Soul Purpose

It is a time of inconsistencies that are generating evolution!

All are dealing with internal issues that have not been in the conscious realm and are discovering what needs to be worked on and healed. I have talked a lot about healing and evolving in the previous posts in this blog. It is necessary now that this work be done. You are on the precipice of great change! So much is happening in your world that you are dealing with constant change whether you want it or not. This is meant for you to raise your vibration and find your inner strength to become more of who you really are.

Purging is an uncomfortable process full of surprises. The reason for this is because you are meant to look at those issues that come up so that you can heal them and release them to the light. What about those things that arise that you don’t understand or are confusing to you as if they are not from you? These are things coming from within you otherwise they would not be surfacing. There are many reasons why you may not feel they are coming from you because you have no memory of why you would have such issues. When something happens to activate these types of issues, often times we blame the activator for the issue, when indeed it is something that may stem from ancient genetics within your DNA, or past life situations.

Your Soul is not understood by you for what it truly is. It is your God Spark and the reason for your existence. You are not here to be rich, famous, or have the most fun. You are here to grow, evolve, and expand; to heal past misgivings and gather new enhancements and strengths through life experiences. This is your Soul’s mission. You are here to experience consciousness awakening and expansion for Source! That is your Soul’s purpose and reason for existence. You are a creation of Source and are in existence to add your experiences and evolution to Source Being.

This is the reason for this time in your life. To purge what is no longer useful and make room for the next level of experiences and consciousness awakenings on a different level of awareness. It is a time of universal expansion where all are healing and making ready for the next step. This is called Ascension. Each one does this to get ready for great changes in every way on every level of existence. More changes will be coming for the next level of experience. All must be ready for this new dimensional expression, for it will be one of reward and rich in new levels of love, joy and happiness!

The ending of this current Age is almost complete. The good thing about endings are new beginnings!

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

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