We are in the process of major upgrades connected to our spiritual consciousness through cleansing and reconstruction. In addition, it is also a time of divine remuneration and restructuring.

To be ready for this all judgement should be released and forgiveness must prevail! There is no other way but through living and conceiving The Heart Virtues. This will require focus away from the distractions being placed before you. Whether you decide to do this now or later it will be required for ascension protocol.

Evolution is the purpose for your soul’s progression, and it has been delayed long enough. This is not what the current world wants for you, and that is why there are so many distractions to keep your focus off your soul’s empowerment. Might you be feeling the disparity within? Do you feel the need to stay occupied and busy right now? This is due to the ones that know we are on the edge of a great spiritual revelation, and they don’t want an awakened people. If you focus on your spiritual nature, you will feel the truth of it, and this is not going to support their current narrative. You are headed for enlightenment; that is the foundation of an awakening consciousness. This is the bridge between your levels of ascent toward connecting your Divine mind with your highest self.

Your spiritual path and progress does not lie outside of yourself. It is within your being and the confirmation of this comes from the development of the sacred triangle within your being connecting your heart, mind, and soul to create the expansion and expression of the Divine Mind. You can feel the changes within every part of your being. You have a major upgrade to your DNA happening now and it is increasing your levels of awareness. You may experience this in smells, tastes, feelings, and thoughts. Every part of your being is changing and expanding into a new way of experiencing and expressing yourself. You are not the same person you were. You may feel somewhat lost at times, and this is nothing to be concerned with. You are expanding and shifting on all levels! It is a good thing and should be allowed to progress.

You will find yourself at peace once you let go of expectations. Mastering the consistent feeling of peace lies within your ability to allow yourself to flow with the expansion and changes that you are feeling as truth within your being. It is not an easy progression, but yet you know this, and should still proceed. This is what you are here to do! You are the change you wish to behold, and it is believable! There is no where else that you will find the ‘answers’, for they are not readable, they are only felt through the new senses that are you are developing. You have always been an energetic being, and now you must tune into that reality for everything is based on energetics, frequencies, and electromagnetics. With the reconnection and expansion of your DNA, you are finding yourself ‘knowing’ when things are in alignment or are fragmented and distorted. It is a disposition of frequencial attunement to all layers of your being that are in concert with the highest version of yourself and the Universe at large. Yes!, you can connect to the Universal stream of love that comes from Source Consciousness through the trust you place in your higher self to guide you and expand your grace.

It is now time to awaken to the reason for your existence at this time. You are here to make a difference and in knowing this you will accomplish this most sacred mission.

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

Your Energetic Resonance

An elevated spiritual mindset is required during this time to open to the evolution of your being. There is much to be thankful for, and this creates an energetic expression of love!
It is important to have enough clarity of being to be able to express gratitude, appreciation, compassion, humility, and understanding. These virtues have an energetic expression that vibrates from your being. If you practice these virtues on a regular basis you will find more balance in your life as they will become the structure of your being.
You are an energetic being living within and energetic universe. There is an energy to everything and everyone that you attract to yourself, depending on the energetic frequency you are emitting, is drawn to you based from your vibration. The clarity of your being and the refinement of your energetic frequency creates your world. Change your frequency, and you change your life!
Love is a combination of these virtues sent from the heart to uplift and create beauty all around you. We are in the midst of the spiritual evolution of our beings, and it is essential to become consciously aware of this fact. The heart/mind connection is the most powerful of all. Becoming a force of good in the world will assist others in the evolution of their being through the light you emit. Maintaining this frequency attainment is the challenge, and this must be done consciously and sometimes with great effort!
Focusing on your inner state of being and questioning your intentions are key to your heart/mind connection. Choosing to step into this powerful state of being can be life changing, and anything or anyone that does not resonate with this frequencial alignment will fall away. There are some that find this vibration of light something they want to take from someone else rather than do the work to have it for themselves. Allowing this interaction is very exhausting, and not serving for their highest good. Consciously acknowledging this is key to letting them go. Allowing them to be who they are, and assisting them with finding this state of being for themselves, is you loving them.
Keeping your thoughts connected to the key virtues of forgiveness, understanding, patience, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, and humility will generate goodness in you and others. It is the spiritual resonance of the now!