Sophia ~

Q.  Can you speak to me about the changes we are all experiencing?  Is is great healing, or are we to expect more noticeable changes?  If so, what are they?

S.  Change is a multifaceted concept.  All change is related to something in motion.  We are recognizing your need to know what to expect.  There is nothing to fear, nothing to know, and we do want you to be aware of the shifts you experience.   Shifts are the noticeable projection of change.  Nowhere is it written that change always has to be  profound when it happens.  Be that as it may, each person that experiences change will know that it is a direct result of asking.  There need not be some crisis for change to happen, although with some it is what they need for themselves to make the change.

Q.  Sophia, what is this change…

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