Spiritual Evolution

February 22, 2015

Spiritual connection within is expanding to open you to new universal vistas of knowledge, experience, and alignment.

When clarity is achieved through healing and cleansing, there is more that can be accessed to enhance your evolution.  This is not something that you think, but rather something that you feel.  The evolution of your spiritual self does not permeate your consciousness alone, it affects all levels through your chakra system (which are your energy centers) and your etheric being.  Spiritual Evolution is something that you ask for, as it does not happen automatically.  This is a process beyond all others that requires conscious connection to all aspects of your being. Spiritual Evolution is achieved through your ability to absorb and maintain light and is guided by your higher self.

The conscious part of your evolution is achieved by your ability to maintain balance and focus through intention. This is primary to your process as all the dimensions of your being need to be in alignment with your intention. Evolution, primarily spiritual evolution, is guided by your intention and desire. Nothing happens without your permission, as this is a free will universe. Seeking to understand the different dimensions of your being and how they correlate with each other, is where the next stage begins after clearing and healing have taken place.  There will be an expansion of your being when you have asked with clear intention for further enlightenment.

You’re inner, outer, and Higher Self (supra consciousness) are the three dimensions of your physical being. There cannot be congruence without intention and conscious connection.  Finding your center, and setting your intention [to evolve] by maintaining clarity, focus, and balance will further enhance your evolution and connection with all the dimensions of your being. This energy signature (your intention) will attract light to assist you with your request. Once this happens, your frequency and vibration will align with the light, and on a conscious level new information and understanding will flow to you.  In addition, you will be drawn to people, circumstances, and experiences that will emulate your evolutionary process.  At the same time you will attract opportunity, experiences, and knowledge that will enhance your process exponentially. Nothing happens by accident. You are the creator of your expansion, intentionally or not. This is a place of miracles and higher understanding.  If you truly want this for yourself, you shall have it!   Be well, Be love

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