Overcoming Judgement

Judgement is the stronghold of the ego, and it is the hardest to detect!

Judgement is laced within all actions, thoughts, and even intended good deeds of the heart, and yet judgement is the ego in disguise. Some feel they use discernment in place of judgement, and there is a way to tell if this is the case. Does your discernment feel loving for all involved, or does it carry a winner/loser energy? There is a way to exist in everyday life without feeling an urge to use judgement. We have been programmed to believe in right/wrong or good/bad. This thinking and believing creates judgement of some kind. If we can stretch to come from a place of ‘good for all concerned’ vs. ‘good for me and mine’, we will enhance our experience to create the peace and joy we all deserve!

Questioning the intentions behind your beliefs is a major component of judgement vs. discernment. Knowing that you are coming from heart centered awareness will keep you safe, because there are those that feel fearful which creates a need to protect themselves and others by using judgements. This is one justification used for being judgmental, and there was a time when it made perfect sense. This doesn’t work with heart centered awareness and consciousness for it perpetuates fear, and we all know that fear and love cannot coexist. We are working towards a better world for ourselves and our planet, and in order to do so it is important to change from judgements to discernment.

Judgement is the basis of drama and conflict. This brings us back to distraction from what really matters, and is a form of ‘entertainment’ for the ego mind. In the end, this type of entertainment does not make you feel better, nor does it lead anywhere. It is like a wheel that keeps you going round and round taking you nowhere. Not only will this generate layers of drama and distraction, it will also keep you from heart centered awareness and stymie your evolutionary progress. We are at a place of progression spiritually and this requires clarity and focus. Do you not feel the tug of expansion in your life? We are on the precipice of a new world while we watch the crescendo of light build, and the old crumble and fall. We can choose to fly and know that all is truly well if we intend it so.

Blessing yourself and others by allowing and intending the best and highest expression to generate from any source, is a form of grace that will create the most loving outcome. We are at a place of working on the transformation of judgement, in all its forms, to emanate an energy of compassion and understanding. Set this intention and watch the transformation occur within your thoughts!

Be Well, Be Love

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