Change is a necessary part of evolution.  The more difficult the change means that you are ready for a leap in your consciousness, and this shift is felt more within your heart.

You are entering a time where ‘heart consciousness’ is the next phase of your expansion.  Feeling, reasoning, and living from heart centered consciousness is the pathway of the new heart centered existence.  Setting the intention to flow with this transformation is the first step toward tuning in to, and opening the door to this wave of solidarity.

The saying ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ is truly the reflection of ‘as within, so without’.  The progression of your life has been riddled with challenges of all kinds, but these were growth steps in your development to bring you to this place, here and now.  Change is challenging, and the current changes are connected to the truth coming to the forefront of your awareness.  All change at this time is meant for you to become conscious of the awareness that resides within reflected in what you see, hear, and do.  The discovery of this connection reveals to you the advent that oneness is everything connected to everything.  The purpose that underlies your development and growth creates the change that you experience, and are experiencing now.  There are no accidents or mistakes.  Your reaction to change sets off the next steps in your evolution.  The electromagnetic response you emit draws to you the next set of events to further your cause, or change your course.  When you have reached the conclusion of a growth cycle, change is signaled to start a new cycle.  This new cycle is the next step in your evolutionary process, which is at this time related to what your path of service in this lifetime truly is.

Allowing change to assist you with your spiritual awakening is the key to the metamorphosis of your life.  As was mentioned in an earlier post, aligning the heart with the mind was a step toward initiating this new reality within.  When the heart and the mind are melded and operating as one, changes of all kinds will initiate bringing your life new meaning and saturating your being with the light of new awareness.  When the change that comes upon you is accepted with understanding and humility, you are opening your heart to the next level of consciousness.  This does not mean that it is easy, as this is a major transformation of shifting from an ego centered life to a heart centered life!  Allowing this to flow within your being will fill you with the grace of acceptance and well being.

Be Well, Be Love

Your Energetic Resonance

An elevated spiritual mindset is required during this time to open to the evolution of your being. There is much to be thankful for, and this creates an energetic expression of love!
It is important to have enough clarity of being to be able to express gratitude, appreciation, compassion, humility, and understanding. These virtues have an energetic expression that vibrates from your being. If you practice these virtues on a regular basis you will find more balance in your life as they will become the structure of your being.
You are an energetic being living within and energetic universe. There is an energy to everything and everyone that you attract to yourself, depending on the energetic frequency you are emitting, is drawn to you based from your vibration. The clarity of your being and the refinement of your energetic frequency creates your world. Change your frequency, and you change your life!
Love is a combination of these virtues sent from the heart to uplift and create beauty all around you. We are in the midst of the spiritual evolution of our beings, and it is essential to become consciously aware of this fact. The heart/mind connection is the most powerful of all. Becoming a force of good in the world will assist others in the evolution of their being through the light you emit. Maintaining this frequency attainment is the challenge, and this must be done consciously and sometimes with great effort!
Focusing on your inner state of being and questioning your intentions are key to your heart/mind connection. Choosing to step into this powerful state of being can be life changing, and anything or anyone that does not resonate with this frequencial alignment will fall away. There are some that find this vibration of light something they want to take from someone else rather than do the work to have it for themselves. Allowing this interaction is very exhausting, and not serving for their highest good. Consciously acknowledging this is key to letting them go. Allowing them to be who they are, and assisting them with finding this state of being for themselves, is you loving them.
Keeping your thoughts connected to the key virtues of forgiveness, understanding, patience, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, and humility will generate goodness in you and others. It is the spiritual resonance of the now!