A Journey

The truth of your being is a Universal truth. There exists nothing outside of you that can be the example of this truth, only what lies within.

The path to finding the truth of your being lives within your heart and comprehending it requires healing the layers of regrets, bewilderment, self-flagellation, and victim-hood. This is a path of courage and honor. There can be no evolution of your being without the cleanliness of spirit and intention. If you have any judgement or resentment within you, it will need to be healed and cleared before truth can be totally revealed.

Your voyage in this lifetime is one of finding your way to this truth. So much has been created to side track you and keep you from walking this arduous path, that it is easy to lose track of the purpose behind your reason for being here. When your focus is on what is going on outside of yourself, the connection with your heart fades away. This is what happens to distract you from what truly matters. There is much to keep you occupied and embroiled, but that is not what truly matters. Focusing and setting intentions for your evolution will guide you to the truth of your being, and resting on this purpose will somehow feel right.

There is no other path but this! There is no other joy than this! This is the message that is simple and profound. The foundation of thriving instead of surviving is based upon this principle. When you touch this place within your being, its truth resonates and connects with Universal truths to bring you conscious awareness of who you are and why you are here. Then and only then will you understand what your purpose is in this life, and once connected to it this understanding will create flow and ease.

Struggle is wanting something you don’t have. Struggle is an artificial creation of the ego mind creating an illusion based on your weaknesses. There is nothing you don’t already have. Tapping into what you don’t have keeps you from accessing the truth. It does not take years of therapy to uncover, unwind, and heal your ‘problems’. This can be done with the pure intention of sincerely desiring the healing and grace will flow to you to guide the process. This does not mean healing will happen instantaneously, but with focused intention you will accomplish it and it will continue. You will feel the progression of increased amounts of grace and love flowing toward you as you transform.
Your world will reveal to you the changes you are making and your perceptions will alter your belief systems in ways you could not formerly cogitate. The time that this takes will depend on your resistance to it as illusion is a powerful force created to side step reality. No one can do this for you or help you in any way. This is a personal journey of redaction and faith. Remembering that this is a journey and not a destination is key to thriving within the energy of your effort.

Be Well, Be Love

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