Recognizing that detachment is a vital part of your evolutionary process cannot be avoided. 

What does this mean?  Detachment applies to everything and everyone in your sphere.  The place where detachment is the most useful is with your thoughts.  It is a part of the revelation of your being, to be able to easily detach from thoughts that arise, especially those that are generated from the ego. 

Being in a place of pure potentiality requires the release and detachment from the beliefs that the ego has formed.  Knowing that all of the thoughts that you have are related to the illusion that you are immersed in, is essential to detachment.  Holding on to any conflagration of the mind connected to a belief or issue that is undealt with, will inhibit the Trinity of your being and causes resistance.  When resistance is felt there is an attachment that is pinged to something within that is threatened with truth. 

At the same time, some of the functions in your daily life serve your attachments.  Your fear of detachment can be found in your thoughts and in your heart.  This is the most critical of the connections within that are the areas that are triggered by fear.  Any fear [pain] that arises is connected to attachment of some kind within your mind.  Finding the root of the fear will lead you to the attachment and give you the beliefs that need transformation and clarity.  Many times the healing that needs to take place is rooted within a thought connected to something else.  This means that many times the resistance lies within something that has yet to be forgiven, for detachment is the final step of forgiveness.  You cannot detach unless forgiveness is completed.  There are some things that are intertwined and all facets must be realized for the completion of forgiveness.

Love is the tool for forgiveness and detachment.  Where there is love, there lies truth.  Truth is the path to evolutionary progress and happiness, joy, and the realization of bliss!

Be Well, Be Love

Alignment with Intention

Aligning with your intentions is the will of your being matching the frequency of your intention.  This is the energy you put into the intention of Who You Really Are and the decree you have set forth for your life.

You are a being of magnificence and energetic vibration.  If you have lost the connection to yourself these writings have been created to help you find your way back to the essence of WYRA.  You are not the summation of your conquests and creations, although those were created by you as set forth by your intentions, however you are much more than that.  You have immersed yourself in the requirements of your ego, and most don’t even know it!

Last week’s post was about your thoughts.  Thoughts are the summaries of your true intentions that are coming forth for you to act upon.  What are you thinking?  A runaway mind is like a runaway on the streets; afraid and grabbing on to whatever is in the room at the time.  It is time for deliberate thinking and focusing upon your intentions.  This is aligning your soul with your heart and mind.  This forms the Trinity of your Being and unifying yourself is a sacred process.  This is your life’s path and one that requires the work be done within.

Your true reason for being here has nothing to do with what degree you have, how much money you have, how many children or grandchildren you have, or how many hardships you have endured.  It has to do with your Spiritual Evolution.  You were born as a twig that had a few roots.  What does your tree (life) look like now?  What have you done in your life to create your evolutionary path?  This the question of the now and if you have done the cleansing and healing within you are remade and ready to focus on your alignment with the Trinity of your being.

To know yourself is to know where you are in relation to everything and everyone around you.  It is to make each moment a deliberate act within and without towards your growth as a Spiritual Being.  The reality is that you are consumed by things that don’t matter to your life’s path, and think that if you do what’s best for you it will be what’s best for everyone around you.   This is partially true as you are responsible for your energy and vibration and what you send out into the world, but there is more.  Uniting those parts of yourself that aren’t consciously merged without setting the intention to do so is like buying a house without an inspection to know if all the parts of the home are strengthened and support each other.  If there is one weak part the whole foundation is at risk.  If it is made well and maintained it will stand forever.  Most will find their weakness resides within their thoughts.  This weakens the connection to the heart and soul as it is the biggest and most challenging of your incarnation.  We were not created to fear, and yet that is the most prevalent part of the basis of your thoughts.  What would happen if you didn’t have any fear?  How would that change you and those around you?

Alignment with the intention of your being and Who You Really Are is the current and greatest challenge of your life.  This must be done without any outside influence or teaching, and is the part of your path that lies within.  It’s the sacred part of your life’s path that is guided by the Source of your being, and it starts with intention.

Be Well, Be Love


Finding your way through the maze of your life is enhanced now with new frequencies coming in to raise your vibration.

If you have done the work that needs to be done, specifically multi-faceted healing through forgiveness with grace, you will find such things as miracles becoming frequent in your life!

There is much to be thankful for and contrast is being shown to you instantly, as you have obvious choices to make within each situation.  You can feel how each choice will produce a result, so you know in your heart of hearts what choice to make.  It doesn’t mean you will make that choice, as it will be harder for you to make than an easier one, but yet you know that the harder choice will be the one to provide you with transformation, clarity and hope.

Choosing love is not an easy choice in some situations especially where resistance is strongly felt.  Yet loving is always the right choice because everyone involved will benefit and the ripple effect is more pronounced.

The times that you are experiencing now are teaching you more about the 10 virtues, and currently the virtue of compassion is enhanced.  Compassion is a very important facet of forgiveness and carries within it the grace of honesty and imperfection.  Things are never as they seem, but this is changing.

As truth unfolds, the clarity of it carries a high frequency to raise the vibration of the one truly accepting and honoring it.  This is actually felt within the one accepting the truth, and the transformation that occurs enlivens the Spiritual part of oneself.

There is nothing to be afraid of.  In some, fear is a program that runs underneath everything.  You will find that fear is many times your first response to a situation.  If your faith is full you can trust and regardless of how things look, all will be fine.  This is a beautiful and loving place to be.  It is important to understand how clear the connection to your Spiritual self is operating.  If you feel even a slight amount of fear, finding out where it is coming from and why it is there is a deep concern for your current evolution.  Fear is designed to stop evolution and continue slavery to it [fear].  You cannot love and fear at the same time.  You are being given the opportunity now, within the current frequency, to heal and eradicate fear from your being and immerse yourself in the love that is who you really are.  The current frequency carries within it grace to match any intention that is of pure love.  Asking for this grace to assist you with healing the fear that resides within your being is assured.  Know this and act accordingly.  Through grace all things can be transformed and clarity is imminent.

Be Well, Be Love

Loving Self

How do you feel when you observe your reflection in a mirror? Do you admire your looks or do you feel love?  Loving yourself is more important than loving someone else, from your heart, your Sacred Self.

Loving who you are is different that loving who you have become, yet you are still one in the same. Truly loving yourself requires forgiveness, patience and understanding.  This is a process that is done when you are disconnected from the egoic mind, for it requires the use of compassion, healing, and humility. Many ways of doing this is discussed in earlier postings.

Love comes from that sacred part of you that is pure love, Source Essence. Admiration, adoration, and acceptance are all facets of love, but true unconditional love is more than this. Love is the absence of judgement. It is a knowing that there is nothing wrong, and everything is perfect just the way it is. This is the highest expression of true love and one that honors all each and every moment.

You have incarnated into this life as a journey to evolve and discover what it is like to experience contrast. This is called free will. You have no one telling you how to think and how to feel. It is your choice. Choosing love is much harder as your ego mind wants you to judge everything and everyone. Society teaches and reinforces judgement. This blocks the real world from your sight and guides you into the illusion of contrast and separation; also known as fear. There can be no love when fear is present. Knowing that your essence is that of Source, how can you judge yourself? Whatever you have done cannot be undone. The experience you have gained has led you to wisdom and clarity, and through accepting that as truth in forgiveness of yourself, you can use this clarity to increase your ability to love unconditionally. All roads lead inward to the Source of your Being. That is where your truth exists; in a higher expression of who you really are. If you doubt yourself or anything else, you will find the truth of it within.

When the lower mind judges it creates an emotion that is not connected to the heart. The lower mind has a facet of itself that is emotion. When you feel anger, hatred, or any form of judgement, there is an emotion associated with that thought. This is linked to the ego program and it creates fear. Once you give in to that emotion, it can become overwhelming and powerful as if it has a mind of its own. This emotion feeds the ego which creates a disconnection to your Sacred Self, your heart, and love.

Love does not come and go, it is constant. Each and every thought either connects you to your Source Essence, your heart, or it reinforces your ego. When you are consciously aware of the thoughts you are having you can choose the Divine heart and mind connection, which generates love. Love is your natural state of being and is the highest expression of who you are and cannot be weakened. Making decisions that are in your best interests, from the love that you are, will always be good for everyone involved. Learn to love yourself at all times and you will create well-being within and without!

Be Well, Be Love


A New World

It is a remarkable time within the evolution of life upon Gaia! As the expansion and evolution of the spiritual nature of all has never been the complete focus of humanity…..until now.

This is a special time to be in physicality upon Gaia and know that those that are at this point have decided to stay and evolve. There are still some that may change their hearts, as this is a free will universe. This last full moon was the deciding factor of energy and light. All from this point forward must be supported and not cajoled as each has made their own decision. It is a time of beauty and light!  Choose to flow with Love and all things shall be yours. This is the One Truth of this new time of expansion. All things shall change to reflect this Truth within and without. There is no other way. Find this innocence within all things and you shall find Love. Be in that place of being able to see the Truth that exists in all things and believe it to be there. The way is not hard for those transformed from one state of being to another, however it may still be a challenge for some. When this comes to be, find the strength in the Virtues as codes to draw upon to re center and balance yourself. These codes (Virtues) will reconnect your DNA and remaster your being, further realigning your connection.

Your emotional body is your guide to this alignment. Emotions are thoughts the heart generates. These thoughts, once created by the heart, are then manifested in Divine Mind and connect to Ones Higher Self. This then is the new way of your evolutionary existence on Gaia. Thoughts now resonate with your whole being as there is only one state of being. Nothing within is shut down or manipulated. This creates your Energy Signature and connects with others to share the unique properties of Love each person generates. This is likened to spice that each person ‘sprinkles’ on their energy that makes them unique. It is to be shared and enjoyed by all. This is the same concept as Source enjoys with each one of you! This level of connection creates miracles and releases joy to be had by all!

Be Well, Be Love ♥


Much is happening to create discord as fear increases within and without. With fear being generated at these levels it means that things are being shaken up enough to release it out into the world. There are those that see this happening and know what it truly is.

When the darkest parts of Oneself is activated, it creates the opportunity to observe what is available for healing if desired, and how to heal it. When healing is not initiated the fear is released. Fear cannot reside within without finding release. This fear then joins with like energy and draws experience to the person releasing the fear. This is a continuous cycle until something changes, for fear begets fear and everything has a breaking point.

Observation of fear shows the person what is generated within; fear or compassion. This reveals what lies within Ones being, and is a guideline for truth. When One has healed the darkness from their being, and encounters fear, compassion is stimulated. This compassion is used to diffuse the fear and send grace to the heart of the darkness that created the fear. This creates opportunity for a moment of clarity and a feeling of peace within that place of darkness. When enough compassion is sent forth to a situation or person, the outcome can be changed as compassion dissipates fear.  Therefore the darkness that generated the fear is met with copious amounts of compassion, which is pure love. When this compassion is generated from a healed source with clarity of being, it creates miraculous results! Not only does it diffuse the fear, but it creates an instantaneous healing!  This gives One in fear clarity and opportunity to look at what the issues are that need to be transformed.  The more compassion One emits, the more light and clarity are generated, and the more powerful the compassion becomes in its ability to heal and transform fear and darkness.

The more work that is done with the virtue of compassion, the more One is transformed within and inspiration is generated for the conversion from fear to love.

Be Well, Be Love

Inner Core

Fence sitting is over! The mixture of frequency and vibration is creating a stir within that cannot be ignored.  Finding your way to the core of your being requires that all the ‘muck’ within be reviewed, cleared out, and cleaned up. This is not an easy task as forgiveness is necessary along the way. The hardest to forgive is yourself, and yet that is the most important. Without forgiveness for yourself, you cannot forgive others.

The core of your being holds all of the layers of significant events and the feelings attached to those events. These are layers of judgments and feeling judged. These layers are not stored in your heart center. The heart center contains all the good memories of loving events and times when you felt loved. These are two different parts of your being. You can vacillate between the two as you can use the heart memory to assist with healing your inner core. Healing the inner core is required for balance and assimilation of the new frequency for your evolutionary gain. The painful layers in the core of your being (everyone has them) can heal quickly if you ask for grace as you set the intention to heal your inner core. This is not something that is easy to do, as it is important to consciously review some of the events stored within the layers of your being. It is required due to the forgiveness that needs to take place for healing and release to occur. Asking for help during this process is the most loving thing you can do [for yourself] during this time of introspection. When you look at these layers with the intention of healing them, you will see them differently than you might remember them. This is because you are seeing and feeling them with the wisdom and experience you have gained after the situation occurred. This review helps to lessen the pain, and what is revealed are new perspectives of the situation. These are the parts that you weren’t able to ‘see’ at the time as there are layers within layers of things occurring within a situation or event to spur your growth and evolution. This is the reason that some things are stored for later, as the understanding and experience didn’t exist [in you] at the time to get the full understanding of what you were going through. It is now time to look at these things with the ‘new eyes and ears’ of your current perspective, as all pain is meant to be healed and released.

Finding your way through this process of gaining clarity and inner peace is key to your evolution! There is nothing else that you are here for. Your spiritual nature and the purity of your inner realm matters most!

Be Well, Be Love

Heart and Divine Mind Alignment

Alignment is achieved when the heart and the divine mind are connected to your Higher Self.

You can achieve this connection through awakening your Creator Self while in your natural state of being (state of love), which has to be actualized to make this connection. This means that you are without the fear, guilt, and self-incrimination which may have been created through various forms of programming and the indoctrination by your societies. In other words, without clarity of being you cannot be in alignment.

The current energy and frequency calls for this alignment through the activation of your Creator Self. This may feel like confusion, frustration, and disillusionment at times as your alignment progresses. This state of being proves that you are in the process of connecting your heart with your divine mind. It means you are healing and activating your heart connection by working within the 8 Virtues. It shows that you are moving away from the ego self and into kindness and compassion to indoctrinate the divine mind/heart connection. It is a sensitive time of integration, as this is a big step in your evolution! This comes about through practicing the Virtues and makes you aware when you are stepping outside of them. This is not easy, and takes a tremendous amount of effort! Be gentle and don’t get in a hurry, this is can be an arduous path.

As the inner self shifts the environment around you will shift as well. This creates change and opens your heart to see and understand that there may be things, places, and people that could be holding you back. Sometimes you may cling to these things as they are comfortable and known. If they feel like support for your evolution of being, then they are mutable and will add to your experience. If they add to your confusion and frustration, they may be holding on to your ego self. Showing compassion and tolerance for the situation is loving, and may assist them as your frequency adjusts. Everything is evolving, and your tolerance and compassionate nature is the grace you can offer to ease the transition. Bless each situation as it comes up, and at the same time find the truth within it. Work with the truth of it and then let it go! The more you cling to things, places, people, and events the more ‘weight’ you carry.

You are meant to flow with your life and have peace within. When you drop the agendas you may have instilled for your life, and replace it with loving intention, you will find that you will draw the people and situations to you that enhance your evolution of being and support the alignment with your Higher Self. Believe that all is well and it shall be so! Be Well, Be Love


Love.  What exactly is love?  Is it an emotion…..or is it a feeling…..where does it come from?  Is it the same for everyone?

Love is a state of being.  It is multi-faceted and contains both feeling and emotion.  The feeling part of love is consistent, for that is your natural state of being; it’s the emotional facet of love that varies.  The only time you do not have love as your state of being is when you are in fear.  You can not be in both at the same time.  Fear relates back to the ego and programming, as we have discussed before.  Love is the absence of fear and it is Who You Really Are.  When you feel the emotion of love, you are experiencing your heart amplifying your state of being.  This is a viable energy you can pass on to someone or something, and can be expressed in many ways.  It is an energy of high frequency and is not a constant presence.  Emotional love varies and wanes depending on the state you are in.

Fear is not a feeling, it is an emotion tied to the ego mind.  The reason that emotional fear is so hurtful is that it lacks the heart energy.  It does not contain any love, and therefore it is only pain for all involved, and pain is a feeling, replacing love.  Fear cannot exist within a loving environment just as darkness cannot exist within light.

Since love is your natural state of being, it is not something you need to try to do.  When your intentions come from a loving foundation they are passed on and released with love.  This makes them manifest for good and cannot be misinterpreted.  If the receiver of the intention you have put forth does not feel the goodness from your intention, it will still deliver the love that laced it originally.  This will act as grace to give the receiver an activation of the love that is within them to raise their vibration.  In other words, any love that is sent to another is not wasted.  It may not seem to be received in a way you expected, but it is none the less taken in and connects with the love that they really are.

Love carries within it the frequency of forgiveness and compassion.  These are two facets of love that are working all the time, if you are in your natural state of being.  When you are in a loving state, you release the energy of forgiveness and compassion that emanates to all in your presence.  These are the most powerful attributes of true loving intention.  Wether or not you are aware that you are relaying these energies, they are going out and affecting all those around you laying grace everywhere you go.  It is very important for you to be aware of this as it is the one thing that can make a difference to someone that you may not even know.

When you stay connected with your true state of being and maintain your balance, all will be blessed with love in your presence and those you will think about as well.  Your thoughts will flow out into the world changing things that you aren’t even aware of.  You do not have to think or be aware of the love that you are, as that is a given.  Love is an energy and frequency that acts as the carrier of your intentions and your thoughts, and it is all about intention.  Practice seeing the goodness and that will be reinforced by your loving intention.

Be Well, Be Love 


September 20, 2015

There are six virtues that are crucial to evolution. These are the virtues that make up the foundation of the soul connection to higher self, and the expansion of ones Being largely depends on mastering these virtues: Understanding, Compassion, Forgiveness, Appreciation, Humility, and Valor. These virtues are pure and important for connection to your higher self to become more of WYRA.

The creation and immersion of the egos ‘drama’ keeps you from this connection and true integration of these virtues. It is the egos job to keep you distracted and off guard as we have discussed before, and yet you can break free of the hold the ego has on you through mastering these 6 virtues using patience and tolerance with yourself and others.

If you set the intention to integrate these virtues, your heart will remind you when the opportunity arises to instill a virtue. This is not an easy task, as evolution is as much work as the butterfly breaking through the cocoon! Mastering these virtues will enliven and activate the connection with your true self and carry you to the next steps of merging with your Higher Self in a more personal way! Living within the 6 virtues will lead you to a multidimensional existence and a deep sense of peace within.

Gratitude and appreciation are created when practicing these virtues in your everyday life. The energy created from this state of being will make immersion into the virtues much easier and with a more permanent outcome. Starting with a sense of gratitude creates the frequency needed within your being to connect with the virtues, otherwise you are not able to reach the vibration needed to resonate with their true meaning.

A new sense of interacting with others and the world at large changes when you align with these virtues, as you are no longer looking to the ego to create excitement and stimulation for life to be interesting. There is another way to enjoy life without all the stimulation and distraction, but it requires a commitment to having a more heart centered life. This way of living will bring you true happiness and joy from a higher state of being. It removes the mundane and illusory visions of what your life might contain now. It will open you to new paths of service and integration with your Creator Self. This way of living will enliven and enrich your experience with the energetic qualities of love!

Be Well, Be Love