Evolution is Key

It is a precarious time of division and conflict of all kinds.  Nary do we know what is up or down?  There is nothing that is sure, and things keep changing.  There are no answers…..except one.  Your own heart will tell you the truth and guide you through these times.  Love will provide the answer for every question.  If you come from that place, you will find the right answers every time. 

There is no truth in fear, and fear is the exact opposite of love.  The contrast between fear and love is more prominent right now and figures into everything and everyone to some degree.  If you reside in a state of love, there is nothing to fear. 

Trusting yourself is the most difficult path and is done only through a healed heart.  This is not something that comes and goes.  It is a state of being at all times.  There isn’t any room for lackadaisical perceptions when in a state of being with love as your center.  When you trust yourself, your perceptions are loving, and you can see both sides of the coin but in a different way other than judging or blaming. 

There is a reason for everything that happens as there are no accidents or mistakes.  That is a tough one because it is easier to blame someone or something for misgivings.  Every experience you have holds within it an evolutionary step, and that step leads you towards healing and expanding your heart and soul.  Your spiritual growth is all that matters now, and this has always been the case, but it is much easier to understand in these times.  This is your savings grace if you allow it and are in a good place within.  Expansion for the purpose of evolution is where your focused intention should be.  There is nothing else that matters right now, for things are increasingly confusing and discombobulated.  Your perception can become diffused with all that is happening at the current time.  Focusing on your own process and well-being is the primary concern.  You are being given grand opportunities to evolve through healing and living through the heart virtues.  This can be your plan for your own salvation. 

The time is now for soul expansion and connection with your higher self which is that part of you that knows all things and is directly connected to Source/God/All That Is.  This is the part of you that you can trust to know the truth.  This is the pure love part of you that doesn’t have regret, pain, fear, guilt, or any judgement toward yourself or others.  This is the part of you that isn’t controlled by the ego, which was intended to be your self-control system.  Since we live in a 3D contrast it is automatic to compare everything.  The ego program uses comparison which leads to judgements, blaming, and guilt.  With a healed heart your ego converts to Divine Mind and connects with your Heart and Soul for the purpose of being consciously aware of living in concert with your Highest Self.  If you can live the heart virtues, you are fully connected to your Highest Self and the God Force which is all there is!  This is a process and can only be achieved through focused and conscious intention.  Once you make a considered and absolute commitment to evolve your spiritual awareness your Divine Self (heart + soul + Divine mind) will become your new conscious awareness.  This is your purpose, and your journey then changes, and new beginnings will emerge. 

Be Well, Be Love ❤️


Free Will

It is time for the awakened and conscious activation of your Free Will!

And what exactly is free will?  Free Will before now has been an aspect of your higher self, operating as the intelligence of your higher wisdom and connection with [and part of] Source/God/All That Is/The Maker of all of Creation.  It is time for you to consciously activate the power of your free will.  You have been ‘asleep’ long enough and knowing the power that you hold within your being can be brought into light by the conscious awakening of your free will. 

You have the power to control all that you experience and through this experiencing you can change anything you desire, through your free will. Animating your inner being by living through the heart virtues will bring strength and fortitude through alignment with free will. This is a facet of your soul that cannot be taken from you or manipulated, except through you exercising your free will by allowing something such as belief, thought, word, or deed to be accepted by your free will. This is something you give willingly and freely, as it cannot be bought or used without your permission. You are in full control of this most precious gift, and it governs all that you do, think, and believe. Only in this aspect of your soul can you choose to be who you truly are and experience what you want to be, do, or have. What then can you do if you find yourself in a situation you do not feel comes from the choice of free will? That is the real question! The answer is that it does not come from your free will choice. Nothing happens to you without your permission. You have allowed all that you currently know, accept, and instill as your choice of experience. Nothing happens to you; it happens for you.

Your reality is a culmination of your free will choices; you just don’t realize that. To change your life, you must change your creed. That is why I have put forth the Heart Virtues. Living thru them will cleanse your being and give you the opportunity to have a fresh start on a path where you can change anything through your newly awakened free will. You can then drop the programming that may have infiltrated your being by your exposure to what you thought was truth, only to find it contained hidden aspects of manipulating your free will. Only when you consciously discern what you believe to be truth can you operate with free will. There is no person, place, or thing that can make you do, trust, accept, or instill anything without your free will. If an attempt is made to manipulate you in any way, it may coerce you at first, but it will eventually fail, for the true power of your soul cannot be changed or conditioned by anyone or anything; you are the only one that holds that free will choice. It is only through your free will that you incarnate, live, experience, and evolve by choosing to do so.

Your ego is the one and only way attempting to access your free will through a back door of programming, coercion, and manipulation. The ego has no power of its own. It can only operate with the strength and acceptance of free will. This is why I have talked so much about the ego and its false narratives, for unless the mind is divinely linked to the heart (soul) it is connected to the ego program. The ego is weak and can easily be controlled by creating additional effects of anything that it accepts as truth, for it has no power or ability to hold wisdom of any kind. Ego can make decisions to allow the heart (soul) to accept or decline anything brought into its realm, but no power to create the acceptance of the incoming information without free will. If the information is wanted by the ego, it could bypass the heart (soul) and create on its own reality by the manifestation of the information. By doing this and sidestepping free will, this will allow the ego to open the door of the creation of fear, doubt, sadness, anger, hatred, because it does not have a free will of its own, and it will then create weakness within the being bypassing the soul aspect of free will. This opens up access for the ego to latch on to anything that supports its created narrative of building a new version of strength and belief. The ego then rejects anything that will not support its new narrative because that will weaken its newly formed version of itself, so the ego can feel satisfied and strong. Now that the ego is no longer responsible to or ‘bullied’ by free will [of a spiritual nature], it can proceed to be controlled and manipulated by anything or anyone that helped build the new feel-good reality it has created. It closes itself off from anything or anyone that may threaten its belief system thus making it stronger and more resilient to opposing narratives. This ego false reality is what is fading now and true free will is making a new comeback with the light and frequency of love that is coming to be! This light can penetrate the egos false narratives and creations bringing clarity to what is truth and what is real questioning the illusion of reality that has morphed into being. This light (love) weakens the ego thus creating a collapse of the fake foundation it has created. For those that are fighting for their ego-based reality, it feels as a time of conflict, chaos, and crises (CCC) as they watch their basis of believing, doing, and being starts to crumble.

Now begins the opportunity for free will begin to take its rightful place in rebuilding the strength of the soul and remapping the ego to be a benevolent aspect of the Spiritual Self.

And so, it begins!

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

Inner Core

Fence sitting is over! The mixture of frequency and vibration is creating a stir within that cannot be ignored.  Finding your way to the core of your being requires that all the ‘muck’ within be reviewed, cleared out, and cleaned up. This is not an easy task as forgiveness is necessary along the way. The hardest to forgive is yourself, and yet that is the most important. Without forgiveness for yourself, you cannot forgive others.

The core of your being holds all of the layers of significant events and the feelings attached to those events. These are layers of judgments and feeling judged. These layers are not stored in your heart center. The heart center contains all the good memories of loving events and times when you felt loved. These are two different parts of your being. You can vacillate between the two as you can use the heart memory to assist with healing your inner core. Healing the inner core is required for balance and assimilation of the new frequency for your evolutionary gain. The painful layers in the core of your being (everyone has them) can heal quickly if you ask for grace as you set the intention to heal your inner core. This is not something that is easy to do, as it is important to consciously review some of the events stored within the layers of your being. It is required due to the forgiveness that needs to take place for healing and release to occur. Asking for help during this process is the most loving thing you can do [for yourself] during this time of introspection. When you look at these layers with the intention of healing them, you will see them differently than you might remember them. This is because you are seeing and feeling them with the wisdom and experience you have gained after the situation occurred. This review helps to lessen the pain, and what is revealed are new perspectives of the situation. These are the parts that you weren’t able to ‘see’ at the time as there are layers within layers of things occurring within a situation or event to spur your growth and evolution. This is the reason that some things are stored for later, as the understanding and experience didn’t exist [in you] at the time to get the full understanding of what you were going through. It is now time to look at these things with the ‘new eyes and ears’ of your current perspective, as all pain is meant to be healed and released.

Finding your way through this process of gaining clarity and inner peace is key to your evolution! There is nothing else that you are here for. Your spiritual nature and the purity of your inner realm matters most!

Be Well, Be Love