February 16, 2015

There is much to say about the complexities of the mind and the activation of the heart to establish the heart/mind connection. This connection bypasses the ego, as the heart is not connected to the ego and never has been. The heart generates its own ‘thoughts’ as it has true intelligence without the conflicts that the mind conjures. The ego operates through the mind. This is why your spiritual evolution is linked to the activation of the heart.

The virtues of forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation, understanding, tolerance, patience, compassion, and valor all reside within the heart. The mind is a computer that reasons and makes factual decisions. It is also the seat of your fear, anger, depression, and judgment. This is why decisions made solely with the mind don’t often work out. When the heart and the mind are conjoined, the decisions that you make are made with the intelligence of the mind and the virtues of the heart. The heart filters out the ego as it does not recognize it. The mind does not want the heart involved in its decisions, and will fight for its control. That is why quick decisions are empty.

The world is made of glass. It can be shattered at any moment. Decisions made solely from the mind do not reinforce your life which resides behind the glass, which is your true self. Life is not meant to be lived in support of the illusion that has been created for you and upheld by you. The true things in life that matter are not accessed by the mind. Those things are accessed through the heart, where true lasting happiness resides!

Where does the intelligence of the heart come from? Within the heart lies the connection to your higher self and that of Universal Consciousness. This is why the heart has the ability to guide you and show you the truth in any situation. Lasting connection with the heart requires intention that is reinforced daily. When you learn through intention and practice to connect your mind [thoughts] with your heart, you will live a happier and more peaceful life. This way of living shatters the illusion and brings you information that leads you to the truth of your being and the world. When you find this place of authenticity and grace, you will have all that you desire. Nothing will be withheld from you and you will gift this energy to others, who will see this peace and understanding within you and want it for themselves. If you do nothing else in the world but this, you will have created a ripple that will affect many and it all started with you. You are a force of good in the world. Believe and conceive a better life for yourself. Be well, Be love

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