Opening to truth at times is not an easy task, and yet that is what you must do. Despite all of the distractions in your life it is important to reach into the center of your being; the truth of your existence.

You are here to experience your life through your perceptions and personality, as no one else can be you. This makes your journey unique and special. You will never experience anything the same way twice, which means that you are expanding every moment of every day opening to new ways of being, possibilities, and ideas.

There are many distractions to keep you from discovering the truth. Distractions cannot keep you from the truth unless you want them to. This means that you may fear the truth. Knowing the truth is claiming responsibility for knowing it. And, because you know the truth, you may feel you must do something about it. What if you discovered truth and didn’t do anything about it? This will not happen, as discovering truth shifts your consciousness and elevates your awareness to match the vibration of the truth. You cannot ‘unknow’ something just as you cannot ‘unbe’ who you are! When you vibrate to the truth, you increase your frequency to meet authenticity and genuineness. This in turn adds peace, happiness, and joy to your experience.

How do you find the truth? Ask, and it shall be revealed to you. The pure intention of wanting to know the truth will create circumstances to have it revealed to you. It takes a great amount of courage and love to create the intention of finding the truth, and yet that is the key to your evolution and expansion. You are here to evolve. That is the truth. If you find yourself faced with a situation that requires you to look at the truth within, know that fear is not the answer; as that is what might come up first. Understand that there is nothing to be afraid of except fear itself. Simply observe what your reaction is to the truth, and uncover the reason for your reaction. If you are not uncovering truth, you are not evolving.

It is not easy to accept truth, and for times such as those you can call upon the grace that is here for you. For accepting and living truth brings love into your life and grace is part of love. Do not fear the truth for it is who you are!   Be Well, Be Love

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