What is Love, Grace, and the difference between the Heart and Soul

What is Love?

Love is a vibration that comes through the heart and has two components: heart expression and soul evolution. Love is the foundation of the soul, and it is the resultant communication between Source and the incarnated heart. There are many different forms, vibrations, and resonances of love and all of them are expressed through the heart to evolve the soul. Love is felt through the heart and expressed through the vibration of emotion involving the sender and receiver of the love. Love is a pure vibratory energy expressed as acceptance, appreciation, adoration, as an unconditional resonance for the object of the love being expressed. Love is first an energetic vibration turned to an emotion that combines with the Divine Mind to add the thought that expresses itself physically and emotionally. Love only has one intention that can heal and evolve all it touches.

What is Grace?

Grace is the creation, reception and delivery of love.  Grace transforms the vibratory energetics of love to neutrally distribute the light of love.  Grace is action, thought, perception, and intention.  It has morphing qualities that can transcend a lower vibration and is a pure component of light. 

What is the difference between the heart and the soul?

The heart is the deliverer and receiver of expressions experienced to the soul.  The soul carries the ‘God Spark’ which is the eternal quality of the being.  The soul does not carry the emotional component of physical living as that is done through the heart.  It is the connection to Source and has unconditional relativity and relations to the higher, subconscious, and supra conscious self.  The soul stores its experiences through the hearts intuits and is the part of ones being that evolves through experience. 

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

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