Keys for Evolution

June 29, 2014

In a world that seems so disconnected and disjointed in so many ways with copious amounts of information (some completely contradictory on same subjects) how do we muddle through it all?

The truth lies within your heart. There is no way to find truth outside of one’s self. And what may be truth for one does not make it truth for another. For truth is personal aside from Universal truths and laws. One cannot presume to know the truth of another. There is the universal language of love that holds truth within it that is the Truth of All. Respecting another’s truth is of utmost importance as much as respecting your own truth and knowing there is a difference.

Focus on the beauty that life holds. Allow differences. Be ever concerned with your inner peace and choose not to give it away. Have respect for process…..yours and others. Know that there is meaning and purpose within all things and focus on that. Strive to become one with your world and those within it through acceptance of change.

Know that there are no ‘flaws’ in the Creation of the Universe. All is perfection even though it appears not to be. There is no way to know the meaning or purpose of some things and strive not to understand, as it is not your concern.

Be one with the trinity of your being; heart, mind, and soul. Concern yourself with the goodness of your being and alignment with Source. Source is All that Is within all things external and internal. Source is love. Everything and everyone has a spark of love within although it may not be apparent. There is only one Creator, and all things come from Source.

Free will was gifted for the purpose of experience. Experience is evolution and evolution is the one true purpose of life. You must allow evolution through experience without judgment.

Discernment is personal choice mixed with wisdom. Judgment is EGO centered consciousness. Discernment enhances experience; personalizes your process. Discernment shoulders responsibility for one’s choices, beliefs, and actions. Proper discernment creates an understanding of one’s life and all that it contains.

The awareness of forgiveness within the structure of choice is rudimentary and integral to evolution. Forgiveness leads to clarity and inner peace. Without forgiveness one cannot evolve.

Clarity is open and receptive. Clarity contains within it faith and trust. Faith and trust remove analyzation and critical thinking to maintain clarity and trinity connection.

Understanding of these truths is essential to expansion. Openness and living within the truth of your being leads to happiness, fulfillment, and Joy! Be Well, Be Love, and so it is ♥

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