Recent Activity of Light


June 22, 2014

I Am here with you today to help you understand the recent activity from the energetic pulse of light that you recently experienced. There was a surge of energy from the Central Solar Sun sent in your direction much like an EMF pulse, but this light was filled with all specters of information and love from the field of Source. As the colors of light you can see with your eyes (and every shade in between) so was this energy contained with many aspects of Source. The purpose was to open your eyes to the aspects of yourself that you don’t normally interact with and purge those parts of your programmed self that no longer serve you as the Spiritually evolved you. This includes those feelings and actions generated by you in relation to the energetic pulse of light. There was no stone left unturned within your being as all was affected by this light. It was literally ‘shake, rattle, and roll’ with any parts of yourself that no longer resonate with who you really are. This coincided with the Summer Solstice in honoring Gaia and all she gives and does for those upon her. Gaia is, and has always has been part of the evolution of those upon her and now can be called upon for assistance with her earthly essence. Gaia purifies the toxic energy that emits from healing and cleansing your being. She is a Divine Feminine Being, and is part of what your body is made of. She can connect with the intelligence of your body and assist it with transforming and evolving. Your bodies are in need of assistance with healing and restoration during the evolution of your Being. Gaia can also be called upon to help you with any maladies of your physical body as she communicates with the intelligence of the body on an energetic level.

The wave of energy sent to you from Source during this Solstice was a gift of love meant to assist you with activating areas of deep connection within your being. The intention was to assist you further in connecting your mind and heart to further assist your inner Spiritual evolution to purify your connection with Source/God/All That Is. For some, this was a power purge, for others it brought clarity. The result from this power packet of light brings a sense of more love and inner peace, and with some just feeling the tinges of the opening of their heart. The settling in of a deeper understanding of one’s self will further the connections to the highest resonance of being. This is another step up the evolutionary spiral for all.

I leave you today with more recognition of Love within and around you. Accept and open to this possibility and enjoy the new connection that is there for you with Gaia, your Earth Mother for her assistance in your process. I Am the Divine Mother of all.

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