Love and Fear

March 1, 2015

The choice is yours. The choice has always been yours. To live in love or to live in fear.

The first thoughts you have are fearful thoughts. Further contemplation will either exaggerate the fear or reveal the contrasting thought, which is loving. Your awareness of the feelings your thoughts generate guides you to choose which thoughts you support; fear or love. We have been taught to judge, so we judge our thoughts as good or bad, right or wrong. They are neither! It is up to you as to what you want to believe.

Fearful thoughts are generated by the well trained and well supported ego. Loving thoughts are mostly foreign to us. We are not taught how to have loving thoughts, and they are not supported. What is a loving thought? Yes, it is the opposite of fear, but what is it exactly? A loving thought is that which unites, allows, and invites acceptance. A loving thought does not incite resistance, crisis, chaos, or conflict. The ego wants to fight, it wants to separate, and find something wrong. Why is fear so much easier? Because the ego has been ‘wired’ to react first, and it wants to divide and conquer. Everything in our world supports the ego. More, different, and better are everywhere! Striving, not thriving is commonplace. We are not satisfied because everything we hear and read says we aren’t. The world creates fear. How do we turn this around?

A good first step is to choose the loving thought, be it about yourself or others. This is the thought that lacks judgment. It is a more neutral thought. It is the thought that does not feel like it needs to be justified in some way. There is no rhetoric with loving thoughts. Most of all loving thoughts are peaceful. Loving thoughts feel right and good. These thoughts raise your awareness and create contemplation that leads to a higher vibration that draws love to you.

There are all kinds of reasons to live in fear. It is not easy to live in a loving way when struggling. This is when gratitude and appreciation are important to focus upon. You will always find something to be thankful for or appreciate in your life. Taking time each morning to identify those things that are truly important and incite gratitude, will set the tone for your day, your life. This will raise your vibration and draw goodness to you. Choosing this for yourself takes conscious awareness of your thoughts and is ongoing work. Falling into fear is easy as the ego lies in wait for weakness. Practicing love will eventually lead to an expansion of your being that will move you past the ego, and when fear does arise it will feel very foreign to you. With fear now easily identifiable, you will be able to convert it to love quickly and easily. This is the way of the new and peaceful life you desire. With love you can change your world! Practice, and set yourself free. Be well, Be love ♥

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