Living the Heart Virtues

Your path lies within, and your heart and soul are your guides. 

Too long have we looked on the outside for change and assistance.  Someone to show us where to go, where to find the answers.  There is only one place this information resides, and that is within your own being.

This is not an easy part of your journey, for there are no quick answers.  This is not a time of answers but rather that of living the heart virtues and allowing your evolution to unfold.  You have heard that you are the one you have been waiting for.  That is the truth.  You are the one that is the carrier pigeon of your expansion, but first you must clear the path.  What is abundantly obvious are the issues that stand in the way of your awakening.  These are the things that are being shown to you now in the form of thoughts, emotions, fears, and recognitions.  These things are coming up for healing and release. 

The way has been shown to you, and the work that must be done for your inner clarity is to connect your mind to your heart.  This is referred to as Divine Mind or Heart Mind.  This cannot be done with unfinished business, and the way to this healing and release lies in using the Heart Virtues (see the post Heart Virtues) to heal and live by.   

The first step is to begin from a place of humility.  The first thing that happens when finding an issue within that you wish to heal, is to understand that the ego wants to argue with you about healing the issue!  The ego fights for its weaknesses and its place in the grand scheme of things.  This is the first sign of resistance, for the ego does not want peace.  The ego does not understand peace unless it has its way and is never happy.  The result of this first stage of resistance is to create cognitive dissonance.  That is the mission of the ego, for without this stage the ego has no existence.  So, since the first step is to come from humility the ego has to be set aside.  This in itself will not be easy, for the ego will not give up easily.  Arguing with it makes it stronger and its goal is to wear you down. 

The ego reflects your programming.   This means you must understand that you have been programmed by everyone in your life including your experiences.  The ego has been running the program very efficiently keeping you in line.  The only way the ego can control you is if you believe in it.  If you argue for your limitations, you will have them and you will make them stronger!  Seeing this as an absolute truth is essential to creating a new creed.  This new devotion to your inner being and becoming who you really are is believing in your true self and living life through the heart virtues.  This means dropping the drama and changing your life to include support systems and people that think the same way you do and also want to be true to themselves and others.  This is referred to as Ascending and evolving which is what we are here to do.  We are here to overcome the 3D aspects of the illusion we have been a part of and create a new world free of CCC and living together in peace without the ego programming of fear and discontent.  There is so much more than what we have and we must decide, each one of us, to dedicate and devote ourselves to our own well-being.  We are all here to evolve, and that is what the ego does not want us to do.  Once you take control of your ego and choose to heal it and merge it with your soul, you will be able to step into humility.  When you are ready to do this first and most major step, you will be able to heal anything!  To follow is a guide on how to accomplish this. 

The mind can be the ego mind or the heart/soul mind aka Divine Mind.  It cannot be both at the same time. 

The ego mind is programmed to keep you inoculated with fear with fracturing thoughts.  It is what drives you to accomplish and stay ‘occupied’ with thoughts of lack.  Lack of money, love, acceptance, approval, etc.  Humility doesn’t recognize lack and doesn’t live in fear of lack or not being good enough.   Humility activates the other heart virtues.  These are essential virtues for your soul’s evolution, and they bypass the ego because they connect the heart/soul with the mind. 

Your healing starts with humility which, when fully activated, you would believe that you are worthy and deserving of love, peace, and harmony.  These virtues are not part of what you were programmed to believe about yourself otherwise you would not have been searching for satisfaction in every job, place, face, deed, or accomplishment.  The ego requires sacrifice, the heart virtues do not.


Humility is not about settling for less, for less is not more.  Therein lies a contrast that is created to feel better about the other end of the spectrum which is surrender into self-deluding beliefs of not being good enough.  This is not humility.  This is resignation into settling, settling for less and feeling that you weren’t one of the lucky ones and not able or willing to fight for what you want.  This opinion of the self leads to self-medicating, undulating behaviors, sadness, and depression that manifests as physical impairments as well as mental delusions of all kinds.  This is the old path of internal processes and devolution that is fed by society which is supported by the ego.  Most of what I am saying is subconscious until it is awakened, and you are willing to see it for what it really is.  It takes humility to look at these things within ourselves as truth and courage to undertake the act of choosing to step out of these destructive beliefs and become who you really are, which is a loving eternal being of light!  Not one that falls into whatever is the easiest path that reinforces your latest opinion of yourself depending on what is happening on the outside. Some believe that there are those that want the best for us, so we follow, enact, and believe what they say.  Have you asked yourself why you believe in them and what it is that they do for you that has earned your precious approval?  What are you sacrificing for that devotion?  Is it loving, kind, and good for all concerned?  What price are you paying for your conformity to another’s ideals?  Is it providing you with more, better, or different?  Will it bring you happiness?  What is the price that you will have to pay for this yellow brick road?  If you’re not a psychopath or a sociopath, you will see deeply into what I am saying.  There is another way to have what you desire and not have to sacrifice for it. 

 Patience, Tolerance, Compassion

How do you deal with opposing forces?  The ego mind loves to criticize and condemn anything that it does not see as ideal to its views and comparisons to oneself.  If someone does not agree with you, do you see the truth in their opinion?  Do you try to understand their viewpoint?  Do you enrich your own being with their indifference?  Or do you discredit their opposition?  We are all on a different path and it is the compassion that we hold for one another that enriches our own experience and beliefs.  But what is compassion?  And when is it used as a virtue?  Most consider pity as compassion or feeling sorry for someone else and their lot in life.  Compassion is another form of love; it means understanding the differences in another and honoring them and yourself for seeing and believing that what ever these differences are they are chosen by the one you are observing.  Feeling sorry for someone is judging them as incapable of being or doing anything else that you find is disheartening and that they are incapable of helping themselves to be what you would consider as what’s best for them.  In other words, they are victims.  There are no victims.  Whether we know it or not, or believe it or not, we choose what and who we are.  With some its not an easy choice and without a conscious decision.  There are many reasons why we are on the paths we are on, and this requires respect from each one to another.  Our individual evolutionary reasons for what or why are known only to the highest expressions of ourselves unless we want to know, and that takes an awakening.  The one person we must have the highest form of compassion for is ourselves.  We have chosen to do some heavy lifting and make some mistakes, but they all lead to the next step in our spiral of evolving.  There is nothing to feel sorry for!  It is each one’s choice.  Nothing happens to someone……. everything happens for someone.   There is a higher purpose.  There are no accidents or mistakes.  You can only see this with a higher mind, and that takes a true spiritual awakening.  If you choose that, how do you get there?  This requires tremendous amounts of patience and tolerance for oneself, for this path requires a Divine Mindset.  That brings us back to having humility for your process to unfold.  Taking on your greatest foe, the ego, requires tremendous effort and resolve.  No easy task, but with some compassion for yourself and courage you can do it.

Understanding and Acceptance with Gratitude and Appreciation

There is an inner knowing when truth resides.  This is not something you learn or strive for; it is there and you feel it.  There is an understanding when you find truth.  You cannot understand anything other than truth, for everything else is a lie.  If you have to find a reason or defense for something to be true, it is not truth.  That is your attempt to turn something your ego feels is important to maintain your façade, into a truth.  Do you see that if you understand something that means you see the truth in it?  Truth is not a justification.  It is fact.  Without understanding you cannot live by any of the other heart virtues.  For truth and understanding lie within every virtue.  Acceptance of this is a crucial step to the foundation of each virtue.  You cannot replace truth, however the ego likes to think that you can.  It will just patiently wait for you to forget you even tried to step into truth, for the programming behind it will justify the reason for excusing truth away for when you understand what it takes to uphold your decision to live the heart virtues you may decide its too much work or it doesn’t align with your programming (ego). 

An easy way to tame the ego and deprogram it is to circle around to gratitude and appreciation.  These are not programmed virtues, for if they were you would not need a dogma to turn to and the ego would not have a job!  Most of your programming would not apply because you cannot have gratitude and appreciation while you are standing in judgement which is the foundation of the ego’s programming.

 The opposite of judgement is discernment.  Discernment is used to function in choosing the best thought, word, or deed.  Gratitude and appreciation flow easily with proper discernment.  It is not harsh or used out of fear.  Discernment is used to take you back to the heart and through the heart by using the Divine/Heart mind. 


This is an ongoing process and starts within for oneself.  There can be no forgiveness for anything or anyone outside of ones being without first forgiving self.  Forgiveness is for you, it does not excuse harm or hurt.  There are no excuses only truths.  Proper experience creates mistakes, and a mistake is nothing more than doing something without thinking it through for this creates consequences.  It is the consequences that need forgiveness.  True forgiveness invokes grace.  There is no forgiving in forgiveness.  Forgiving means acceptance of the consequences not judging the act.  Forgiveness is the emotional result of forgiveness which allows for compassion, tolerance, and understanding of oneself within the act causing the need for forgiveness.  If there is another involved, it is up to them to use forgiveness for themselves.  Some think forgiveness is a bestowment upon another.  It is only bestowed on oneself, for it is not used to discredit or excuse an act.  That is not your place unless you do something intentionally to cause another harm.  That is, in most cases, an act of a fear-based reality, and unless a person believes that they deserved the repercussion and they take ownership of the deed, there is nothing to forgive.  Compassion for yourself and the others involved is the proper understanding.  When a deed is done that you feel requires forgiveness, in most cases it is an act of passing responsibility on to another when understanding is refused or lost. The one causing the pain needs to forgive themselves.  If the receiver of the act is harmed or sees an injustice that is done to oneself or others, one must look at why they feel victimized by the action.  There are many emotional reasons for one to feel victimized and that must be looked at, but compassion should be realized. This means then that one has to believe that they have been victimized and they believe themselves to be victims.  What causes victimhood?  Is it a question about believing that another has the right to accuse you or injure you through a lack of approval?  Is it a psychopathic action on the part of another or does the accuser need the person involved to believe in what they have done to feel better about themselves and their choices?  If so, it must involve compassion, for it is not another’s responsibility to fix anything or anyone who felt a need to cause harm.  This is where one must let go with compassion and let God.

The easy path clearly is the path of the ego, for that means passing the responsibility on to someone else when accepting the responsibility is more difficult.  It is emboldened for you to live by the heart virtues if you want a spiritual existence.  This is not the path for anyone happy with the results of the ego, however that won’t be the case for long.  That is a path that leads nowhere, and after the sparkle of it wears off there is nothing left that the ego wants from you, so it will diminish.  There is nothing beautiful on the other side of the abandonment of the ego.  Can you hear the music?

Be Well, Be Love ❤️


Healing all levels of your Being

There are 5 foundational bodies that create your Being.  These bodies are; Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Etheric.  These are the primary parts of your Being that interact with the world.  There is information stored in each of these bodies, and they interact within your life differently.  Each one has a ‘different point of view’ and lends some part if itself to each situation.  Every experience you have stores information within these parts of your Being.  You then recall and expand these parts of yourself with each experience.  This is the evolution of your Being. 

The healing process extends to each part of your Being. When healing takes place it is not complete until encompasses each body that is affected. This means that when one part of your Being is healed, situations that emulate the unhealed parts come forth to show you where the healing must continue.  This is why the situations that arise [that you feel resistant to] are harder to deal with each time.  Yet again, when pain is felt in all areas of your Being you don’t feel resistance to it.  The reason could be because the pain feels very familiar, and with some people it is comfortable as they have always had the pain.  When one part of your being heals this pain, and the other parts have not competed the healing, you might feel some resistance combined with anger associated with the current experience you are having.  This is simply showing you the imbalance of your healing process.  Knowing this will help you locate the part of your being that needs the healing, and realizing this will start or continue the healing process.  This will increase your awareness with all parts of your Being and assist you with connecting all the parts of yourself to Oneness that will elevate your experience and create clarity of being!

You will feel and experience the healing when it is complete on all levels.  The ‘memory’ of it will transform into light within your Being, making you expand and radiate this light to others who, with the unconscious recognition of the wellness, are attracted to you.  This is one of the reasons people will interact with you out of the blue.  The unhealed part of them recognizes the healed parts of you that they have yet to heal.  This interaction with you gives that unhealed part of themselves the opportunity to feel the healed part of you, as your light communicates with their being and starts the initiation of healing, which continues long after their interaction with you.  This is one of the ways that we can all make the world a better place by healing ourselves within!

When you set the intention to heal and evolve, ask for assistance with healing every level of your Being that is affected, and then commit to the healing no matter how difficult it may be. You can then experience and benefit from the higher frequencies and consciousness that exists here and now.

There is a tremendous amount of Grace that is here and now to assist you.  Ask and you shall receive!

Be Well, Be Love ♥


Self Love

Self-Love is an important part of your spiritual evolution.  This is the basis of your essence.  Without self-love nothing in your world will work.  Everything you are is based from this one expression.  All your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and actions come from self-love…..or the lack thereof!   

Self-love feeds your energy and enlivens your spirit.  This is a love of a spiritual nature that was created by Source to inspire and create within the world that was created for you.  This love encompasses all parts of yourself, internal and external.  As you care for your body you are caring for your spirit, for without the body your evolution on Gaia would cease.  This is a heartfelt expression of your spiritual self.  It involves seeing the good within and expressing virtuous actions toward yourself. 

This love of yourself does not relate to the ego as this action of loving yourself is not admiration of the ego. You cannot love others without loving yourself first!  The ‘you’ someone falls in love with, is the ‘you’ that you love first.  If the love you have for yourself is superficial, then that is what someone else will love too.  This would be the egoic part of you expressing love for itself.  This love arises in the mind (lower) and showers itself with materialism.  This love is merely illusionary at best and hurtful at worst.  It does not have any satisfaction and needs to be ‘replenished’ constantly.   This is not self-love.

When you follow the thoughts of your higher mind, your expression comes from the heart.  This is the love that you express back to Source.  These acts of love are prayers of essence that combine with others to create an energy that reacts with Source energy.  This loving energy seemingly reflects back to you, when in reality it IS you.  When you give the love to others that you have for yourself, it comes back to you from all those you interact with.  This then activates that part of you that is connected directly with Source and fills your life with all good things.  This is experienced by internal peace, good health, happiness, and love.   Love is our natural state of being.  It is where we came from, where we are, and where we are going back to.  Love yourself first, then you can experience the love that is around you! ♥


Deliberate Intention

It is a strange time of confusion and internal deliberation.  It is obvious to many that the old is needing release to empower the new evolved state of being.  It is a time of reconciliation and healing, something that you have been doing layer by layer along the way.  The most difficult and questionable issues were left for now when you have had ‘practice’ healing the more obvious issues. 

This is a time when deliberate intention is needed, for any difficult and possibly misunderstood experiences are the hardest to reason with.  The intention is to heal the issue is the most important step.  This sets in motion the actual desire to heal without understanding the reasons for the issue in the first place!  There does not need to be a reason to heal; just having an intention to do so will start the process.  This intention has the energy of forgiveness, nonjudgement, compassion, understanding, tolerance, and faith.  This is all for you packaged in the intention to heal anything, no matter what, without knowing the reason or knowing why, for the issue. 

Many feel that healing something is ‘allowing’ it or giving permission for it to have happened.  That is one reason to keep from healing and thusly allowing yourself to hold on to the issue out of fear of what might take its place if it is healed.  Nothing but love can take the place of an injury in a healed heart and soul.  You are not allowing anything; you are giving yourself permission to heal and let go of an issue that you may have or not had anything to do with, or you could not change it from happening.  It may also be something you have yet to grieve.  It is not an easy process for all kinds of reasons, but deliberate intention to heal and release the issue will assist more than you know.  This is where the ability to find peace and understanding with all that is, and has happened, that will transform your reality.  This will open new vistas into a new dimensional state of being.   Giving yourself permission to heal these issues so that they will fall away and be transformed into love, will set yourself free to love even more. 

There is a shadow side to everything and everyone.  It is the shadow that is generated and powered by the ego that keeps you trapped in fear.  And this fear is of change, for complacency is a ‘happy place’ for many.  It keeps things ‘status quo’ and abates evolution.  And yet evolving is what we are here to do!  That was your intention when you incarnated.  Do you feel you are evolving?  Are the same issues haunting you?  Are you out of ideas and ways to deal with nagging issues?  If you are part of any issue that is affecting your life, you are allowing it to keep you in fear.  And, after a while of having the issue in your life, you become complacent in dealing with it and you absorb it into your being as ‘status quo’.  There are ways that you are dealing with these issues without dealing with them and that shows if you are having physical issues, times of unexpected sadness or depression, unhappiness with your life, and many other kinds of ‘outbreaks’.  These should not be happening.  You deserve to be happy and content and at peace in your life.  This healthy state of being leads to gratitude, appreciation, joy, and bliss!  This is your inheritance for being incarnated on earth.  This is what God, Source, All That Is, wants for you.  This is who you really are, and only you have the control and power to be in that state of being. 

The key is calling upon deliberate intention to heal and the heart virtues to empower you and guide your evolution.  You are the only one that has say over your sovereignty and that starts with a deliberate intent to be whole and happy.

Be Well, Be Love ❤️



It is time.  The truth is emerging and is there for those that are willing to accept it.  Your power of discernment must be honed, and this is done by asking and shielding your etheric body. 

This is the place in your being where environmental information is gathered and processed and unless you clear it often it will become clogged.  It is also the part of you that you share with the outside world and other people.  It is termed your ‘energy signature’ and it is why people are attracted to you or not.  It is the place that the energy from healing and purging your internal being is relayed for emergence to the ether for cleansing and recycling.  It is the final release and in turn the point of entry by other frequencies and energetic reception.  Everything you allow into your being goes through your etheric body first.  That is why you should ask for cleansing and purging of this field everyday and set a shield around you. 

Setting a ‘shield’ is an intention, prayer, request, or any way you choose to ask for what you do and do not want to enter your being (frequency, energy).  This is a part of you that can become overly saturated with old energy and useless information.  It is much like a computer that does not get cleaned or defragmented.  The information becomes garbled, and the result is confusion and fog that sets in and can create physical ailments and fatigue.  You need to be aware of this to release and cleanse this place around you that is your etheric body.  At the same time, you will also cleanse, purge, and clear your chakras.  When you do this, you will feel it internally and your mental body will become clearer.  It will affect the way you think and process energy and information through your heart mind.  A consistent cleansing will support and convey your sovereign status to all incoming energies so that you will not be susceptible to their influence without your permission.  This is also a filter for you to use in knowing what is truth and what is not.

Aligning yourself with Source energy, God, All That Is, is a conscious process, however it cannot be accomplished unless your heart is clear of energetic debris.  Clearing this debris comes from your intentions being set by a clear internal soul and spirit.  This internal intention will connect with the supporting frequency of love that is emanating from the Source of All That Is.  If this exchange is not made clear and your etheric body is not cleansed, you will not get the focused concentration of love transfusion that you need to be at peace and connect with the heart virtues.  There can be no question about your loyalties, for this current time is for making these choices.  It must be a conscious awakened decision. 

Now is the time for this spiritual sequence and it must be the result of your intended choices.  Choosing to align with the heart virtues will activate your being to connect with the highest version of yourself.  Then you can step into your power and resonate with who you really are. This is what you can do for yourself and the world right now.  

Be Well, Be Love 💖



You are entering into the next phase of spiritual consciousness.  Either you are in tune with your inner spark (soul), or you are not.  This is the time that you have prepared for through your processes of purging, healing, and heart virtue activations.  You have been going through a conscious awakening to find out who you really are! 

The world is in CCC (crisis, chaos, conflict) and this is what you were told would be happening.  This relates to the activations internally and the result universally, ‘as within, so without’.  If you have not done your inner work, you are on a crash course to get it done so you can deal with what is happening on the outside.

So many have skipped looking within and accepting responsibility for what is happening in their lives, and in doing so have immersed themselves in the current dramas that life is offering up. This immersion will not feed any part of you that is related to your evolution, and it could lead to illness and misery. The current path has been to heal and purge the programming so that you can discover, practice, and live the heart virtues.

There has never been more distraction than there is now for the transformation from dark to light has begun in earnest. This life has always held the inevitability of spiritual conscious awakening. This has always been the purpose, the prose of life. It is a personal process to find your spiritual footing in all things at all times, and to stay centered in your heart through the refinement of your soul. There is never an easy out, for this traverse cannot be side stepped. If you had not chosen to overcome the ego mind and step fully into this transformation with courage and intention, you would not be here. Your true purpose lies on the other side of this part of the journey and not one step can be skipped, for you have chosen to experience your own evolution as an awakening being of light and love with courage, strength and honor.

It has not been easy to merge your ego mind with your heart as I have discussed in several posts, for this is a major step in tuning into the heart and living from there through acts of mindfulness thoughts, words, and deeds. Your intentions are always built from this place within your heart and soul and mindful action follows. This is who you have become from then to now and who you will be from here is defined by your heart consciousness for nothing else will divulge your future, which is your next moment. It is through mindfulness thought that brings you ever closer to a fully conscious spiritually aware and meaningful being at this time. This is what will carry you over the bridge into the next phase of a meaningful life in a higher frequency and vibration of dimensional awareness. This is where you will find a new beginning of soulfulness expansion and ease. Instead of questioning, you will be living the answers and finding the reasonability of existence and in-depth moral codes for building a new life of purpose. This life will be absent of fear and CCC. It will offer new challenges of thought, word, and deed of finding greater symposiums of love and enjoyment. This will be well deserved and extremely rewarding. It is time to awaken and intend a life of peaceful repose and a renewed sense of spirit!

Be Well, Be Love ❤️



Confusion seems to mar the underpinnings of knowing what to do, think, and believe. It is everywhere and seems to be spiraling out of control, but it has a purpose, and it is that of leading you to connect with your own Divinity.

Divinity is a part of you that lies underneath everything you think you are, and it lies there waiting for you to recognize and activate it. Its basis is love. It is not an emotion, or a feeling, it is who you really are. It is covered up by everything you have been told and have chosen to believe i.e., programming. It started when you were born and continues to this day. This programming justifies, rules, and controls your thoughts and feelings. Some of your programming has brought fear, feelings of lack, disappointment, health issues, judgements, and resistance unto itself. It is part of what you have become and underneath it all lies your Divinity. You have only to ask to connect with your Divinity (light), however your ego mind will interfere if you allow it to. Your unawakened thoughts are evidence of your programming, and you can know the ego mind is in control when it ‘argues’ with your intention of connecting to your internal Divine light.

You have heard within these blog messages which refer to the heart virtues (see Heart Virtues post) in several ways. These are keys to healing your ego mind (programming) and its control over you. The action of the heart virtues comes from your Divine Self, your Divinity. It is more powerful than your ego mind, and when the ego mind doesn’t know how to fight against your Divinity it incites anger, resentment, and resistance. This is a good thing! This way you know you are connecting to that part of yourself that will lead you toward living the heart virtues and the evolution of your being, your reason for being here at this time.

You are not here to gather wealth and possessions.  This is not what you are here on this planet at this time to accomplish.  You are here to evolve and to help others to do the same.  All of this propaganda that is going on at this time is meant to trap you into more programming and feeding the programming you already have had indoctrinated into your ego mind.  This ‘mental prison’ is to keep you from evolving at a time when it is most important.  This is the crossroads for everyone to experience at this time to choose their course; the divide and conquer or unite and experience freedom from oppressive experiences.  You are at a time of choosing what feels to be internally of love.  Are you criticizing and condemning, or are you peaceful and loving?  Where do you think the reason for your path and purpose lies?  You are the master of your choices (thoughts) and that means that happiness, health, joy, and prosperity can all be yours.  This is a matter of Divine choice or ego manipulation, and it all starts within.  What are you listening to?  Your heart or your ego mind?  Are you practicing the heart virtues?  The ego mind does not relate to the heart virtues, for they are not to be understood or reasoned with.  They are to be lived and are the keys to activating your Divinity.  

It is a time of separation and choice.  There is no going back there is only forward movement and this requires you to make a decision about your evolution.  The frequency coming from God (Source) is there for activation and reinforcing the Heart Virtues which is the forward path to the evolution you are here to accomplish.  If there are those that choose not to evolve, they will not enjoy the benefits of the frequencial alignment.  This means suffering instead of thriving.  The current timeline of thriving is one of love, health, prosperity, and abundance.  That’s what this time is for…..choosing your way forward through your next steps.

Next comes the outbreath.  The time of living your choices.  This is when your reality changes to resonate with the choice you made.  It will be one of two timelines and simply one of self-responsibility.  You will either be firmly ensconced in the heart virtues and receiving the benefits of this choice or trapped in the cycle of ‘groundhog day’ where nothing changes for you. 

Peace will be your guide and empowering your life with the activation of your Divinity will be your future reward.

Be Well, Be Love ❤️


Giving Thanks

In a world full of crisis, chaos, and conflict it is a challenge to find peace, acceptance, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and nonjudgement, yet that is exactly what you should strive for. 

To close your eyes and hearts to a situation is to deny your pledge as an awakened and loving being.  It is a testament to your willingness to be a part of the solution and not the problem.  Anything else is encapsulating fear, and this only exacerbates the problem.

This will be the most challenging time for humanity, as the world is cracking wide open with change and retribution.  This ushers in the transfiguration I have spoken of so many times that will lead to the transformation of our world into a more peaceful and loving place. 

The first step is gratitude, and this alone takes you into a loving vibration.  Gratitude brings alignment with your spiritual self and guides you into the other heart virtues which change your state of being and radiates this love out into the world.  This then bestows all around you with this grace and changes the vibration of your whole being.  Everyone you associate with on any level will feel this energy when they make contact with you. 

As you tune into your feelings about these times, you may find yourself experiencing a wellspring of emotions that seem to come up for observation and reconciliation. Purging is a natural process of evolution, and as we expand our spiritual nature, we release pent up energies that have been stored within our beings as different levels of fears. Allowing yourself to release these feelings will heal them and end the cycle of reactions you have to different situations, people, and events. This will of course cause major changes within and your vibration will become clearer and more concise delineating your thoughts and opinions. There is much stored within you that you are not aware of. Some is from the programming you received as a child, some is from previous lifetimes, some is from the genetic codes stored within your physical body. These all coagulate to create the platform you use to reason, think, and communicate in life. This in turn creates your personality and relationships. If this purging and healing work is not done you will feel resistant and opinionated.

Flexibility is the result of a strong spiritual nature. To be open to questioning your own beliefs, natures, and actions will bring you to a state of clarity and helps you to reclaim your natural self, which is who you really are. Claiming your sovereign soul is aligning with your God Spark, which is the most powerful form of love and grace you can possibly be. You were created out of pure love and reclaiming that state of being is what you are here at this time to accomplish.

Know this and be glad, for this is a time that has been long awaited, and you have chosen to be here for this to be carried out.

Be Well, Be love ❤️


Heart Virtues

There is a primal force that is coming to enlighten and inspire those that are ready for it.  It is nothing to fear but to embrace, and those that are of a certain vibration (think/feel heart virtues) will benefit from it in ways that those that are stuck in their fear will not. 

This is a time of extreme contrast, and this is a perfect design, for if you do not have a ‘mirror’ you will not be able to see the whole picture!  This is not a time of getting stuck in a situation so intensely that you cannot ‘see’ anything else.  Do you want to evolve, or do you want to sink further into your fear?  Evolve = love and Judgement = fear.  How can it be anything else?

The heart and the mind are connected in ways that are just now starting to be discovered.  It is through this newfound connection that we find the answers to how or why we should heal our spirit and soul for continued evolution of our spiritual nature.  For what/who are we without our spiritual self?  Why else would we be here as a human on this planet?  Do you feel defined by who you really are or by outside influences and/or people?  The answers define your current evolutionary process.  There are no other processes in place at the current time that mean anything to your current existence.  You are here to do one thing, and that is to evolve without anyone or anything telling you how to think and feel.  Here is a guide on how to process your healing using the 9 heart virtues:

HUMILITY ~ Feeling the need to be right or feeling that you are right is an ego response.  Knowing that you are open to lessons and learning, growing and expanding, being more neutral, and looking at things from a place of being open to change through heart centered awareness is a connection to your divine self. This creates a place of honoring others’ process through knowing there are many facets to consider.

FORGIVENESS ~ This is a pure place of accepting responsibility for one’s participation in any situation.  This is knowing that in some cases you are an observer more than a participant.  Feeling victimized is a type of control, which is an ego-based response.  Things that happen to you are designed for your growth and an opportunity to learn to expand your being.  There is a spiritual answer to every situation.  Forgiveness is for you.  It is not permission; it is accepting that you cannot change what happened or the person that was involved.  This is a pure connection to your divine power within your soul and spirit empowering you with the essence of letting go.  This is standing up for love and what is right and good.  It is the pure absence of fear through knowing that you make a difference in regards to intolerance and resistance.

JUDGEMENT ~ Another word for the egos need to control or blame what/who you cannot control to accept your beliefs or standards.  This is an illusory response to those that do not meet your truths. Accepting differences and allowing all to be and do without your approval is a consciously awakened step to an inner peaceful state of being without having to contort others’ truth.

COMPASSION~ A virtue that is the opposite of Judgement.  This is the feeling of knowing that everyone is responsible for themselves and their thoughts, feelings, and actions.  This is using your heart to filter your response to someone’s words and/or actions.  This means you hold no remorse, blame, or ill feelings for anyone else and their responses to a person or thing.  This virtue combines understanding, tolerance, and patience.

APPRECIATION ~ This is a response from the spiritual self and can only be expressed when one is in a pure state of love.  This is a twin flame to gratitude which can only be felt if appreciation is engaged.  Both are of the same essence and cannot be felt when is in fear.  This virtue does not exist where the ego is concerned.  The depth of appreciation exists in a healed heart and state of peace that can only be the result of a congruent inner being.

GRATITUDE ~ This is an essence of accepting what is without a need to change it or reform it. This combines a knowing of what’s best in the moment and the feeling that what is in that moment contains all the components of knowing and receiving a blessing and accepting it with grace. It is an acknowledgement of what is right an true and being thankful for the experience.

TOLERANCE ~ There are two major levels of tolerance: for oneself, and others.  When tolerance is needed for one’s self it is in response to a healing intervention being done within.  It creates grace which is the spiritual result of this virtue.  Tolerance does not exist within the ego, which is in a constant state of fear.  Tolerance is a direct relation to acceptance, which blends into compassion.  Tolerance is a foundational basis for the 8 virtues.

PATIENCE~ Grasping the concept of timing is crucial to this virtue.  It is the knowing that all will be well no matter the condition.  It is trusting in the fact that we are not here haphazardly, that we have a purpose, and all that happens is on time and in the meaningful flow of every moment.  It is the ‘Pause of God’ within our healed spirit and soul.  There can be no belief, faith, or trust without this virtue.

UNDERSTANDING ~ This is the knowing that all is based upon these virtues for a meaningful existence and expanding evolutionary path, so there are no accidents or mistakes and that this is the prose of life.  This is the place of readiness for acceptance of what is not known or perceived, and yet trusted.  This is the variation between love and fear.  This is the augmented reality we achieve when we are coming from the place of who we really are after we have purged the programming of the ego.

Now is the time to use these virtues as a study to be in the moment and refurbish your being. There is nothing outside of these practices that can emulate your sense of self, for you are a pure perfect being that can affect and create grace to change the world! This is what is called for now with all the CCC that is taking place in such a fearful way. This is your goal, your worth, your pure plan for being here at this time. You are not here to judge, blame, or misinterpret any of the conditions you encounter. All will be exactly what it is meant to be.

You can make a difference with a healed heart. Engaging in these virtues will have a profound affect on your life and others will be helped by the energetic resonance you emulate. This is the virus of love!

Be Well, Be Love 💗


Fear vs. Love

It is a time of belief, faith, and trust. Know within that you are part of something bigger, something older, something wiser. This is the connection that is always there with your Source, your Creator, the One that has given you the spark of life, through truth, that created you out of love.

Fear is what stops you from feeling this connection. Fear is a major function of the programming that you have been indoctrinated with from birth. Fear lies within your ego mind and fear triggers a negative emotion within your heart and soul. Love is your original foundation and lies within your heart and soul; fear is generated from the mind alone. The reason for this is because fear is not part of your spiritual self; only love is.

The mind is the first to receive input from environmental and outside stimulus. In most people information is received by the ego mind and either love or fear are generated as the first response to the information. This stimulus is then felt emotionally and categorized as fear or love within the mind. The emotional level of the fear or love is accentuated by what it connects to within your inner being. This is where your soul/spirit stores your experiences from the ego mind and has processed it using the programming that created your previous beliefs. Whatever beliefs lie within your being both emotionally and/or physically, enhances the fear or love that you are experiencing in your mind about the incoming information. This means that whatever exists within that has not been healed, cleansed, and cleared will enhance and magnify only fear. This will then generate belief about the incoming stimulus and store this information within your inner being. This unconscious reaction is then used as a filter with all of your perceptions.

Therein lies the need for healing any unfinished business that may be stored within your being. This healing is done by the spiritual self using the heart virtues as the guide for checking and healing any past experiences and programming. I have written about this in many of the previous posts on this site in great detail. When the heart virtues are practiced and used in healing, cleansing, and clearing the inner being, a syntax is then created for all incoming experiences and data. After the healing with the heart virtues this syntax will be one of loving consequence and will enhance the spiritual self illuminating the stimulus or data with light that will broadcast out to the information, and modify its frequency into that of grace and peace. Fear cannot exist as your experience when this synergy is in place. This means you can change the frequency of the environment or stimulus with your state of consciousness through Divine Mind. Divine mind is the joining of the healed and reconfigured ego mind using the heart virtues in concert with the spiritual self. This means that all incoming information generates thought through the loving filter of the heart mind known as Divine mind.

Fear cannot exist in the presence of love and living the heart virtues as your foundation generates only love. When you heal your inner realm it changes your perception and when you live the heart virtues the grace you emit can change the world!

Be Well, Be Love ❤️