Much is happening now and change is no longer a choice!

The path to Spiritual Expansion and heart centered alignment requires change and when the ego detects this it creates all kinds of distractions to keep you from going within, where all truth lies. There is plenty of things to keep you occupied in your world to keep you from the most important part of why you are here. You are not here to have the ‘most’, you are here to expand, grow, and connect with your spiritual nature.

It is not easy, but nothing that is worth the effort, is! You have been given extra challenges that when handled, will give you enhanced abilities to overcome distraction and ‘roadblocks’. The tools that have been supplied are everywhere within your reach. Writings such as this, books, and people with whom you might have a brief encounter (to name a few) are all there to assist you with your spiritual awakening. This is not a choice! It is, however the number one priority. The answers lie within your being, but you have to get used to listening to that still small voice within.

There will always be distraction and your ego will always embellish upon them. It is much easier to allow yourself to be distracted. Once you understand that the distractions in your life are meant to keep you from aligning with your connection to your Spiritual Self, Grace will settle upon you and things will start to change! The Highest part of your being is waiting to assist you with overcoming your resistance and connecting with your Heart. When this happens, clarity and understanding help you ‘see’ what has been happening to keep you distracted. This is not without effort on your part, as you must connect your mind with your heart which means you will be aware of the thoughts that are coming from your inner being vs. the ‘chatter’ that keeps you distracted. This allows you to be aware of what you are thinking and ‘process’ each thought! It becomes easier with practice and soon your connection will grow stronger and the alignment will be completed. As you do this, your being will undergo changes and things will start happening all around you to emulate your alignment; as within, so without. This will encourage you to understand your addiction to distraction and where it comes from.

Miracles are an everyday occurrence when you are connected to your heart and your Spiritual connection has been activated. You are the lightening rod of change, healing, upliftment, and expansion for all those around you and this Light that you are emitting creates miraculous events in the world. Do not deny the power of a spiritually activated being. It is your birth right and reason for being here. Be Well, Be Love

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