Understanding Fear

We have entered into a time where we are being blasted with propaganda leading us to fear many things. This is designed to bring out the fear that exists within each of us giving us the opportunity to look at what fears we have within and heal them to release that which no longer serves us.

Fear is a normal and natural thing that we all have and was created within us when we were children.  Anything that we could not deal with was ‘put away’ within our beings to deal with later.  For some, later is now. 

A lot of what is buried deep within our beings is not something we know exists and is coming forward now through outside perceptions and stimulations.  This is a very necessary step to our healing and evolution!  It is time to deal with all of the internal residual effects of our lives up to now and allow it to come forward and be purged.  For example, you may not always understand why you are upset or feel upended about things that seem to come out of nowhere.  This is likely your internal purging process taking place and coming forward for healing and release.  These urgings to release feelings or emotions that you don’t understand are likely buried reactions from past events we could not cogitate at the time, neither do we want to at this time or undergo the process of looking over each and every event that caused these injurious thoughts and feelings. If we choose to release in order to heal these stored energetic anomalies we must allow the process, and understanding it makes it somewhat easier to accomplish. It is important however, to know that these may be the reasons for some over reactions and distress seemingly out of nowhere for no apparent reason. 

It is, therefore, important for this process to take place and have a reasonable understanding of why it is important to purge old festering energy that needs to be extricated.  It is time to clear ourselves of anything that does not serve our highest good so that we can continue to evolve our souls and spiritual nature for the times to come.  In the near future we will no longer be required to suffer for any reason in any way, for we have suffered enough remorse over things we may have done or things that we perceived were out of our control.  There is much that we are experiencing that is not of our making and things we did not intentionally allow, and yet without these events we would not be able to experience the purging of what needs to be released within without these situations in our lives.  This means that we must accept responsibility for all that happens and understand it is for our highest good because there are no accidents or mistakes.  It is a hard pill to swallow realizing that we are in charge of our healing and awakening.  Without the cleansing process just mentioned we could not evolve our souls which is the reason we are here!  The lessons have been many and we have chosen to walk the path we are on.  Now it is time to realize that holding ourselves back from walking through painful processes leading to our healing and allowing conscious awakening as a result will only cause us another lengthy stream of misery and misunderstandings.  Those that don’t come to this realization and refuse to deal with this process will have it continue to breed more discomfort.  Choosing to allow yourself to evolve through healing and rectification will lead to more joy, bliss, and happiness. Know this and make it so!

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

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