Fostering Love

Finding your way to love is a journey of Faith and precognition. Knowing that you are part of a simple creative process of love realized, is understanding the whole process of true love.

Aligning yourself with the intention of living within the stream of loving intention is opening to a new way of existence. This means that there is nothing that exists outside of perfection, and the realization of perfection as a rule of thumb. The feeling that there is more to life than what currently exists is just an ego’s rendition of life. Where you are is where you want to be, otherwise you would be someplace else!

Finding fault is nothing more than recognizing that something or someone is not like you. This means that the ego only tolerates what you understand to be true and not the variety that exists within all things. When there is the absence of love, criticism, judgement, and impatience are present. These are all actions and feelings that show you the contrast to the 10 virtues and let you know that you have stepped outside of love.
Is it possible to live in a loving state of being full time? It is if you are consciously present and aware of your reactions to the now. This takes practice and can be difficult during times of expansion and personal growth. Given that, even in those times there can be conscious awareness.

There are those that are desperate, and that desperation can be all consuming. This only means that these ones have stepped outside of gratitude, and do not understand what being thankful truly means. This is a condensed version of fear, and the furthest away from love one can be outside of pure demise. This state of being is a breeding ground for love, and also when the opportunity for love can be the strongest. When one is present durning times such as these, it is like finding your way through a forest of fear and using love to light your way through!

The opportunity to love is ever present. It is a way of interacting with the world like a program running in the background. There is more love than fear present at all times, it is just a matter of tuning into it. Love created everything around you, including yourself, so if you step outside of love you are turning to fear which is a programming that you have bought into.

Coming from love is not a weakness, but with some could be perceived as such. On the other hand, it is also not a tactical move as some perceive their actions to be out of love. Love is a neutral response to stimuli and feels warm and welcoming. Once this is felt, it is immediately noticed. Passing the torch of love is a worthy lifelong goal. Live the state of love through the 10 virtues and know when you are stepping outside of them!

Be Well Be Love

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