New Reality

There is much activity now with things happening within all aspects of creation. The illusion you have been living in is dissolving as the truth of your being comes forth. This is very difficult for some, and for others it feels as if inner peace is increasing. As the frequency increases so does the amount of grace and assistance. ‘Ask and you shall receive’ is a very powerful statement at this time, for it is now in effect without preconceived conditions. Open to the possibility of purging and releasing anything you choose within an instant, and it shall be yours!

With things changing at such a rapid pace it is hard to know what is permanent and what is not. Know that there is nothing more real than what is going on at the present time, than ever before. Things that are illusory cannot exist in this time of clarity, and only those things of pure loving intention will succeed. Any self imposed stress or negativity will not last as it does not resonate with the vibration of love. Too long have you struggled to succeed. This is not required and never has been, but you have been told that is the way.

Allowing things to unfold naturally and reinforcing the truth is the way of the new reality. The more you resonate with simplicity and clarity, the more ease you will find within your life. Take time to feel the truth of these words and shift your consciousness to your heart center to activate and engage your spiritual nature. There is nothing more important than this, and if the heart of your being is aligned with pure intention, than your life will align with the new reality of truth and goodness.

This is an alignment with Heaven and where you are meant to be at this time. You are helping the new frequency and light to create goodness and peace to counteract the remaining remnants of dark and struggle that are left which upheld the illusion. Allow it all to be as it is and stay true to your inner being. Be Well, Be Love

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