A New World

It is a remarkable time within the evolution of life upon Gaia! As the expansion and evolution of the spiritual nature of all has never been the complete focus of humanity…..until now.

This is a special time to be in physicality upon Gaia and know that those that are at this point have decided to stay and evolve. There are still some that may change their hearts, as this is a free will universe. This last full moon was the deciding factor of energy and light. All from this point forward must be supported and not cajoled as each has made their own decision. It is a time of beauty and light!  Choose to flow with Love and all things shall be yours. This is the One Truth of this new time of expansion. All things shall change to reflect this Truth within and without. There is no other way. Find this innocence within all things and you shall find Love. Be in that place of being able to see the Truth that exists in all things and believe it to be there. The way is not hard for those transformed from one state of being to another, however it may still be a challenge for some. When this comes to be, find the strength in the Virtues as codes to draw upon to re center and balance yourself. These codes (Virtues) will reconnect your DNA and remaster your being, further realigning your connection.

Your emotional body is your guide to this alignment. Emotions are thoughts the heart generates. These thoughts, once created by the heart, are then manifested in Divine Mind and connect to Ones Higher Self. This then is the new way of your evolutionary existence on Gaia. Thoughts now resonate with your whole being as there is only one state of being. Nothing within is shut down or manipulated. This creates your Energy Signature and connects with others to share the unique properties of Love each person generates. This is likened to spice that each person ‘sprinkles’ on their energy that makes them unique. It is to be shared and enjoyed by all. This is the same concept as Source enjoys with each one of you! This level of connection creates miracles and releases joy to be had by all!

Be Well, Be Love ♥

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