What is love? The word itself invokes a feeling. Where does love come from? Is it generated from the mind or the heart? Does love exist and we tap into it at times or is it created? Are we in love all the time or does it come and go? Tell us about love……………..
Love is multifaceted in human terms but real love is constant. Love exists all around you and within you, however you need to tap into it. Love is pure and unchanging. Love is not generated; it is realized. Love is your authentic self and your natural state of being. Love is neutral; it is not emotional nor does it come and go. Understanding what love really is comes from deep within your being. It is all encompassing and you can stay within it with conscious awareness and intention.
Love consists of acceptance and allowing all to be as it is without the need or urge to change anything or anyone. Love is a state of being. Love is natural. Anything outside of unconditional acceptance and appreciation is not love. Love does not look outside of itself for approval, nor does it desire love back. Love generates love. This does not mean that emotional love is not love. It is a facet of human love. Pure love is everlasting. If you love someone without conditions of any kind, that is pure love. If you love someone only when they ‘love you back’ that is emotional love. Emotional love does not exist in the higher states of being. Emotional love is tied to the emotional body which is a part of your human state of being. If you feel unconditional love, it adds vibration to love and is felt by those in tuned to the same feeling of love. It enhances love and illuminates your being. There is no greater state of being than love. When you are in that state of being, you lift up all around you! You raise the vibration of all beings in your presence. You can give no greater gift than to be love.

Allow, accept, enlighten, and unite all in your world and your world will thrive and flow.

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