Blessings – Healing Pain/Fear

Life is full of blessings!  Everywhere you turn are opportunities to feel this grace and love.  The more you feel and acknowledge these energies the more that you radiate them out into the world.

All are in search for peace and understanding.  It may surprise you to know that there is more of this than not in the world as it is the core desire for most, and when this desire is strong it is met with nonresistance.  The only resistance lies within when forgiveness is not complete.  No one can accomplish this but you, and it has to be desired more than the pain that is so easy to hold on to.  Courage is necessary to face the fear of being at peace.  When one has only known pain, it becomes a source of strength.  If the pain were to be healed, the turmoil would end.

Fear creates a false sense of security.  Fear will no longer bring you the comfort you seek as it will not hold strong under the new frequency of love.  Clinging to pain and fear that is yet to be healed and released, will only bring you more need to generate pain and fear.  The diminishment of fear by those that have healed is increasing, so those that are left don’t have the energy of fear to draw from that used to exist.  Do you find yourself needing to be in pain more often and finding that when you are tuned into your pain that it is not satisfying?  Why would I say satisfying?  Because if it was not, you would let go of it.

The strength of the new frequency of love and light that is upon you is stronger than the internal derision you may have [for yourself].  An intent to heal and free yourself of the pain and fear no matter how strong will bring to you grace and support to accomplish this task!

Once you start this process, you must have the courage to continue the healing as it will involve everyone in your life.  As you begin healing and forgiveness in earnest, you will start to feel a strength come from within that feels different and unfamiliar.  This will feel peaceful and deliciously comforting to your being.  Your heart will start to send thoughts to your mind of loving this new feeling, and the evolution of your soul will initiate and draw to you new people and experiences.  It will be a whole being experience that opens new avenues of growth and expansion.  This will lead to new blessings and appreciation in your life that was blocked from you before.  The truth of your being will rush to the forefront of your mind helping you to ‘see with new eyes and hear with new ears’.  Eventually, the suffering will end and loneliness will diminish.  As you continue this process and each layer of pain and fear dissolves, a new understanding is initiated that will make the healing progress faster and with new found wisdom in procreating your life.  No longer will you ask the ‘whys’.  It will turn to gratitude and higher perspective of the spiritual nature of life.  No longer will you relate to fear and pain!  You will replace self-incrimination with love and it will shift those in your life. The ones that supported your painful self will fall away, and those that truly love you will start to change and react differently to you. It is truly miraculous if you will just see it through!

And, this is just the beginning …………..

Opening to Trust and Faith

What exactly is trust and faith?  If there is any unrest internally, can one really trust?  Is trust innate to our being?  Are trusting and being trusted connected?

The idea of trust is different from the act of trusting; which is at times, assumed.  What is trust?  Trust is crucial for clarity and peace within.  Trust is directly connected to the virtues of forgiveness and patience. One cannot trust if one cannot trust oneself.  If your life is not in concert with the true intention of trust, you are in fear and unforgiveness is the basis of that fear.  Whether the unforgiveness is with self, or from/with others matters not, it still indicates a lack of trust.

Trust must be earned, and it has to be experienced.  If something arises in your experience where trust is excercised, did the situation bring up any fear?  If fear is present, then trust is not fully engaged.  Trust brings peace; ego brings fear.  Do you feel that the fear had to do with a situation, or was it an inner reaction due to unresolved issues?  In the case of trust with a person, knowing that someone is who they profess to be is different, then assuming they are that standard.

The process of self-inquiry is an ongoing step for spiritual attainment and evolutionary gain.  There are always next steps in your internal journey toward the enlightenment of your being!  This is where faith comes into play.  Having faith in ones journey, connects trust to ones process, and belief in ones self.  Knowing that all is right within, and trusting your connection to the trinity of your being, creates a cohesion of unity with All That Is; the Source of your being.  Realizing that everything that happens in your life has a higher purpose, and knowing that Divine Will is underlying all, is the basis of your trust and faith.  There are no accidents or mistakes, and if you understand this then there should be no fear.

Following your inner guidance will never lead you astray.  If you feel within that something does not make sense, feel it with your heart instead of looking at it with your mind.  The heart is most closely connected to your soul which is the part of you that is connected directly to, and part of Source.  This is the part of you where faith and trust comes from in its truest form.  Anything other than this connection and place of least resistance, is from the ego self.  Nothing that is complicated and easily misunderstood comes from your soul.  These writings have shown you the way to unwind the ego self from the true self and reveal the trinity of your being.  The time is at hand to do this work!  Nothing going forward can be understood unless you have connected the different parts of yourself to unite and activate the trinity of your being.

If you can open to trueness and have trust and faith in yourself and your process, you can connect with the true meaning of life and why you are here.

Be Well, Be Love


Recognizing that detachment is a vital part of your evolutionary process cannot be avoided. 

What does this mean?  Detachment applies to everything and everyone in your sphere.  The place where detachment is the most useful is with your thoughts.  It is a part of the revelation of your being, to be able to easily detach from thoughts that arise, especially those that are generated from the ego. 

Being in a place of pure potentiality requires the release and detachment from the beliefs that the ego has formed.  Knowing that all of the thoughts that you have are related to the illusion that you are immersed in, is essential to detachment.  Holding on to any conflagration of the mind connected to a belief or issue that is undealt with, will inhibit the Trinity of your being and causes resistance.  When resistance is felt there is an attachment that is pinged to something within that is threatened with truth. 

At the same time, some of the functions in your daily life serve your attachments.  Your fear of detachment can be found in your thoughts and in your heart.  This is the most critical of the connections within that are the areas that are triggered by fear.  Any fear [pain] that arises is connected to attachment of some kind within your mind.  Finding the root of the fear will lead you to the attachment and give you the beliefs that need transformation and clarity.  Many times the healing that needs to take place is rooted within a thought connected to something else.  This means that many times the resistance lies within something that has yet to be forgiven, for detachment is the final step of forgiveness.  You cannot detach unless forgiveness is completed.  There are some things that are intertwined and all facets must be realized for the completion of forgiveness.

Love is the tool for forgiveness and detachment.  Where there is love, there lies truth.  Truth is the path to evolutionary progress and happiness, joy, and the realization of bliss!

Be Well, Be Love


Finding your way through the maze of your life is enhanced now with new frequencies coming in to raise your vibration.

If you have done the work that needs to be done, specifically multi-faceted healing through forgiveness with grace, you will find such things as miracles becoming frequent in your life!

There is much to be thankful for and contrast is being shown to you instantly, as you have obvious choices to make within each situation.  You can feel how each choice will produce a result, so you know in your heart of hearts what choice to make.  It doesn’t mean you will make that choice, as it will be harder for you to make than an easier one, but yet you know that the harder choice will be the one to provide you with transformation, clarity and hope.

Choosing love is not an easy choice in some situations especially where resistance is strongly felt.  Yet loving is always the right choice because everyone involved will benefit and the ripple effect is more pronounced.

The times that you are experiencing now are teaching you more about the 10 virtues, and currently the virtue of compassion is enhanced.  Compassion is a very important facet of forgiveness and carries within it the grace of honesty and imperfection.  Things are never as they seem, but this is changing.

As truth unfolds, the clarity of it carries a high frequency to raise the vibration of the one truly accepting and honoring it.  This is actually felt within the one accepting the truth, and the transformation that occurs enlivens the Spiritual part of oneself.

There is nothing to be afraid of.  In some, fear is a program that runs underneath everything.  You will find that fear is many times your first response to a situation.  If your faith is full you can trust and regardless of how things look, all will be fine.  This is a beautiful and loving place to be.  It is important to understand how clear the connection to your Spiritual self is operating.  If you feel even a slight amount of fear, finding out where it is coming from and why it is there is a deep concern for your current evolution.  Fear is designed to stop evolution and continue slavery to it [fear].  You cannot love and fear at the same time.  You are being given the opportunity now, within the current frequency, to heal and eradicate fear from your being and immerse yourself in the love that is who you really are.  The current frequency carries within it grace to match any intention that is of pure love.  Asking for this grace to assist you with healing the fear that resides within your being is assured.  Know this and act accordingly.  Through grace all things can be transformed and clarity is imminent.

Be Well, Be Love

Fostering Love

Finding your way to love is a journey of Faith and precognition. Knowing that you are part of a simple creative process of love realized, is understanding the whole process of true love.

Aligning yourself with the intention of living within the stream of loving intention is opening to a new way of existence. This means that there is nothing that exists outside of perfection, and the realization of perfection as a rule of thumb. The feeling that there is more to life than what currently exists is just an ego’s rendition of life. Where you are is where you want to be, otherwise you would be someplace else!

Finding fault is nothing more than recognizing that something or someone is not like you. This means that the ego only tolerates what you understand to be true and not the variety that exists within all things. When there is the absence of love, criticism, judgement, and impatience are present. These are all actions and feelings that show you the contrast to the 10 virtues and let you know that you have stepped outside of love.
Is it possible to live in a loving state of being full time? It is if you are consciously present and aware of your reactions to the now. This takes practice and can be difficult during times of expansion and personal growth. Given that, even in those times there can be conscious awareness.

There are those that are desperate, and that desperation can be all consuming. This only means that these ones have stepped outside of gratitude, and do not understand what being thankful truly means. This is a condensed version of fear, and the furthest away from love one can be outside of pure demise. This state of being is a breeding ground for love, and also when the opportunity for love can be the strongest. When one is present durning times such as these, it is like finding your way through a forest of fear and using love to light your way through!

The opportunity to love is ever present. It is a way of interacting with the world like a program running in the background. There is more love than fear present at all times, it is just a matter of tuning into it. Love created everything around you, including yourself, so if you step outside of love you are turning to fear which is a programming that you have bought into.

Coming from love is not a weakness, but with some could be perceived as such. On the other hand, it is also not a tactical move as some perceive their actions to be out of love. Love is a neutral response to stimuli and feels warm and welcoming. Once this is felt, it is immediately noticed. Passing the torch of love is a worthy lifelong goal. Live the state of love through the 10 virtues and know when you are stepping outside of them!

Be Well Be Love


Much is happening to create discord as fear increases within and without. With fear being generated at these levels it means that things are being shaken up enough to release it out into the world. There are those that see this happening and know what it truly is.

When the darkest parts of Oneself is activated, it creates the opportunity to observe what is available for healing if desired, and how to heal it. When healing is not initiated the fear is released. Fear cannot reside within without finding release. This fear then joins with like energy and draws experience to the person releasing the fear. This is a continuous cycle until something changes, for fear begets fear and everything has a breaking point.

Observation of fear shows the person what is generated within; fear or compassion. This reveals what lies within Ones being, and is a guideline for truth. When One has healed the darkness from their being, and encounters fear, compassion is stimulated. This compassion is used to diffuse the fear and send grace to the heart of the darkness that created the fear. This creates opportunity for a moment of clarity and a feeling of peace within that place of darkness. When enough compassion is sent forth to a situation or person, the outcome can be changed as compassion dissipates fear.  Therefore the darkness that generated the fear is met with copious amounts of compassion, which is pure love. When this compassion is generated from a healed source with clarity of being, it creates miraculous results! Not only does it diffuse the fear, but it creates an instantaneous healing!  This gives One in fear clarity and opportunity to look at what the issues are that need to be transformed.  The more compassion One emits, the more light and clarity are generated, and the more powerful the compassion becomes in its ability to heal and transform fear and darkness.

The more work that is done with the virtue of compassion, the more One is transformed within and inspiration is generated for the conversion from fear to love.

Be Well, Be Love

Peace Within

There are those that have resisted the changes within. They are finding themselves confused and agitated. It is a time of deconstruction and reconstruction all at the same time, and all are on the path of one or the other.
This is the time when the 8 Virtues are of supreme importance;

◊ Patience
◊ Understanding
◊ Tolerance
◊ Humility
◊ Valor
◊ Compassion
◊ Appreciation
◊ Forgiveness

Awareness of your inner self is the key to manifesting the connection with the vibration of love that is the Grace that surrounds Gaia at this time. This is the only path to peace, and tuning into this Grace will further enhance the clarity of your being. Then, and only then can you assist others to find their way towards peace within.

Peace cannot be established without the connection and practice of the 8 Virtues. Struggle within makes it challenging to make the connection and practice the virtues; but with Patience and Tolerance one will Understand and have Compassion to find Forgiveness and Appreciation with Humility, for themselves and others. Valor is called upon now with all the confusion happening from the inside thereby creating chaos without. Healing has been a conscious process, and is now able to be done without awareness, using Grace. Grace is penetrating the heart and activating it to heal each one from the inside out. This is why there is agitation in some for they are resisting the work required to heal within, and understanding being revealed within for others. This Grace is called upon through intention, as we have discussed before. If one’s intention is to heal or understand something, Grace responds working with the intelligence of the heart to motivate the intention. This draws answers to the one asking and the heart stimulates the healing so that it all happens simultaneously. If one rejects healing, a counteracting energy rejects the Grace and agitation is the result. When the one that is agitated meets with one that has evolved and carries a significant amount of Grace, the agitation will subside. This does not mean the one will be immediately healed, however if the one has asked for (set the intention) an answer for the agitation, the light from the evolved one will interact with their heart and dissolve the agitation significantly. A new understanding within will result and clarity will be given to be used for healing and forgiveness. This is why the ones in true need of healing are either coming forward and stepping into their power, or are shrinking back and withdrawing. There is a dramatic difference within those that are struggling, as their struggles are increasing losing their brevity, for they cannot withstand the frequency combined with the hearts vibratory alignment. The observation of this within others is obvious and draws compassion from those that have done the work.

This work within is connecting with Divine Mind to create a bond between Heaven and Gaia that is impenetrable and everlasting. The intention to evolve and ascend to the higher frequencial alignment cannot be undone. This is a time of major shifts and alignments through connecting to Higher Self. It cannot be avoided, but can be delayed. This is your free will choice; to allow your evolution or deny it.

Open to the truth of this information and allow the truth of your being to come forward and be lived from your heart. You are on the edge of the next dimensional wave of evolutionary alignment. It is a grand time to be here!

Be Well, Be Love

12th Frequency Alignment

Alignment is the theme for the current time. With the new frequency causing such a stir within and without, it is what matters most.

This frequency is dissolving anything that does not resonate with it, which is not an easy task if it is being held back. Such is the human free will environment! Some will do anything to keep hold of their agendas!

The dissolution is hardest for those attached to their illusions, which is all just a ruse. The heart of hearts within all things is where the truth lies and is the only thing that is real. All of the energy that has been and is being spent in holding up an illusion is 10,000 times more difficult to do and requires the same in energy. This cannot continue for long, so it is just a matter of time. This applies to the macrocosm and the microcosm. Nothing is more important right now than the healing and release of everything that does not serve your Spiritual growth at this time. There is nothing else that matters or is of any consequence. Know this and find peace with it. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. All are equal in the now.

This is not just happening on Gaia; it is a Universal decree. It is a time of purification and purging of all the darkness that has penetrated deeply into all of the known Universe. It is unfortunate that darkness is a virus that spreads and grows roots that bind unknown in areas that are hugely ignored. The Light allows, the dark is only interested in consumption. The dark has worked to undermine the Light, and since the Light has allowed it, there were no boundaries. Since the dark has no boundaries and can feed itself with weakness, it has gotten out of control. This is why the 12th dimensional frequency has been released. The dark cannot operate within this level of frequency as it is the highest and purest vibration of love that exists and can be released into lower vibrational frequencies. It is like turning on the light within a room full of cockroaches, except the cockroaches cannot scatter into another place of darkness as there is no place to hide. They either get used to the light or dissipate into nothingness. Because the light is loving, and the dark is not because it is self-deserving, it cannot exist in a loving environment. It matters not that darkness thinks it can ‘hide’ from the light, that is its biggest lie. Compassion for the darkness is necessary as it is not happy until it consumes everything it can! Light cannot be consumed by darkness, but darkness can be, and is, consumed by light.

The Divine intention is to ‘reset’ the order of the Universe to a more balanced state with the Light of Source being used to purify and restore order within Itself. The dark creates a sickness and disturbance that has gotten out of hand. This is good to understand and realize what is happening. All dimensional beings from the 3rd to the 12th are in the process of purging and aligning with this Divine Intention. The Light is being made strong and more resilient unto Itself with the knowledge and intention of what is happening, thus giving strength to all beings and intentions. There is nothing else to do but understand this process and procedure. Nothing else matters as energy follows energy just as frequency is attracted to like frequency. ‘To thine own self be true’ can unite you with the Source of your Being which connects you to Divine Purpose. Open to the truth of this time and Love your way through the difficult moments of healing and purging.

The Light of your Being is very sensitive to dark energy. Those containing and holding dark energy feel like static electricity to you and cause erratic energy. Stay balanced and centered and call upon grace and love to counteract their disturbance. This is the best help for all concerned within the struggle that is happening. Bless yourself and all involved within the moment and the Light will engage the dark encapsulating it in a Loving Light to mercifully correct and transform it. It is time to feel your way through the process of Divine Intent.

Be Well, Be Love

Your Energetic Resonance

An elevated spiritual mindset is required during this time to open to the evolution of your being. There is much to be thankful for, and this creates an energetic expression of love!
It is important to have enough clarity of being to be able to express gratitude, appreciation, compassion, humility, and understanding. These virtues have an energetic expression that vibrates from your being. If you practice these virtues on a regular basis you will find more balance in your life as they will become the structure of your being.
You are an energetic being living within and energetic universe. There is an energy to everything and everyone that you attract to yourself, depending on the energetic frequency you are emitting, is drawn to you based from your vibration. The clarity of your being and the refinement of your energetic frequency creates your world. Change your frequency, and you change your life!
Love is a combination of these virtues sent from the heart to uplift and create beauty all around you. We are in the midst of the spiritual evolution of our beings, and it is essential to become consciously aware of this fact. The heart/mind connection is the most powerful of all. Becoming a force of good in the world will assist others in the evolution of their being through the light you emit. Maintaining this frequency attainment is the challenge, and this must be done consciously and sometimes with great effort!
Focusing on your inner state of being and questioning your intentions are key to your heart/mind connection. Choosing to step into this powerful state of being can be life changing, and anything or anyone that does not resonate with this frequencial alignment will fall away. There are some that find this vibration of light something they want to take from someone else rather than do the work to have it for themselves. Allowing this interaction is very exhausting, and not serving for their highest good. Consciously acknowledging this is key to letting them go. Allowing them to be who they are, and assisting them with finding this state of being for themselves, is you loving them.
Keeping your thoughts connected to the key virtues of forgiveness, understanding, patience, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, and humility will generate goodness in you and others. It is the spiritual resonance of the now!