Inner Core

Fence sitting is over! The mixture of frequency and vibration is creating a stir within that cannot be ignored.  Finding your way to the core of your being requires that all the ‘muck’ within be reviewed, cleared out, and cleaned up. This is not an easy task as forgiveness is necessary along the way. The hardest to forgive is yourself, and yet that is the most important. Without forgiveness for yourself, you cannot forgive others.

The core of your being holds all of the layers of significant events and the feelings attached to those events. These are layers of judgments and feeling judged. These layers are not stored in your heart center. The heart center contains all the good memories of loving events and times when you felt loved. These are two different parts of your being. You can vacillate between the two as you can use the heart memory to assist with healing your inner core. Healing the inner core is required for balance and assimilation of the new frequency for your evolutionary gain. The painful layers in the core of your being (everyone has them) can heal quickly if you ask for grace as you set the intention to heal your inner core. This is not something that is easy to do, as it is important to consciously review some of the events stored within the layers of your being. It is required due to the forgiveness that needs to take place for healing and release to occur. Asking for help during this process is the most loving thing you can do [for yourself] during this time of introspection. When you look at these layers with the intention of healing them, you will see them differently than you might remember them. This is because you are seeing and feeling them with the wisdom and experience you have gained after the situation occurred. This review helps to lessen the pain, and what is revealed are new perspectives of the situation. These are the parts that you weren’t able to ‘see’ at the time as there are layers within layers of things occurring within a situation or event to spur your growth and evolution. This is the reason that some things are stored for later, as the understanding and experience didn’t exist [in you] at the time to get the full understanding of what you were going through. It is now time to look at these things with the ‘new eyes and ears’ of your current perspective, as all pain is meant to be healed and released.

Finding your way through this process of gaining clarity and inner peace is key to your evolution! There is nothing else that you are here for. Your spiritual nature and the purity of your inner realm matters most!

Be Well, Be Love

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