12th Frequency Alignment

Alignment is the theme for the current time. With the new frequency causing such a stir within and without, it is what matters most.

This frequency is dissolving anything that does not resonate with it, which is not an easy task if it is being held back. Such is the human free will environment! Some will do anything to keep hold of their agendas!

The dissolution is hardest for those attached to their illusions, which is all just a ruse. The heart of hearts within all things is where the truth lies and is the only thing that is real. All of the energy that has been and is being spent in holding up an illusion is 10,000 times more difficult to do and requires the same in energy. This cannot continue for long, so it is just a matter of time. This applies to the macrocosm and the microcosm. Nothing is more important right now than the healing and release of everything that does not serve your Spiritual growth at this time. There is nothing else that matters or is of any consequence. Know this and find peace with it. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. All are equal in the now.

This is not just happening on Gaia; it is a Universal decree. It is a time of purification and purging of all the darkness that has penetrated deeply into all of the known Universe. It is unfortunate that darkness is a virus that spreads and grows roots that bind unknown in areas that are hugely ignored. The Light allows, the dark is only interested in consumption. The dark has worked to undermine the Light, and since the Light has allowed it, there were no boundaries. Since the dark has no boundaries and can feed itself with weakness, it has gotten out of control. This is why the 12th dimensional frequency has been released. The dark cannot operate within this level of frequency as it is the highest and purest vibration of love that exists and can be released into lower vibrational frequencies. It is like turning on the light within a room full of cockroaches, except the cockroaches cannot scatter into another place of darkness as there is no place to hide. They either get used to the light or dissipate into nothingness. Because the light is loving, and the dark is not because it is self-deserving, it cannot exist in a loving environment. It matters not that darkness thinks it can ‘hide’ from the light, that is its biggest lie. Compassion for the darkness is necessary as it is not happy until it consumes everything it can! Light cannot be consumed by darkness, but darkness can be, and is, consumed by light.

The Divine intention is to ‘reset’ the order of the Universe to a more balanced state with the Light of Source being used to purify and restore order within Itself. The dark creates a sickness and disturbance that has gotten out of hand. This is good to understand and realize what is happening. All dimensional beings from the 3rd to the 12th are in the process of purging and aligning with this Divine Intention. The Light is being made strong and more resilient unto Itself with the knowledge and intention of what is happening, thus giving strength to all beings and intentions. There is nothing else to do but understand this process and procedure. Nothing else matters as energy follows energy just as frequency is attracted to like frequency. ‘To thine own self be true’ can unite you with the Source of your Being which connects you to Divine Purpose. Open to the truth of this time and Love your way through the difficult moments of healing and purging.

The Light of your Being is very sensitive to dark energy. Those containing and holding dark energy feel like static electricity to you and cause erratic energy. Stay balanced and centered and call upon grace and love to counteract their disturbance. This is the best help for all concerned within the struggle that is happening. Bless yourself and all involved within the moment and the Light will engage the dark encapsulating it in a Loving Light to mercifully correct and transform it. It is time to feel your way through the process of Divine Intent.

Be Well, Be Love

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