Believing in yourself is crucial to your process. There isn’t another vision you should hold but this. What does this mean? Opening to truth in each and every moment. It is the same as love. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. At the same time, if you don’t believe in yourself, you cannot believe in anything or anyone else!

You are a soul who has come into a body to interact with the environment and thus evolve within itself. This is a challenging situation as you must filter out what parts of the experience you believe in and ‘take to heart’ and what you discard. What you integrate into yourself is what you believe is truth. Truth is different for everyone, as all are on a unique path that is different from anyone else’s. This truth becomes your belief system. The program of truths that was overlaid on you in your childhood was the beginning of your beliefs. As you grew and discovered more truths and beliefs, you transformed them and discarded them as you started to evolve. This then becomes who you are. But, who you are is constantly changing taking in more experience and discovering more truths. This is a very important part of your evolution as change is a constant and important to your being. If you resist change due to beliefs that were laid upon you that you didn’t choose, you will fall into stagnation and dis ease. This stagnation can stop your evolution and attract chaos, conflict, and crisis into your life to push you into change to keep you on your path.
Allowing change to happen is not easy as sometimes it involves others in a way that feels hurtful to all involved. This is a growth spurt for everyone involved, for it comes from a group contract that was made before your incarnation. This more than likely will be inspired by one of the people involved and resisted by all others. All are here to help one another evolve, and when two or more come together to help each other it can be more difficult. These situations can be very clear for the person initiating the change as the strength lies within them. This person has the clarity of the situation and is designated to create the change needed. At times it is not an easy road, as evolution involves the heart and the mind, which are the sacred parts of ones being. This is the part of your soul that interfaces with the world and is here to create transformation and growth. Growth is not an easy process and takes a lot of focus and concentration. It also involves looking at the truth and not the illusion.

There are no accidents or mistakes. All is on purpose, and knowing this can give one strength when group transformation needs to occur. Group changes are the most difficult as not everyone involved feels change needs to occur. They may, in time, come to understand why the change needed to happen. The person creating the change will be gifted with more clarity as the changes occur, and it will strengthen the truth of their being with more love coming into their experience. This, of course will happen if one does not fall into fear. Courage is a major part of change and is the redeemer. This is the actionable strength that comes from seeing truth. There is no victim when courage is in place. Courage is born from truth and is a component of love. Love and courage are major components of one another and are needed to integrate belief. From change, beliefs transmute and are born.

This is the time of major change. Step forward into the changes in your life and fear not! This is a welcome time of new beginnings. Be Well, Be Love

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