Heart and Divine Mind Alignment

Alignment is achieved when the heart and the divine mind are connected to your Higher Self.

You can achieve this connection through awakening your Creator Self while in your natural state of being (state of love), which has to be actualized to make this connection. This means that you are without the fear, guilt, and self-incrimination which may have been created through various forms of programming and the indoctrination by your societies. In other words, without clarity of being you cannot be in alignment.

The current energy and frequency calls for this alignment through the activation of your Creator Self. This may feel like confusion, frustration, and disillusionment at times as your alignment progresses. This state of being proves that you are in the process of connecting your heart with your divine mind. It means you are healing and activating your heart connection by working within the 8 Virtues. It shows that you are moving away from the ego self and into kindness and compassion to indoctrinate the divine mind/heart connection. It is a sensitive time of integration, as this is a big step in your evolution! This comes about through practicing the Virtues and makes you aware when you are stepping outside of them. This is not easy, and takes a tremendous amount of effort! Be gentle and don’t get in a hurry, this is can be an arduous path.

As the inner self shifts the environment around you will shift as well. This creates change and opens your heart to see and understand that there may be things, places, and people that could be holding you back. Sometimes you may cling to these things as they are comfortable and known. If they feel like support for your evolution of being, then they are mutable and will add to your experience. If they add to your confusion and frustration, they may be holding on to your ego self. Showing compassion and tolerance for the situation is loving, and may assist them as your frequency adjusts. Everything is evolving, and your tolerance and compassionate nature is the grace you can offer to ease the transition. Bless each situation as it comes up, and at the same time find the truth within it. Work with the truth of it and then let it go! The more you cling to things, places, people, and events the more ‘weight’ you carry.

You are meant to flow with your life and have peace within. When you drop the agendas you may have instilled for your life, and replace it with loving intention, you will find that you will draw the people and situations to you that enhance your evolution of being and support the alignment with your Higher Self. Believe that all is well and it shall be so! Be Well, Be Love

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