Love

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